Ring the Liberty Bell: Hear the Sound of Transformation, Liberty & Freedom!

Ring the Liberty Bell: Hear the Sound of Transformation, Liberty & Freedom!

May 6, 2020 It seems I am being stirred up to prophesy WAKE UP people!  Wake up!  We must awaken from our slumber!   Jesus, we must go and awaken them!  We must sing your song of love and deliverance over them!  Arise sleeping beauty!  Arise and come away with the One who will show you who you are created to be!  God, how can we stop this insanity from continuing?  How can we ring the bell over your people?  How can we stop the march to slavery that is being accepted and followed?  How, Jesus, how?  Show me the moves you want me to make.  The steps you have for this hour.  I am understanding the over-riding theme you have for my life, but what shall we do now Lord?  This insanity must stop!  People need to quit eating and drinking from the agenda of the antichrist spirit.  

WAKE UP, people!  Wake up NOW!  I hear the sound of Transformation!  Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered!!!!  Lord, it seems it is almost time to act!  What does that mean?  And what does that look like?  Where shall we go or what shall we do?  I feel ACTION beginning to rise up within me.  A cause for freedom!  Lord, we need to eat your bread and drink your wine!  How desperately we need to partake of you!  Quit feasting on the world’s way, the conspiracies, the agendas, the propaganda! We need YOU, Lord!  We need you!

Holy Spirit, draw your people into the chambers so that you might make Jesus so real to us.  It is only this truth that truly sets us free!  It’s not just truth — but it is “the truth” of the unveiled Jesus within us that brings freedom and liberty!  Let God arise and let His enemies within us be scattered!

Transformation is key!  All the little things matter!  The thoughts, the beliefs we have are vital!  I just added “little touches” to my newly decorated home.  Wow – talk about transformation!  From boring and basic to … so inviting and warm!  All with just a few little touches to bring about the transformation.  Taking the basic pieces that were already in place and adding splashes of color and life.  Kind of like connecting the dots!  The dots are okay but until they are able to become connected and form a picture, they are only just dots independent of each other!   God, we need transformation!  We need the key ingredients that brighten up and bring the room within our beings into a vibrant living space.  We need you to connect the dots of all the things we have thought and believed.  Limitations both of who we think you are … and who we think you are not!  Transform us, Lord, with the unveiling of your face!  We need to see Jesus!  We must have you Lord and your unveiling in order to take the basic components that we have and bring them to life!  Life!  Not just our basic Christian existence!  We need LIFE!  The life that only comes from seeing you face to face, without the veil.  Holy Spirit, draw your people into the chambers so that you might make Jesus so real to us.  It is only this truth that truly sets us free!  It’s not just truth — but it is “the truth” of the unveiled Jesus within us that brings freedom and liberty!  Let God arise and let His enemies within us be scattered!

I hear the sound of the army rising up throughout the world.  I hear the sound of triumph and freedom.  I hear the sound of liberty.  I hear the sound of a joyful celebration!  Ring the bell – let the sounds be released throughout the earth!  Calling your people to come to the wedding feast!  Come eat and drink of the One who brings freedom in a way that cannot be taken away!  Oh Lord, you’re beautiful.  Your face is all we seek!  When your eyes are on us, your grace abounds to us!  Lord, we want to take your word and shine it all around, but first, we must truly live it, Lord!  We must live in your love and freedom!  We must be set free from the world system, from the bondage of Egypt – from the tyranny of the antichrist spirit that seeks to bind us and control us.  To command us to make bricks and mortar even to the point that the necessary component of straw is no longer available, making it even harder for us to produce what is required of us.  Let your people rise up, come out Egypt, and carry with us the plunder of the enemy!   We want to go with you to the promised land!  Lord, may it be so that we will not bow down to the threats, to the shackles, to the chains that seek to hold us in place – even to destroy us!  Let us rise up and come away with you!  Prepare us, Lord, for victory!  Victory in Jesus!  

Who will be the Deliverers? We have to live it first Lord before we can be used as Deliverers!  Send us forth Lord with the voice calling out in the wilderness …. Let my people go!  Set my people free so that they may worship me!!!  Calling out into the barren lands of the souls of men and women throughout the earth!  Make way for the coming of the King!  King Jesus who came to set us free! 

I felt led to read a word given to me on June 13, 2019.  Wow – it’s about the desert lands, the wilderness, the lands of old,  This word was spoken to me right after the Lord told me to sell my condo in Medellin.  This is where the Holy Spirit first spoke to me about bricks, mortar, and Egypt. Different words were spoken to me on the same night!  Separate subjects – at least I thought they were independent words at the time He spoke them!  All of a sudden today, I see that they are connected!  The dots bringing together a picture!  Blow upon the desert places within our barren souls.  Mystery and romance! The mystery of the unveiling of Jesus and the romance as you call Your Bride!  There is more to the story, but for another time.

We have to let go of the old system in order to embrace the new!  We must choose one!  We cannot have both!  His way is just and fair!  He knows! 

Immediately after these words, He started speaking to me about two systems – the old and the new.  In a dream, I was asked to choose between two family lines.  I deliberated and pondered how I could ever choose!  If I choose one then the other will feel overlooked, left out!  I had a brilliant thought in this dream ….What if I lobby for an exception to be made whereby under these most unusual of circumstances I would be granted both lines! After the scene continued I realized the fair and just Judge is the only one with the skill and knowledge to know what to do!  I wrote these words: “Standing at this crossroads I realize that I must depend upon God in His full wisdom to make the call.  Father – be the wise and fair judge based upon all you know and have planned.  Jesus, you are my intercessor standing before the court of heaven and Holy Spirit – full of wisdom, revelation, understanding, wise counsel – deliver the message to me of the decision from heaven.  I know the choice at this crossroads will have the best outcome – the only true way.  I await your whisper – your revelation and understanding.  Let the decision be made and your voice heard.”  We have to let go of the old line or system in order to embrace the new!  We must choose one!  We cannot have both!  His way is just and fair!  He knows! 

I am seeing that the Lord keeps using the word “system”.  Over and over I have heard this word, system!  It is not just a belief it is an entire system of our beliefs, thoughts, perspectives.  Letting go of religion and systems that are driven by the religious antichrist spirit.  Although appearing to be very righteous and holy, in reality, it is only seeking to keep us in bondage and to control us.  This is what was happening in Egpyt.  They were God’s people but they were under the bondage and slavery of the rule that kept them relying upon the system for their work, food, provision, and life.  This system abused them – even to the point of death, hunger, fear, and lack of provision.  To bow down to a system that promises to take care of us even if we must give up our liberty, freedom, and trust in the Lord’s provision for us!  WOW!  This is all happening in the COVID war we are in the midst of!  God is calling out to His people to be set free!  To come out of Egypt!  To trust Him for provision.  To throw off the back-breaking slavery of the “old system”.
Will we listen?  Will we dare to leave behind our Egyptian ways to follow the risen Christ?  And to do it once and for all – not to grow faint and decide that Egypt was better even if we have to stay enslaved to its system.   To follow orders and take the path of least resistance allowing the ruling system over our lives to be responsible for our food, shelter, provision, and future?  All-the-while remaining in bondage.    WOW!  Selah!  This is HUGE!!!!  We are in the midst of a move of God calling His people to come out of Egypt!  

Lest we stay focused on Egypt and what we are leaving …. Let’s look at where we are headed ….Into the promised land with God!  A land of provision, the cloud by day and fire by night!  Manna – the land of milk and honey, spices, oil, and fruit!  Hallelujah!!!!! Let’s answer the call of the One crying out in our wilderness. Let a fresh wind blow upon our desert places!  Sweep over the land of the old (our traditions, religious ways, habits, priorities).  Let this wind bring refreshing, beauty, provision, and face-to-face encounters with our King!!!!!  The transformation will be evident as the King connects the dots and brings to life new beauty in the midst of our paradise – the secret garden place within us.  This place of intimate union and communion with our Bridegroom King.  The place where rivers of living water spring up from the deep places, releasing refreshing wherever they flow!  

Oh – to see Jesus face-to-face!   Unveiled as the Risen, Ruling, Resurrected King who rules and reigns and is calling His Bride to take her place next to Him! This is the heart of the Father, calling His sons and daughters to come home,  When we do, we will find a most extravagant Father looking and waiting for us!  He will throw a feast where a ring and a robe are placed upon us, as we take our place as Sons and Daughters of the God Most High!  

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