A Storm on the Horizon

A Storm on the Horizon

May 14, 2020 – early in the morning as I was praying, I began watching out the window at an incredible sudden change on the horizon …

Moments of stillness seemed to be evident in between the winds that blew so powerfully. What are you saying Lord?

This morning the sun was beautiful as it rose up in the east.  Orange skies filled with majesty!  Within a very short time, the skies changed … they became dark with a storm on the horizon.  The winds blew fiercely and everything in sight began to shake and move.  The trees could not withstand the force of the wind.  Back and forth they blew from one side to the other.  They were blowing in different directions – one to the left, one to the right.  Some bowed lower than others.  Moments of stillness seemed to be evident in between the winds that blew so powerfully.  What are you saying, Lord?  How can the atmosphere change so drastically in just a few minutes?  From clear beauty to ominous and fierce?  I heard the Lord say these words …

Shaking, shaking, shaking!  You will see the shaking begin again just as things seem to calm down.  It’s not really a violent storm – it’s just one that has the appearance of being so.  Like a tornado that moves things.  This is not meant to destroy, only to awaken and blow away the things you hold so dearly that are not of me.  Things that seem to you so dear and so important but really are not bringing life.  Instead, they are false security that keeps your eyes focused on the things of this world.  Marvel at the storm and how fierce it looks, but you will see that it will pass and no harm will be done.  The air will be clear and clean.  Notice Laura that you are inside watching the storm. You are not “in” the storm.  This is what I want for my people.  I want them to be safe from the storm, only watching the effects of the winds.  Watch the effects of the Wind of my Spirit.  As suddenly as this storm appeared so it shall pass.  Observe, look, and listen.  I am shifting, moving, and speaking in the middle of it.  Will you listen?  Did you hear the birds singing?  Even in the storm?  That’s what I want.  I want you to sing, praise, and draw near to me.  I will take care of you if you will look to me.  As we come out of this, I have a plan to reveal myself, unlike anything the world has seen.  Fresh winds blowing over the hearts and lives of my people.  Let the winds of My Spirit blow upon you, to shake out the things that will bring new freedom to your life.

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  • The message about the storm confirmed what God was speaking to my heart today.
    I was thinking this morning about my two grand-children who graduated class of 2020. I was wanting to encourage them at a time when they should be filled with anticipation and excitement but instead the world offers fear and disparity. (The Covid virus, the tragic death of a black man that has spurred on horrendous acts of violence.)
    Then I remembered when I was their age, there were riots over the Vietnam war and men and women who fought in Vietnam were ridiculed and hated when they came home from this horrendous conflict. There were marches for equality by Martin Luther King. There were groups such as the Black Panthers that were fighting for equality. Etc!!!
    But God came down at that same time and revived the hearts of His people and many others came to know Him. A move like which had not been seen in such magnitude. It spread throughout the world.
    I believe God is doing the same thing now.
    He is taking what was meant for evil and turning it for good!