I Will Make You Shine!

I Will Make You Shine!

April 29 – 5:20 am I heard His whisper:

“Arise my love.  Come away with me.  I want to heal and restore you to the glory for which I created you.  The plans I have for you are great.  They are exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask, think, or even imagine.  They are plans to prosper you in the ways of my kingdom.  This is the heart of your Father.  The one who loves you beyond measure.  His glory and grace are shown in the ways He cares for you.  His splendor and majesty to be poured out upon you, to fill you and raise you up in His ways.  This world has nothing that even comes close.  Don’t be afraid to let go of the things that so easily entangle you by what the world says is beautiful and lovely.  Arise and come away with me and I will make you shine like the glorious one you are.  Let me wash away your hurts and pain.  Let me reveal my Son to you.  You are destined to be great and to do exploits.  Let me wash away the world and all its trappings so I can fill you with my beauty.  The only way is to spend time with me.  Your only step is to spend time with me.  I will do the rest.  I long to show you who I am.  As I do, your entire world will change.  Let’s go down to the garden together and begin this journey into a new life lived in and with me.”

This is the cry of the Father to his people.  The cry of the Bridegroom to his Bride:

You are so lovely!  So beautiful.  Won’t you come away with me?”  

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