Another Shaking: Pt 1 Recognize the Times & Seasons

Another Shaking: Pt 1 Recognize the Times & Seasons

May 9 , 2020 @- 6:55 am … I heard the Lord say these words …

The world is waking up from its slumber.  The people will begin rising up to take back their rights. The rights that were  lost while they chose to sleep.  It takes a shaking in order to wake people up.  People need something that literally shakes them awake.  

It is the same for my church – for my people.  Wake up!!!  It seems my people are harder to awaken than those of the world.  That’s because my people think they know me.  They think that I am in control and that everything will be alright.  They don’t want to take responsibility for the sonship I have given them.  They want me to do everything for them.  They act spoiled and entitled.  I am allowing these things to happen so that my people will look up and recognize the times and seasons!  The world is ahead of my people, but it will not be so forever.  

I am about to awaken those who will listen – those who will respond.  A shout from heaven is being released and those who know me will hear it!  Just like when the dove descended upon Jesus in the River.  Some only heard thunder, while others heard the voice of the Father saying … this is my Son in whom I am well pleased.  I want to introduce the world to my sons and daughters.  I want them to meet the likeness of Me in my children.  My children must come alive in me and begin to look, sound, and act like me in order for the world to see Me.

It’s when my children awaken, arise, spend time with me, and allow me to reveal myself in them, that true life springs forth.  Abundant life, not just life that doesn’t look any different than the world’s life.

Being awake is one thing – being awakened is quite another.  It is the act of coming alive!  To rise up, to respond now to my voice, and to follow me!  Following me does not look much like what my people have thought it means.  It means truly to “follow” me.  To walk with me, talk with me and begin to look like me.  Only then will you do greater things than I did.  Only then will people know you are my children by your love.  Only then will those who are hungry in spirit begin to look and see that my people have the answers to their needs.  It’s when my children awaken, arise, spend time with me, and allow me to reveal myself in them, that true life springs forth.  Abundant life, not just life that doesn’t look any different than the world’s life.  My riches, my truths, my glory being displayed for all the world to behold.  

So as the world awakens to take back their rights – another shaking will come in order that my people will finally be moved.  It took 7 plagues in order for Pharaoh to let my people go!  My people will be awakened in each shaking that is about to come.  Do not be fearful, for shakings come in different packages.  I will shake everything that can be shaken.  Your only way to be calm in the midst of the shaking is to know me and be submitted to my plans and purposes.  You will be used as a part of the shaking!  The shaking will be to route out the religious spirit within the church!  I want my people to be set free!  I need my people to see Me and only Me!  It is time to let go of the foolish ways that you call holy, pure, and right.  As you see Jesus you will learn what is holy, pure, and right.  As you begin to look like Me then the world will see a people who are holy, pure, and right.  They will be looking for a way to escape the shaking and to make sense of the new world around them.  My people must be the ones prepared and ready to LEAD!  Deliverers, leaders, warriors all trained by me.  Trained in the times of shaking”.  

Lord, how do we get trained?  What do we do?  I know we must spend time with you, know you, hear you, receive from you.  What else must we do Lord?  I want to be found as a faithful one.  I want to have oil in my lamp.  I want to walk with you and talk with you.  I want to know you!  I want to learn to dance with you where I allow you to lead me.  Where we seamlessly flow in the midst of a dance that is not only beautiful but filled with grace,  love, and strength.  Teach me your ways, Lord.  Teach me to follow you.  Teach me, train me, draw me, and fill me.  I want to know you!  

“Get ready for the next shaking.  It is already on its way.  Don’t be afraid – just trust me.  Stay centered in me.  Keep your face gazing into mine.  I will lead you and you will follow.  I love you my darling.  Trust me.”  

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