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Are you ready to go deeper into the heart of God?  Do you yearn for intimacy, union and communion with Him?  If so, start by clicking on Your Invitation below.

I hear the voice of the Lord saying:

"Rise up my love.  Wake up sleeping beauty.  Come away with me.  Let me heal you, fill you, restore you and awaken you to my love".  I have a great plan for you.  Let me take you deep into my heart and reveal myself to you beyond your imagination.  So deep - until you lose yourself only to discover your true self "in" me!  Won't you come with me on this journey?  I invite you to take this journey and fall in love with Me".  

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If you know anything about the Laura of today, it is that my life banner can be summed up in this declaration and life statement: “My Journey Into God’s Heart”!  It is followed close behind with the clarion call … “Won’t you come and join me on...

AMERICA: My Country ‘Tis of Thee!

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MOVING FROM THE MUNDANE TO THE MIRACULOUS! This phrase scrolled across my thoughts, sort of like a ticker-tape, although it wasn’t visual, instead I saw it with my spiritual eyes in a way that grabbed my attention. Almost like … going...


June 15 – 8:45 am All of a sudden … everywhere I turn, I am seeing words about Warriors Arising!  I too have had this word burning in my heart.  It burns like a fire shut up in my bones!  It burns with a heart so rich and so full of love for...


Laura Krewson loves to share her journey of going deeper into God's heart. She currently makes her home in Austin, TX and loves to travel the world.