The Great Hijack!

The Great Hijack!

Don’t we all love the scripture verse of Jeremiah 29:11? It’s always listed amongst the “most favorite” verses of many people. That’s because it is so encouraging and perfect in a multitude of situations! For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm youplans to give you hope and a future.” Hallelujah!

I believe there is a great hijack going on in this hour! We must be aware that the hijack invitation is being issued by both sides! God seeking to take us places beyond our “religious as normal” boundaries and Satan (the enemy) seeking to take us into a radical globalist, racially divided takeover of our country!

My thoughts have been changing these past weeks as I realize that the Holy Spirit has hijacked me and is taking me down a road that is so “out of my box”. My “sell-out” to the Lord happened a long time ago, so I’m not talking simply about a decision to believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I’m talking about a literal Holy Spirit HIJACK that is taking me into deeper waters, subjects, and an understanding of things I never would have seen myself getting into! It also includes a willingness to step out even at the cost of being misunderstood. That isn’t my goal, but I realize that the possibilities are huge when swimming out into raging waters. I’ve long been a proponent of “revival” and all I believed that to mean. I thought revival looked a certain way based upon my limited viewpoint of “the outpouring”, with signs, wonders, and miracles. I consider myself blessed to have been a part of the Toronto Blessing outpouring for many years and as life-changing as those years were, my friends, I am discovering that this is only a limited view of the true REVIVAL that God has planned for the Nations.

What does this hijack look like? I’m not exactly sure yet, but bottled up rivers of life on the inside of me are flooding out, looking so different than I would ever have imagined. As I sit and write it causes me to think about so many things God has done throughout my life that have led me to this point. This morning I realized that God used a man (my husband, Ron who is now with Jesus), to stretch me beyond my borders. I always told him that life with him was an adventure of “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”. I never knew what would be next! Throughout the journey, I could not see that all the adventures would be leading me to this momentous new era of what God has prepared me for in this Esther 4:14 and Jeremiah 29:11 moment! I stand in amazement of His greatness, goodness, and plans that are now unfolding in ways I am just beginning to grasp! I can’t help but believe that it must be happening for you, too, for God is up to amazing things as we cross over into this ‘exceedingly abundantly above our wildest imaginations era’. God is on the move in this hour to mobilize His Church for the greatest move of the Holy Spirit upon the earth we could ever have imagined! He doesn’t do it all on His own, even though He could, instead He chooses to work through us – his sons and daughters who will allow our plans, ideas, understandings, and ways to be HIJACKED into His agenda!

I’ve been thinking about how we have been prepared and what steps in our lives have been taken, even when we didn’t realize that they were God’s way of preparing us for something bigger. For me, one of the biggest life-changing shifts were the 9 years we spent overseas. I love to travel, but traveling doesn’t usually change our paradigms, for we don’t spend enough time in a location to have our thoughts and cultures challenged. On the other hand, living in or spending extended time in other countries opens our minds and challenges us to realize that “our ways” are not necessarily the ways of other places and people groups. I would never on my own have elected to move out of the USA – never! To give up everything and take that leap of faith to take on the challenges of forging a life in a foreign culture and language! Oh no – not me! Now, I see, that the many ways my thoughts and perspectives were challenged during those years are all a part of God’s preparation for my future. I really don’t see myself having my feet planted 100% on US soil forever and this paradigm was forged in me as a result of my extended time overseas. The romantic in me longs for adventure and the call of distant lands that hold an allure in my heart and soul. The gypsy, bedouin, sojourner in me yearns to go, to see, to taste, to learn, to impact, not simply as a tourist, but as a world-changer – changing both mine and other people’s worlds. I believe God has that call in my life, but only time and the Holy Spirit will tell if it’s Him, or the dreamer in me. We shall see what God has in mind.

A huge paradigm impactor and shaper unfolding in my life during this COVID season is my fascination with politics – really with government from God’s perspective. Not partisan politics that are being screamed before us on TV with all the bickering, polarization, and name-calling – NO! Matter of fact, I don’t ever watch that propaganda because I refuse for my beliefs to be formed by rhetoric! I’m talking about the understanding of God’s word, of what He is seeking to do governmentally with Nations in this historic time! It’s so amazing and captivating to me! I’m not talking about my opinion, but instead, about the plans and examples, He has given us in the word. I’m also not talking about the apocalyptic, rapture, and tribulation as many of us have been taught – NO! I find myself fascinated (awestruck, enthralled, and captivated) by the timelines we are living that overlay with the times of Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Haggai, Ezra, Nehemiah, etc. Also, seeing the book of Revelation as the revealing of Jesus, the Christ, as He is TODAY, ruling as King of kings and Lord of lords. Moving throughout the earth to see His purposes advanced. He wants to do it through His sons and daughters! He doesn’t want to take us out of the game, but instead, He wants to put us IN the game! Let’s quit looking to escape, and begin looking to be activated as those who choose to seize the moment at hand!

So much of my preparation for this new era started with lessons learned from the precious man God gave me to walk with for 30 years. When our COVID lockdown was first announced, some of my first thoughts were, “God, you used Ron to prepare me for this”! One of my nicknames for him was “Mr. Conspiracy” as he would excitedly tell me (over and over) that a time was coming when our borders would be locked down and we would be prevented from travel, that forms of marshall law would be enforced (lockdowns and quarantines), draconian laws would be put in place to take our liberties and freedoms from us (hello … it’s happening under our very watch). He would tell me about economic resets that will take place that will change our world. Enter the stage of COVID lockdowns and my mind went reeling to the place of, “Wow, Lord, you used Ron to prepare me for this”! Thank God he did, for from the beginning I had no fear of a virus and was able to see that the agenda behind what was happening was bigger. I believe the virus is real, but the license to do what has been done supposedly “for our good” is beyond comprehension! Ron did not get to live long enough to see these amazing times, but God used him to prepare me “for such a time as this”! I had to laugh at myself for all the times I would say, “not again, please!” I remember going to dinner with friends and saying to Ron on the way over, “don’t you guys get into THAT again! We are tired of hearing it!” He would laugh and smile and say okay, but … we both knew that he wouldn’t be able to help himself as the subject burned so passionately inside of him! I believed what he was telling me, but I could not comprehend how it would ever truly happen! I just couldn’t “see” that the world could change so drastically. However, we all know that in the blink of an eye, our world has changed so dramatically to the point that we have had a hard time wrapping our minds around it! For those of us who are allowing the Holy Spirit to awaken us to His reality, we are “seeing the light” and aligning our thoughts and truths to be shaped by His plans. Are there people at this moment that God is trying to use to awaken you to the reality of our situation? I pray that the Lord will clarify those wake-up calls, as He has for me, and you begin to be mobilized into His plan for your life in this hour.

Question for you … how is the Holy Spirit desiring to reshape your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions? Are you willing to lay aside your opinions, your crusades, your fears, your dreams and allow Him to reveal truths to you as never before? I believe you are or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. There is indeed a hijack going on all around us. Our choice is to decide … “Whose hijack will we accept? The enemies, or the Lord’s?” I’ve been hijacked by the Holy Spirit! What about you? We must lay aside our opinions! Let’s allow His truths to be so firmly instilled in us and be willing to step into the contraflow of what is happening around us – of what is being force-fed to us day and night by the media and the scared masses. Let us step into the uncomfortable, unknown, and yes, even the scary (to our natural minds) ways of God!

Awww … let’s let the adventure with God take us places we never dreamed of. I’m asking you to join me in saying, “Yes, Lord, I will follow you as you reveal yourself to me in ways that change my heart, my words, my actions, and my future – all according to your truth – not my opinion. Holy Spirit, please hijack me into your plan for my life in this momentous hour at hand!” One last thought … please be aware that a Hijack isn’t necessarily a peaceful or comfortable process! It comes at a cost, as the direction we thought we were going in may be interrupted, as He redirects us into the plan He has for us! (I encourage you to read My Journey and most recently Frustrated, Fascinated, Focused! and Hijacked as a fuller understanding of some of what I have gone through to get here.)

I leave you with this question: Are you willing to allow the Holy Spirit to take you on a detour to the place of His choosing so that you might discover your assignment into this new era of understanding, assignment, and destiny? If so, get ready for the most exciting ride of your life as you discover the new thing He is desiring to do in and through you! In Spanish they say, “buen viaje” – good journey and “vaya con Dios” – go with God! I say to that, Amen and amen! May God richly bless you and may God continue to bless America as we align ourselves to STAND for the “land of the free and the home of the brave”!

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