Don’t Strive or Worry!

Don’t Strive or Worry!

May 23 – 6:15 am – I awakened to these words flowing from my lips:

Your ways are so freeing, so life-giving.  Your ways are life themself.  Your ways are YOU! I cannot even imagine what lays ahead.  I know its going to be awe-inspiring.  

Today I don’t have to strive or worry.  I only have to trust and believe.  I look to you Holy Spirit for you are my teacher, my guide, my best friend.  You are the one who leads me and speaks to me.  I’m so thankful that you are speaking to me in new ways and leading me into your ways.  You are preparing me with exactness for what you have for me.  You are the master mentor.  The one who knows so uniquely and intimately who I am and what I need to learn and know.  I don’t have to be concerned with the things I don’ know or don’t understand, for your faithfulness is beyond compare.  You are the one I can trust so fully.  Won’t you teach me new things? Take me into the skies with you and show me from your perspective?  I want to see what you see and hear what you say.  Father, you are the one who knit me together in my mother’s womb.  You created every strand of DNA  in my being.  There is nothing in the makeup of my being that you didn’t create in me.  My ways, my likes, my desires, my hopes, my dreams.  You made me for a specific purpose. I am so thankful that I do not have to figure it out.  I only continue to know you, love you, to yield to you.  My only job is to trust you and learn to follow as you lead.  This new place with you thrills me.  I feel like it’s a place of growth.  That you brought me to a new point and in this new moment you are teaching me exactly what you want me to know.  You are fashioning me and training me.  I realize what that really looks like is that you are revealing more of yourself and your ways to me.  My learning, your teaching … is really that you are continuing to bring me closer and closer to you.  To look more closely into your eyes and face than before.  The more I see you, the more of you I actually see.  Wow!  To gaze into your beautiful face is to see more clearly who you are.  Your character, your thoughts, your plans.  I want to know you more.  I want to see you more clearly.  I want to hear your beautiful voice speaking to me.  Whispering secrets and words of love.  I so want to be trained by my loving father.  Your ways are so freeing, so life-giving.  Your ways are life themself.  Your ways are YOU!  They are actually conforming and transforming me into the heartbeat, the lifeline, and intimate fellowship with you.  I cannot even imagine what lays ahead.  I know it’s going to be awe-inspiring.  

Pour out your presence upon me, in me – keep transforming me.  I look to these next couple of weeks as we enter into Pentecost and beyond.  I have such anticipation inside.  I long for your power to be poured out.  For the mantle of power that will cause my witness of you.  Not just my testimony, but my “witness:.  I have witnessed you, felt you, heard you, been healed, renewed, brought alive all by your power!  Now Lord, let your power fall upon me in ways that will transform the world around me.  Let your presence and anointing actually radiate to the world around me.  Healing, restoring, delivering, drawing all those I come in contact with.  Take me on adventures with you.  Let’s go to the world and spread your love and healing balm.  In a world that is turned upside down, let’s set things in order and lead others to know you in these ways too.  Just to know you …. That is life itself.  To truly “know” you.  Intimately, secretly, in the depths and fabric of our being.  It’s a journey that will never end.  There will always be more of you to discover and experience.  It’s not just learning about you … it’s getting to know you in the secret place.  The secret places within my being.  The deep secret places inside of your being.  As I grow up I discover facets of you that could not be seen, felt, or understood before.  I just want more of you.  More with you and more together in you.  

You are so all together beautiful.  So lovely in ways I cannot describe.  Your ways must be experienced as a description cannot come close to showing or transferring how great you are.  A relationship cannot be transferred, it can only be lived.  No matter how much someone else knows another.  Each one must discover the relationship with you for themselves.  It is a reflection of getting to know you.  From casual acquaintance to a lifetime journey of discovery and transformation in your presence.  

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