Be Brave Might Ones!

Be Brave Might Ones!

Sept 4 – 3:40 am, I was awakened with these words:

“Be brave mighty ones!  Be brave.  This is a time that you must yield yourselves and brace yourselves.  Do not fear what is about to be unleashed, but rather embrace the call for true bravery.  True bravery is what you do in the face of crisis and opportunity.  It’s the resolve you show when faced with something bigger than yourselves.  You are about to enter a phase of the battle that will seem overwhelming, but I am calling you to be brave and trust.  It is not beyond what we can face and win.  It is not beyond, but it may seem so.  I am telling you now that you must be brave and trust me.  There is a reason for everything.  There is a work to be fashioned in you that only comes in the valley of decision.  Do not fear.  Do not shrink back.  Be strong, be courageous and you will see the salvation of your God.  The fight is about to intensify.  It may seem as if you will be overwhelmed, but you will not.  You must trust me and keep your gaze upon me.  I will lead you through.  I will show you the way. You have nothing to fear.  I am the Lord and there is nothing too difficult for me.  Brace yourself and be brave.  The battle is the Lord’s.  I am calling you to stand strong and do not be moved by fear or uncertainty.  Prepare yourself, take courage, and be brave.  The waves will rage, but they will not overtake you.  Stay calm, stay focused, and trust that I know what I am doing”. 

I don’t want to offer a lot of interpretation of this word from the Holy Spirit, except to say that this was spoken in the midst of my ongoing conversation with Him about what is happening. What is it that is different as we’ve entered into September. I just released a post entitled: What is Happening? In it, I describe this ongoing conversation about a shift, a change I feel is taking place. About the way, the Holy Spirit is drawing me deeper into His presence as He deals with me on an even more intense and intimate level. Things are happening very quickly in the world around us and this means that more than ever we need to be drawing closer to Him, listening to His heartbeat and voice. As we do, we allow Him to prepare us for what is happening. Not just to protect us, or keep us from harm, but to PREPARE us for what He is doing and what our part in it looks like. So, I send this word to you as a ‘heads up’ that something is changing, and even more so, as the encouragement, I believe He meant it to be! God is on the move and is actively speaking to His children. Are we listening? Let us not be passive, rather just the opposite of being fully engaged with Heaven during these most amazing days! Moses said these words to Joshua …

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deut 31:6 (NIV)

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