June 20, 2020: I was asking the Lord questions about how things are going to look as we transition into this new age. How are people going to see Him differently and be willing to let go of our own traditions and religious ways? How do we allow our “sacred cows” to be destroyed and replaced with the unveiled revelation of Jesus, the Christ (the anointed One)? Not the Jesus who walked the earth, who died, who rose again! Yes, He is all of those things! That will never change, but I am talking about the Jesus who rules and reigns the universe for all eternity! The One seated on the throne, the Lion of the tribe of Judah! The King! When He revealed Himself to me in these ways during my time of transition from death to life, I simply had no grid for it. I thought I knew Him and of course, I did, in some ways. But in so many ways, I had no clue of who He really is! He tore down the idols and “sacred cows” in my life and replaced them with the revealed truth of The Christ – the anointed One! My religious traditions began crumbling as He revealed Himself. He tore down the altars that had been established throughout the years that stood straight and tall on the inside of me. Ways I thought were Him. The religious system that had been established within me, but was really just holding me in bondage in many ways! My rights, my ways, my ideas of Who He is and how He works. Then, in the light of His truth, those altars crumbled and His truth took their place. His truth challenged me in so many areas – too many to count. I continue to ask Him, “Lord, how can I describe this amazing work you have done on the inside of me? How can I convey it to others? How can I make sense to people when our systems are “set in stone” and don’t make way for you to reveal yourself to us in “new” ways?” Of course, they aren’t really new at all. They are just new to us! His ways never change, but our revelation and understanding of His ways do change! In this re-set time, He is drawing us and calling us to lay down our traditions. To allow Him to more fully reveal Himself to us. As a result, we are allowing Him to awaken, revive, renew, and prepare us for the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in all of history. These are the words He spoke to me in response to the questions I was asking Him:

“A time is coming when the Bride will lead others into the knowledge of the Son of Man.  What seems impossible now will become more than possible.  I am raising up a company of people – those who love me and are willing to hear my voice and follow my lead.  They will be sent out to call forth and train up my people.  They will be the ones who burn so brightly before those who’s hearts are hungry.  As they see these shining ones – these burning ones, they will rise up and follow.  They will be trained along the way.  They will quickly come into a full knowledge of me as their King.  They will rise up as sons and daughters of the kingdom and put away their foolish ideas of who I am.  They will enter into a union and communion with me that will mark them and change them.  Then they too will be sent out to call others in.  We are doing a quick work.  It will not take a long period of time for people to gain my revelation ways.  In a flash – they will see me unveiled within their hearts.  They will answer the call to come away with me and I will do the work.  You are only to shine brightly and follow my lead.  I will do the rest.  Remember that is not by might or power but by my Spirit that this work will be done.  A day is coming soon when I will release my Bride into the four corners of this earth to raise the dead, heal the sick, and bring deliverance to my people.  Signs, wonders, and miracles will be commonplace as I release my Spirit within my people.  I will show myself to those whose hearts are open.  To those who will answer the call, I will pour out my Spirit and you will see mighty works from the throne of God – from within the throne room of my temple. Flowing out to the earth to touch, heal, restore, and resurrect those who will believe in me.  I am calling a people to live with me in Zion.  I am calling a people who will know their God and do great exploits for the sake of my kingdom and my purpose.  The day of release is coming quickly.  Don’t think it will always be as it is today.  A great and mighty move of My Spirit is about to be poured out.  Soon you will be called to go into the highways and byways of the hearts of my people.  Calling them to come into the feast and partake of me and only me.  In the flash of an eye – things will change and the orders will arrive for your journey into the new era of my plan for your life.  You have my heart, you know my ways.  I will continue to reveal myself to you.  I will continue to teach you my ways and establish them in your heart and mind.  The ways of my kingdom that my people so desperately need to know.  I AM and I am doing things that will astound my people.  Burn brightly and do not fear man.  Let the fear and awestruck wonder of your God be all that you need to answer the call to the places for which I will send you.”

After hearing the Lord say this, I asked: “Lord, what else do you want to say?  What else do I need to know?”

“You must understand the work of separation of the wheat from the tares.  Harvest can only come as the hearts of people bow down to my ways and my care.  This word is going to be vital to the hearts and souls of men and women.  Come away with me and let me do the work so your garden can be weeded, prepared and ready for harvest.  My people must come out of the world system.  Out of the system that entices them to stay in bondage, chains and slavery.  Why do you think that now the issue of slavery is being raised in the world?  It’s not about black and white as they think.  It’s about black and white – kingdom vs kingdom.  System vs relationship!  I want my people to see that slavery is no place for them.  Slavery will never allow you to escape.  Instead my people must choose to walk out of the system that holds them hostage.  They must be willing to leave the system and it’s promises behind.  The system wants to show you injustice and to entice you to fight for your rights. This way will never bring freedom to my people.  It will keep people fighting against one another and against a system that refuses to let them go.  Rise up my people and walk free.  I have given you the power to walk out of the system that seeks to bind you!  Rise up and walk free.  In order to do this, you must seek me.  You must get to know me!  There is no other way to be free without the revelation knowledge of my Son and my ways.  I am calling throughout the lands to my people so that you will respond and be set free.  Hear my heart … who the Son has set free is free indeed.  Quit looking for freedom, equality and justice through the ways of man. The clash is indeed a real one, but it is far deeper than the manifestation you are currently seeing.  Come up higher and find yourself in Me as a true heir to the Kingdom of your God.”  

There is a lot to digest in these words. What are the “wheat and tares that have been sown within each of our lives? God wants to “weed our garden” so that we can be free to know, hear, and to go with Him. This is only done “in the secret place”. The secret garden within our hearts and innermost being. Let the Holy Spirit do the work within our garden as we yield ourselves into a deeper, closer, more intimate time with Him. My friends this is a season that God is calling and wooing His people. His plan is not for us to go back to “things as usual”. We are transitioning into a new era! We must be the ones to allow the deep work to be done. These times we are going through are for us! For God’s people to wake up, to rise up, to let Him reveal Himself in ways not yet known to us! The harvest will come eventually, but for now, it is for His people to wake up, arise, and let this work be done in our lives. This is an awesome time of awakening for His people.

 Then may your awakening breath
blow upon my life until I am fully yours.
Breathe upon me with your Spirit wind.
Stir up the sweet spice of your life within me.
Spare nothing as you make me your fruitful garden.
Hold nothing back until I release your fragrance.
Come walk with me as you walked
with Adam in your paradise garden.
Come taste the fruits of your life in me. Songs of Songs 4:16-5:1 (TPT)

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