Bricks & Mortar – Part 2 The Financial System

Bricks & Mortar – Part 2 The Financial System

In 2019 when the Lord spoke to me about bricks and mortar it made a deep impression upon me!  I knew there was more to the story, but at the time, I didn’t understand what he meant beyond the immediate call He was speaking to me about selling my condo in Medellin.  As a result of the times we are currently in, I would not have been able to sell or even to lease my condo! Ouch! Not to mention that the currency exchange took a deep dive and would have worked against me! Wow! God lovingly called me to respond to His lead and as a result, what was best for me was accomplished before all of this COVID disaster happened! How we must hear His voice and be willing to respond even when we don’t understand! Recently, I have begun to have a deeper understanding of this word about “bricks & mortar”. In this world-shifting series of events, God is calling His people to respond to the sound of freedom and liberty from the world’s system, both spiritually and economically.   He is on the move calling us higher and deeper so that we will walk free from the systems of this world that hold us hostage. Things we don’t even realize are keeping us in bondage, but are preventing us from moving deeper into His heart. Systems that the bible refers to as “Egypt” and “Babylon”. The systems that cause us to think we are blessed and have God’s best, but in fact are holding us in captivity! Seeking to keep us from God’s plan, both for us and through us. Think of the Laodicean church! They thought they were blessed and had need of nothing, but God said you are poor, wretched, naked, and in need of eye salve! (Rev 3:14-22). I love the footnote in the Passion Translation bible (TPT): Laodicea means “people’s rights” (surrendering our rights to him).

As I pondered this with the Lord, I began to see something like an underground network. It was lightning fast going throughout the world. A communication system streaming throughout the earth.   Kind of like the old telegraph system. Connections were being plugged in as calls came in from all over the world. God’s people making connections with neighbors friends, family, and strangers all around the world.  In this underground network system, financial giving was taking place.  This massive network frequency was streaming throughout the earth.  God’s people hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “give this to that one” and then “that one giving to the next one”.  I saw the multiplication factor of God’s people beginning to release funds as He leads. Those funds went “here and there” throughout the earth accomplishing His plans!  It no longer stayed within the walls of bricks and mortar being distributed as a few leaders chose what to do with it.  It was being released by and into His family of believers. Those who heard His voice and responded accordingly.  Much can take place very quickly when God multiplies the loaves and fishes!  In Acts 2 they ate together, broke bread together, and gave to one another!  They even sold their possessions to give as others had need!!!   Then I heard the Holy Spirit say …

As my people move from system to relationship you will see things accomplished that your system has not been able to produce.  As you come through this, there is a window of opportunity.  I need my people to hear Me and to respond.  This is the way the harvest will come in. 

“Bricks and mortar … yes, this is a part of what I want to do.  I want my people to lay down their ideas of what it means to give.  Bricks and mortar represent a labor system that enslaves my people. Slavery to a system that keeps things within the walls built with bricks and mortar.  My way is a body …. A family … a living breathing temple that resides inside my people.  I want my people to respond as a family.  How would you care for your family?  How do I care for My family?  It’s organic and it flows like an organism from one body part to the other.  I want my people to hear my heart and my voice,  To give not as a system or a rule, but as a response to my voice.  As my people move from system to relationship you will see things accomplished that your system has not been able to produce.  As you come through this, there is a window of opportunity.  I need my people to hear Me and to respond.  This is the way the harvest will come in.  Through a body – a family who moves and flows and works together.  Trust me with your finances.  Both what you give and what you receive.  Let me direct the network of when, who & how your resources are distributed to my family.  I want you to be set free from a system that tells you how and where you must give.  Not to be limited to your system of tithing and buildings.  Open up your heart and let me guide and direct you so that the world can be reached”.

Wow! Really God?  You want me to say this?  People may not like it very much!  It is a big word!  I’m not saying we should not give to organizations or buildings.  I am simply saying we are being called to move into “relationship” instead of “system” about when, where, who, and how much we give.  Let me correct that statement … I didn’t say it … He did!  

God seems to be speaking to every aspect of life. To all the areas we find ourselves in bondage to the Egyptian ways of slavery to a system that keeps us from truly being free to move into a relationship with our Creator.  With the One who loves us, died for us, rose again, sent the Holy Spirit, and now rules and reigns from the Heavens!  We cannot be set free by rules, regulations, and a list of do’s & don’ts. Thinking we will be blessed by following a set of rules instead of hearing His voice and responding accordingly. Let’s lay down our boxed in ways of who we think He is and what we think He does. Let’s be “set free” of our limitations of a Mighty God and let Him introduce Himself to us fresh and new. The way to be set free is by spending time in the secret place – getting to know Him.  Getting to know our Father,  our Savior (king, bridegroom), and the precious Holy Spirit. To enter into true union and communion.  Come, Lord Jesus, and reveal yourself and your ways to us so that we might truly know you and walk freely into your Kingdom realm!

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