Let Us Worship!

Let Us Worship!

Okay, so I wrote this post under a different title a few months ago, but never felt in my heart to release it. Now, I know why! Simply, because NOW is the right time. This is a time like never before to worship and let our praises be heard in the heavens! The sound of our voices has been muzzled and muffled, even as symbolized in the covering of mouths worldwide! Even to the point in California where the Church has been ordered by the local government not to sing -it’s against the law! Wow! This is not a post about masks or no masks, but rather about lifting our hearts and voices in WORSHIP to the Living God! Raising them as never before to proclaim our God reigns! Yesterday I attended the live outdoor gathering with Sean Feucht called “Let Us Worship”! What a testimony of the streams of Heaven merging together in the proclamation of unified voices! Streams of worship, declaration, prophetic release, healing, salvation, evangelism, baptism, and unity flowing out together as ONE loud beautiful voice in motion lifted to Heaven.

Lots of people may think that I am a fanatic and I guess you can call it that.  I see it this way … I am a ‘Fan’ of the God I serve and an ‘Addict’ of His amazing plans and ways.   To be clear, I am not speaking of these words as applied in the form of being fans of celebrities. This type of fan is only responding to a figure or person they truly know nothing about but are taken with their persona and popularity! I am in no way, speaking of this hollow admiration of fame, fortune, or influence. I am also not speaking of being an addict of things that are harmful to our health, or the well-being of others. This type of addiction is meant to escape reality, fill our deep need with something that covers up pain, grief, hurt, etc., but really does nothing at all to bring healing and restoration to the underlying condition that leads us to the addiction. NO! I am speaking of being held captive by the love of God and His amazing ways as they actually work inside of me, changing me, conforming me, shaping me, and restoring me. This is not the adoration or addiction of someone or something that does not work deeply within our lives to make a positive difference in our character, our insight, our love, and our actions.

I’m a fan of the one true great God.  I’m such a fan, Lord, because you have impacted my life at such deep levels that I cannot help but be amongst your greatest fans.  I am also an addict of your truth, your love, and your ways.  I’m addicted to the amazing insight and revelation of your ways.  The ways that are so much more than I’ve understood before.  The levels of spiritual depth and clarity cause such a fire in my bones that rage with love for you and love for your people.  There is nothing else but you, your word, your truth, your Spirit that brings freedom and life in these depths.  There is a life and a fire that burns so deeply within the fabric of my being that I feel it could ooze out of my pores at any given moment.  It’s as if – just given a chance, the rivers will flow and flood over people with the greatest love of all time.  An undying love that comes from your heart within me.  At this moment it might sound strong, harsh, and overpowering because it is loud like a roar meant to awaken, to shake, to instill your character, concern, and great love toward your sons and daughters.  When we are asleep and the alarm goes off it sounds loud, rude, and startling.  That’s the reason it sounds so loud is that we are asleep when we hear it and it’s meant to startle us awake! It is a wake-up call – an alarm to say, ‘it’s time to wake up and get ready for the day ahead’.  Unfortunately, many of God’s people have set the ring tone to be a quiet, gentle lull-a-bye that doesn’t cause us to arise and take on the day at hand! Let’s set it back to the ROAR of awakening that makes us get up … ready or not!

Revelation 10:8-11 talks about eating the scroll ( the word of God). “Then the heavenly voice spoke to me again: Go, take the open scroll from the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land. I went up to the angel who stood on the sea and the land and told him to give me the little scroll. Then he said to me, “Take it and eat it. It will be sour in your stomach but sweet as honey in your mouth. I took the little scroll from the hand of the mighty angel and ate it. Indeed, it was sweet as honey to taste, but after I had eaten it, my stomach turned bitter. Then they said to me, “You must go back and prophesy again to many peoples, and nations, and languages, and kings!”

This truth is like honey in our mouths but becomes bitter in our stomachs.    We taste the sweetness of your word as we consume it, taste it, chew it, and gain nourishment from it. Then we digest it and it turns to bitterness in our stomachs because we realize that we must live this word and it will cost us ease and popularity.  You are a God whom we must reverence and honor as we continue to gain a depth of understanding of your greatness, your power, and your plan.  With honor and respect, we come into your presence to find your love as it is the deepest well of life.  For these reasons and so much more I will continue to be a “fan” and an “addict” of your life-giving presence and word.  

The word is so sweet as we consume it, chew on it, and partake of it.  We savor the taste as a true delicacy.  No wonder I continue to use the word “fascinated”.  I am so fascinated with this deep understanding of God’s truth.  It’s a fascination that comes from chewing and savoring the amazing depth of flavors within the masterpiece of God’s word and truth.  It’s rich, complex, and filled with surprises and secret ingredients, all meant to awaken us to partake of the banquet.  

It becomes bitter in the stomach because it’s so contra to what we have previously thought or believed.  Our stomachs turn sour when we consume food that our system cannot easily digest – especially meat! That leads me to believe that as we develop hearts that are able to digest what God is speaking, the bitterness then turns to ‘sweet as honey’ sustenance and fuel for our strength. It becomes the very essence that provides for our lives.

This current crisis moment ‘wake-up call’ is sounding so loudly and repeatedly because it is the ROAR of the Lion.  Have you ever thought about what a roar truly sounds like?  Imagine you are in the wild and all of a sudden you hear a loud sound that you recognize to be a lion!  I can imagine that every fiber within us would stand still, take note, and tremble as we realize that “the king of the jungle” is in our presence.  No matter what we were doing prior to hearing the roar, I bet we would stop, take note, and quickly begin to decide how to proceed with caution, even as the lion makes himself known to us.  Imagine the stillness and careful consideration we would take in order to examine the situation.  The roar is to get our attention and consider what we must do! The roar of God is for the same purpose – for us to be still, to examine the circumstances, to reverence His presence, and take it into account with every move we make.  May the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, that at this moment is being heard throughout the earth, awaken us and cause us to respond in the same manner.  To listen, to observe, to take in the signs and movements in order to determine how we should proceed.  

Fascinated is the word I keep using to describe how I feel as I continue to understand these deep amazing truths in God.  I realize that another description of it can be that I am captivated by the depths of his love and understanding as he pours out secrets and pearls of wisdom from the depths of the Spirit.  Once I get them, they seem so natural that I don’t really realize how paradigm-shifting they are.  Oh, I desire to remain fascinated and captivated by the love of God as He pours into me these riches of understanding that are shaping my grasp of His character in new ways. His ways and His plans being revealed through these incredible times that we are privileged to be living in.  I am held captive as if a prisoner of His love, wisdom, and insight.  No wonder Paul said, “I am a prisoner of his love”.  Wow!  I am beginning to take in the meaning of what he was expressing.  

We can simply be a fanatic without close encounters, or we can become a “Fan” and an “Addict” as we press in and allow the Holy Spirit to refine, reveal, restore, and revive us! Both very different postures and meanings, right? Let us continue to so intimately know Him that we are being transformed in a way that causes us to KNOW our God and our true identity in Him! “We ask you to capture us, Lord, with your amazing awe and wonder so that we might know you better and be transformed in ways that are exceedingly, abundantly, above ALL we can ask, think or even imagine! Amen!”

If you aren’t already fully familiar with the Let Us Worship & Hold the Line movement led by Sean Feucht, I highly encourage you to check it out. He and his team are powerfully and courageously taking the move of the Spirit of God to the streets, parks, beaches, capital steps of cities throughout our nation … all leading up to the culmination at the National Mall in DC on Oct 25th! Here is a clip from the event I attended yesterday in Kerrville, Texas: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=281441242840331

I’m ALL IN for Jesus! Are you?

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