Thoughts today about Deborah and Esther and how their lives are an overlay of the ‘now moment’ we are in. I believe God is calling us to understand how He works, so that we may grasp the times and seasons we are living in. Internalizing these things in our spirit, not being satisfied with a mental ascent, is so key to a true understanding and discernment of the truth in what is happening in our world. It seems that almost daily there are prophetic acts being overlayed in the midst of the time and season in which we find ourselves living Each day I seem to find myself grasping these incredible moves of God in ways I had no idea about previously. Of course, I knew the stories and that they provided examples for us, but to see them as Prophecy in History! Wow! Just when I think God has revealed it all – out of the blue comes another piece of the Heavenly puzzle that clarifies the picture more fully. No wonder I continue to be captivated and fascinated with the Living God!

So here is my insight, as a building block placed upon my last post, called Judges and Reformers. One of the keys to our Nation being reformed is having key people in the right places (gates) of our system and society. This weekend we saw President Trump nominate Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) to fill the seat formerly occupied by Ruth Bader-Ginsberg (RBG). As I read about this woman and realize that seemingly, a righteous woman has been tapped for the job, I began to think about the mandate being placed upon her as a Reformer-Deliver (judge). What an awesome responsibility she is being called to. With a knowledge of what most likely lays ahead of her, she like Esther stepped up and answered the call. She has to know that she is about to enter the firestorm and fight of her life by accepting this nomination. When given a similar mandate, this is what Esther said to Mordecai – ask all the people to fast and pray for me. I will do the same with the ones closest to me. After we fast and pray – I will go before the king and if I perish I perish! But who knows that for such a time as this, I have been brought into the kingdom! (paraphrase by Laura) WOW!

Then there was Deborah! She was a judge (reformer-deliver) for the people of Israel. When Israel had veered so far off course, God called Deborah to lead the people back to righteousness. First, they had the battle to win against their enemy. Bravely she marched into the battle and as a result, Jael (another woman) issued a fatal blow to the commander of the army of the unholy king fighting against them. I believe God wants to use ACB to deliver the fatal blow to the commander of one of His greatest enemies in America – abortion! I am not saying this is the only battle she is being called to fight, but for the prophetic look at this nomination, it is key! I mean, think about it: RBG was this country’s greatest advocate and staunch supporter of abortion! Isn’t it just like God to replace her with another woman who is pro-life? And, a woman who is willing to march into the heat of the battle to be used by God as a Deliver-Reformer against the enemies of God? One of these enemies is Molech, listed in the bible as one of the most horrific sins against God, for it was the god of Molech that enticed the people to sacrifice their babies, and this too has caused the American people to gravely sin against God. To see the prophetic act of God at this moment is awe-inspiring!

God raised up Deborah to lead Israel as a champion-deliverer. She was a prophetess and a fiery woman. She presided as Israel’s judge under the Palm of Deborah, a certain palm tree between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim, and the people of Israel came to her for wise decisions. Judges 4:4-5 (TPT) Footnotes and prophetic insight by Brian Simmons to this passage: Deborah ruled as a prophet while sitting under the realm of victory and prophetic revelation. The Palm of Deborah was between Ramah (“high place”) and Bethel (“house of God”) in Mount Ephraim (“double fruitful”)

Barak replied, “I will go if you go with me, but if you don’t go with me, I won’t go either.” “Very well,” she answered, “I will go with you, but you will receive no glory in the victory because Yahweh will hand over Sisera to a woman.” Judges 4:8-9 and … On that day God humiliated king Jabin of Hazor before the Israelites. The hand of the Israelites pressed harder and harder against King Jabin of Canaan, until there was nothing left of him but a memory! Judges 4:24-25

Wow! Nothing left of him but a memory! God, may it be so in America as you deliver the commander of Your enemy into the hands of a righteous woman! Of course, I realize that it takes the entire bench to rule, but this seat, formerly held by the staunchest anti-life supporter our country has ever witnessed, is being handed over to a righteous woman! Let us see the reversal of the abortion law that her predecessor so vehemently stood for! It’s just like God to replace a woman who advocated more than anyone else for abortion with a woman who will do just the opposite! Amen! Let it be so, Lord!

Our job now is to pray fervently, as she enters this fight to obtain the seat! Like Esther said to Mordecai, “fast and pray” and I will go before the king! Let us stand in the gap for this woman and her family as they enter the fight of their lives in order to walk into the call of God upon her life for our Nation!

UPDATE TO THIS POST! One day after I released this post, I saw this video! So powerful. God is on the move! Listen with care and your spiritual ears:

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