Another Shaking: Part 2 The Great Awakening Has Begun

Another Shaking: Part 2 The Great Awakening Has Begun

May 9, 2020 @ 7:33 am – He speaks: The great awakening has begun.  An awakening like no other time in history. An awakening that in itself will be a shaking!  

When the dead rise up from their slumber, the earth will tremble and shake.  Resurrection power will begin to explode upon the earth and create shock waves as it sends forth signs, wonders, and miracles like no one alive has ever witnessed.  That time is coming and it’s coming quickly.  You will see it.  You will live it!

Stay focused, stay ready.  Do not think that things are going to simply be semi-normal and life will look much like it did before – even though you know it’s different.  As the world searches and seeks for the remnant of what it knows to be normal, they will not find the things that bring them comfort in their old ways.  They will not find the same security that they falsely believed they had before.  The props are being removed so that as people look for something to hold onto … something to call normal, they will have to create new guardrails.  Those who look to me will see that I am their guard, their protection, their provision.  Those who refuse to see and trust me will indeed begin to establish new ways of creating their sense of normalcy, but it will not be from me.  New ideas will spring forth and things will take on the appearance of life.  Some will grow and prosper while others wither as quickly as they spring up.  

Make sure what you are hearing is of me.  Make certain the things you decide to act upon are the ways that I am leading you.  You can only discern the difference between the ways of the world and my ways by knowing me.  Truly knowing me!  

Make sure what you are hearing is of me.  Make certain the things you decide to act upon are the ways that I am leading you.  You can only discern the difference between the ways of the world and my ways by knowing me.  Truly knowing me!  Knowing about me and even knowing my written word simply will not be enough.  You must know my word and my Spirit.  You must know Me!  Beyond where you’ve been, beyond what you think you know.  Beyond will be the operative word in this new journey together.  I want to show you “beyond” the natural realm.  Beyond the things of this earth.  I want to take you into the heavenly realms and teach you my ways.  Only then will you be able to fulfill the call of being a Deliverer!  One who is called to proclaim – “let my people go – set my people free”.  All of this so that they might worship me!  Truly worship me from the very cells of their being, from the very core of their existence.  Worship is what you do as you live, move, breathe and have your being in me.”  

Lord, what do you mean by another shaking is already on the way?  What do you want to tell me about the shaking?  What will it look like?  

“The aftermath of the storm will become apparent and it will shake in ways the storm did not.  The realities will begin to become evident.  Things that people have thought would once again be normal, will all of a sudden be exposed as a victim of the storm.  They will be unexpected by many – even many of my people who have been sleep walking, expecting me to save everything.  No longer will lukewarm thoughts and beliefs be enough.  I am jealous about my people waking up, rising up and coming away with me.  That is the only way to get to know me in the ways I want to reveal myself.  A superficial relationship will longer be enough.  I am requiring more from my sons and daughters.  I want a true living breathing relationship with my children.  No longer spoiled children.  No longer rebellious teenagers.  No longer those who want the benefits without participating in the family and knowing the true love of their Father’s heart.  I desire my people to respond purely out of love for me.  Out of a deep and abiding love that comes only from time alone with me.  Simply to be called their father and to be relied upon for provision is no longer enough for Me.  I desire a family who loves so deeply that they will lay down their lives if I ask them to.  

A shaking can also look like a reorganization.  It seems like you are losing when in fact you are gaining.  In a reorganization, some things are removed while others are added.  Taking out the old and replacing it with the new.  Reorganizing our family so it will function out of love and relationship instead of obligation and duty.  I do not want religious actions – I want the hearts of my people.  I will turn back the hearts of the children to their Father! Don’t be afraid.  Just follow me as we prepare for the greatest days ahead. ” 

Lord, how do you want to prepare me?  What do you want to reorganize in me?  Let’s catch the little foxes together so they no longer rob our vineyard.  Holy Spirit, I welcome you to work in me.  I want to be reorganized and prepared beyond my abilities to do the work myself.  You are the great organizer of Heaven.  I yield myself to you to do as you see fit.  You are the one who knows the end from the beginning.  Thank you for all you’ve done and now I ask for “more Lord”.  More of you working in my life so that together we will be prepared for the plans you have.  I submit myself to you, Holy Spirit.  Have your way in me.  Speak to me and show me your ways.  Lead me into the Father’s heart in new ways and new measures.  I’m so grateful Lord that you love me so much that you will disrupt my plans and be the organizer of my life!  You are also the decorator!  Such a skilled master of color, texture, fabric, and placement!  You decorate my life!  You, Lord, are the love of my life!  I want to fall deeper and more madly in love with you every day of my life!  This is the love affair that will never end for death will never separate us from each other!  Never!  Its an affair for all eternity!  What an amazing love … a love like no other!

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