Rise Up, My Bride!

Rise Up, My Bride!

April 12, 2020 – Easter Morning

I was taking a walk on this gorgeous Easter Resurrection Sunday morning. Talking to the Lord and thanking Him that He died and rose again for me – for us! I was filled with worship and praise as I sang to Jesus! All of a sudden, the Lord interrupted me with these words …

“Keep your eyes, your heart, your gaze fixed upon me.  I’m about to launch you into things you cannot fathom.  I’m about to move upon this earth as never before.  The unveiling of the heart and face of Jesus is about to be poured out like never before in history.  It will sweep through the lands.  I want you to go and herald the message to my bride.  To my people.  Wake up sleeping ones!  Rise, eat and drink of me.  Get to know me in ways you know nothing about.  Let me reveal myself and my plans to you.  You will be amazed because it looks so different than what you think!  Rise up, my bride!  Come away with me.  That is the message I want you to carry – to roar over my people.  Over the dry and thirsty lands.  Rise up, come away with me.  Seek my face and I will do great and mighty things in you!  There is an unprecedented move of my Spirit about to sweep over the world.  Go and tell them that I am alive!  That I am the lover of their souls.  Tell them to come out of Egypt.  To follow me and watch what I will do.  Rise up and roar.  Let the rivers that are flowing within you become a fountain of life to those you meet.  To those you encounter.  I desire for my people to come ALIVE in me!!!!  The dead rising up from their slumber.  The dead rising up in my resurrection power.  When I arose, so did you!  Now wake up my bride and rise with me.  We will rise again and sweep throughout this world with the message of life!  Trust in me and you will see & experience me in ways that will transform your being.  Come out of the grave!  Take off the grave clothes my bride!  Take off the ways of the world.  Come alive in me!  I breathe my life, my spirit into your being so that you too will be ALIVE. 

You celebrate that I am alive.  I want to celebrate that YOU are alive!!!!  Together – in LIFE abundantly we will bring in the harvest. 

Things are about to break and the new dawn is about to rise.  Keep your heart and your love focused on me.  You are beautiful my bride!  You are beautiful.  You are beautiful.  Shining and gloriously beautiful. ” 

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Laura Krewson loves to share her journey of going deeper into God's heart. She currently makes her home in Austin, TX and loves to travel the world.