Exposing the Invaders!

Exposing the Invaders!

I had a dream that I believe I am supposed to share. Not the actual dream, but the message it contained. I won’t confuse you with all the symbolism of the dream, but rather I will focus on the words and interpretation the Holy Spirit spoke to me about it. We all know we are living in a crazy time, but I assure you that God is at work, on many levels, to shake, awaken, quicken, train, and mobilize a people who will respond to the call of partnering with Him. There is about to be an increased exposure in our lives and our nation, meant to open our eyes and to awaken our hearts.

I believe His main concern and focus at this time is His Church. His people. Those of us who call ourselves believers in Jesus Christ. Our Father’s heart is so laser-focused on us because we are the ones who can make the difference. We are the ones who have received the gift of the precious Holy Spirit to lead, guide, direct, teach, and work through us. We are the ones in this moment in time who need to make sure we are hearing His voice and responding accordingly. It’s imperative that we humble ourselves and allow Him to correct, adjust, and align our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. No longer relying upon ‘yesterday’s manna’, but pressing in to see, hear, and respond to the now moments. Revelation chapters 2 and 3 are filled with verses written to The Church … “Let him who has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit has to say …”

In this dream, there were people representing many levels of influence: Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Educational Systems, Media, and Heaven! We were preparing for a trip and in the preparation, a prophetic act was made by one of the ones representing Heaven. It didn’t seem like a spiritual act until we saw that it had exposed subterranean unwanted guests (ants) that had been living beneath the soil of a living plant. We are the plant and the ants are the areas of influence that are being used to shape our beliefs, thoughts, and action. With a prophetic action from Heaven, these things were exposed and they began swarming around the doorposts and window seals on the inside of the home we were in. The Holy Spirit reminded me that whatever enters the portals of our homes (our lives) doesn’t simply stay at the entry points, but begins to invade the entire home and foundations of our lives, including our thoughts, beliefs, actions, filters, and expressions. It is imperative that we guard the entry points of our lives like never before. There used to be a saying, “We are like computers. Whatever we program into the hard drive and software is what comes out”! Only we can determine the data entry!

What are we allowing to guide and to guard our paradigms? Are we allowing ourselves to be inundated every day with reports from the media, science, entertainment, or the educational system that don’t line up with God and His ways? Or, are we choosing to allow the Holy Spirit to flood us with Heaven by spending time in prayer, reading the word, listening to voices who are speaking into the current situation with clarity, focus, and biblical insight? Even more importantly, we have to allow time for the Holy Spirit to speak to us! Remember we all have filters and the same information given to ten people can sound ten different ways! We desperately need the Holy Spirit to clean out our filters and realign our receivers to Heaven’s channel. Only we are responsible for guarding the entry places of our lives. Only we can make that choice on a consistent basis. God isn’t looking for perfection from us, only the submission of humbling ourselves to His ways so that as a result, He can expose those things living under the surface of our lives that are seeking to invade our homes and to confuse our thoughts & actions.

The undertone of this dream had a much larger picture. God tends to speak on a lot of levels within the content of a ‘word picture’. Think about the parables, allegories, and stories used throughout the bible with the many layers of meaning carried within them. The larger picture of the dream was that we are about to see things being exposed on a national level. These things that are about to be exposed are meant to awaken the Body of Christ to God’s righteousness and justice. Things are about to be exposed that are meant to startle us into action – a wake-up call! To awaken us and stir up righteous indignation that will compel us to rise up and take our stand against the moral decline we have previously stood by and allowed to happen on our watch. Only then will we be stirred to arise and take action. To take our places like Nehemiah, Ezra, Esther (just to name a few) as we stand in the doorways of influence in our Nation. No longer will we remain safe spectators from within the walls of the church, but instead we will rally, stand up, and take our positions at the gates of society to which God has (and is) calling us to participate.

As I prayed about the dream, this is what the Holy Spirit spoke to me:

“I am going to expose the schemes of the enemy to awaken my people who are asleep.  I am going to cause them to see the ants frantically crawling into the entrances of their homes in a way they cannot deny.  I need my people to see the schemes, to see their enemies.  I need my people to suddenly SEE as I am exposing the evils of the underworld.  They must quit allowing these ideals and issues into their lives by way of the portals of life.  Not allowing media, science, and medicine to control their thinking.  I will expose and reveal things in the coming months that will cause my people to open their eyes.  Not all will choose to believe or listen, but many will suddenly wake up as they see the invaders exposed that they have been allowing into their homes and lives.  Notice these subterranean intruders were beneath the surface of a living plant (our lives and nations).  These are the issues my people are allowing to manipulate their beliefs, actions, and thoughts.  For, once they begin to invade, they will not stay in the doorways and window seals – they will invade the house.  It’s time to expose them and time for my people to exterminate them from their lives.  This is an active issue, not a passive one.  You must quit waiting for me to do it all.  YOU must engage in the process of placing the controls over the lentils and doorposts of your lives.  Actively applying my word, my blood, my ways so that you are protected from the invasion of issues that should not be in your lives.  I will show you the ants and you must choose to respond and take action to exterminate them from your homes (your lives and Nation)”. 

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Revelation 2:29 (NIV)

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