I’ve been hijacked! Hijacked by the Holy Spirit!!! Have you? Do you, like me, find yourself wandering into lanes that previously were not “your thing”? My last post was entitled “Politically Incorrect” and boy, have I been incorrect when it comes to the arena of politics. Some people have asked me why I’ve been quiet recently? My response was that I have been so frustrated that I couldn’t get clear to write. Once I realized that my frustration stemmed from the fact that I have been resisting writing these posts because to my natural mind they seem so contra to the voice and message that burns within me. My message of WAKE UP to the Church! Well, hello … Laura … WAKE UP! This is a rude awakening for me! I see how incorrect I have been in my Polyanna thinking! I say these things with all love and due respect, but with a very loud voice to the Church to join me as we RISE UP, WAKE UP, and SHOW UP!

I’m not talking about partisan politics. I’m not talking about throwing mud at the other side. I’m not talking about being derogatory or fighting against those whose beliefs are different than mine. This is not about hatred and defamation – it’s about what is God saying in the political and governmental arena? It’s an arena that we who truly believe in God and His word have been silent about for too long. We’ve been silent because we’ve been asleep at the wheel thinking it’s not our sphere of influence and that God will take care of it all. It’s also not about playing in the mud puddle and seeing who can splash the most mud on the other side! Whatever the reasons, many of us (the Church) have allowed ourselves to be sidelined as we sit by waiting for God to do it all for us! For me, I have thought that my vote didn’t really count anyway, so why should I bother to participate! Wow! Thank you, Lord, for awakening me to the reality of the way your Kingdom really works! I’m thankful that the Holy Spirit is awakening me and revealing His Kingdom Ways, even if they make me uncomfortable! Lord, keep tearing down our walls and high towers and establishing your Kingdom ways within us!

We must realize that it’s not voting for “a party” – it’s voting for our rights, our freedoms, our liberties, and even bigger than that … it’s about voting for God’s plan and destiny for our nation. GOD’s plan! What destiny do we believe in? A destiny where globalists decide what we as Americans can and cannot freely think, do, or believe? I love Europe! I love spending time there. Actually, given the right opportunity, I would be living there because I love the history, the food, wine, beauty, and lifestyle. Its beauty is breathtaking and life tends to be more about people and relationships than about being too busy to spend time with others. But, that is a slight sidetrack as I dream of the day when I board the plane to fly to the distant lands again! My point is this … the countries that comprise the EU lost their sovereignty as they yielded their rights to a system proposed to be “for the good of the whole”. Each country is bound by the Union to follow rules and laws that may or may not be best for them because the system says they must! Brexit was a move by the UK to take back their sovereignty. It was a bit easier for them because they never yielded their currency to the Euro. Another sidetrack and another story — sorry! The point is, we do not want to lose our sovereignty to an agenda that sees us (the USA) as the one who stands in the way of leveling the playing field and joining the world together as one! We have for hundreds of years been the land of the free and the home of the brave. The nation that others seeking freedom yearn to come to so they can realize their dreams.

For so long I have struggled to understand why many of our leaders have made the rules they have made? Why do they make these crazy decisions when they, themselves are Americans, and live here too? WELL … hello … wakey, wakey! It’s because they may have been born here or chosen to live here, but they surely do not see themselves as Americans. Instead, they see themselves as citizens of this world who have amassed fortunes that allow them to be and do whatever they choose. That’s well and good – I’m all for capitalism, except that they have amassed fortunes while posing to do what’s good for our lives and well beings. The mantra could be, ‘power, control, and greed no matter the cost or casualties to the general public’. This is not capitalism, it is socialism in it’s highest form. Heck – we see it right now in the midst of this war going on to destroy our country – our economy, our history, our freedoms, and our cities! If we still think this is about a virus and our well-being, we had better WAKE UP and smell the coffee!!!

History shows the tale of the rise and fall of powerful nations. I believe that God’s plan in the midst of this world crisis is to move upon the hearts and minds of His people throughout the world. To awaken us so that we will rise up, take back our sovereignty, and yet see the destiny of our nations fulfilled according to God’s plan! We must RISE UP and make sure OUR nation has the opportunity to fulfill her God-given destiny and plan! We cannot sit on the sidelines, sleepwalk through the battle and let her go down the road of socialism, marxism, and the globalist agenda! I am boldly stepping out into controversial waters for I find myself hijacked by the Holy Spirit into an arena for which I would not have ever seen myself participating. I still say that I am not a political person, but I am a God person, who believes in His agenda for our Nation — to remain one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Will you join me in allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you into waters that perhaps you would not normally wade into? Let’s take a stand and see our God intervene according to His mercy so our nation can yet fulfill her destiny! The roots of our nation run deep and we need to remember that America was founded on religious liberty and the right to worship God! For it was the convictions of the brave men and women who rebelled against the king and set sail for the new land that they might be free to worship God! Without their courage, we would not be a nation, much less one, that has stood for freedom and liberty all these years. They took action according to their beliefs, and now, so must we! God is calling us to stand up, be bold, to find out what His word has to say in these matters at hand, and then to choose to ‘vote the bible’ so we can fulfill our destiny

Who do you believe is the best candidate for preserving our liberties? I’m talking about the right to worship God, to stand up, and to fulfill His destiny for this nation. Not the one of opinion, but the one of the Bible and of our Constitution? I can see only one man who is standing for the rights of The Church and for our freedoms! He said that our churches should be open by Easter and yet, the governors and mayors all over this nation have defied the church and said you must stay closed! I’ve got a newsflash … ready or not … here we come! You cannot make us stay closed, sit down, keep our mouths shut because we are a Living Organism, not a building! RISE UP Church and let’s let our voices be heard! Let’s get out of the’ bricks and mortar’ mentality, cast off our religious concepts, and really get to know our God who yet has a plan for us and for our nation! This is NOT about our right to ‘go to church’ – it’s about our rights to freely BE the Church!

I urge you to do your homework – according to the Bible and God’s ways. Not the ways of the world, of opinion, of our social rights and ways, but the ways that are true, just and right according to God. Let’s not proclaim to be His people and act contra to His ways. To believe only in theory and blessing is really not believing at all. Perhaps a place to begin is to write down what you believe you are standing for as you prepare to cast your vote, and then stack it up against the word of God and see how things line up? We can justify all we want to, in order to prove our ways are right, but that doesn’t make it so. If we want God to stand for us, help us, and bless us then we must align ourselves with His beliefs. I think we might find that many of our ideas and thoughts really don’t match His at all. They match a form of godliness but deny the power therein of a holy, righteous, and just God. We want God to bless our ways and beliefs, but He doesn’t work that way. We can call it anything we like, but facts are facts and the truth is the truth. It boils down to this … do we really know God? Or do we believe our version and idol of who we think He is? It’s time to KNOW our God and let our actions, thoughts, beliefs, and vote line up with His word and His Spirit! Some of the places to measure include the following: pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-religious rights, pro-democracy, and pro-national sovereignty.

Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you. Put on God’s complete set of armor provided for us, so that you will be protected as you fight against the evil strategies of the accuser! Ephesians 6:10-11 (TPT)

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