One Nation Under God!

One Nation Under God!

Recently, I had a dream. I really don’t remember all of the details, but what stood out to me, like an exclamation mark was this …

We (a crowd of people) were in a courtroom and we were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Just when we reached the part that says … One Nation Under … we were about to say … God, when a loudspeaker suddenly and loudly filled the room in a booming voice as if it were canceling out the name of God and replacing it with … LIBERTY JUSTICE! It was not being announced in a good way., but rather with a militant authoritative manifesto tone! It was as if by brainwashing the people that we would forget that God’s name was not allowed to be recited. Remember that it wasn’t an overlay on top of God …. it was actually meant to cancel out the name of God. Manifesto liberty and justice was being reverberated! Not true liberty and justice for all! I asked the Holy Spirit for understanding. Holy Spirit, what are you saying?  What do you want me to know, to understand, to pray? This is what I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me …

“The true fight you are witnessing in this land is not what it appears to be.  It is a fight to remove Me from the hearts and minds of the people.  A fight to replace Me in the courts, schools, homes, and lives of the people.  An attempt to remove Me and replace my ways with false liberty and justice.  False liberty and justice that does not bring freedom to the lives of my people.  Instead, it serves to place further bondage and restrictions as it leads people further away from Me.  I will not allow this to happen.  I am fighting for My Name and My People!  I still have a future for this Nation and for My People.  The fierceness of the battle is being fought in the airwaves, both naturally and spiritually.  You do not fight against flesh and blood, but against evils rulers and principalities in high places!  I am about to fight in a way that only I can do.  I am about to obliterate the enemy’s plan of destruction for this Nation.  It shall remain One Nation Under GOD!  I am not through with you yet!  The time has come that I will rise up and take action.  Prepare yourselves for what is ahead.  I am the God of Angel Armies and I will fight with you!  My Name will be preserved, honored, esteemed, worshipped, and magnified.  We are standing in the Courtroom of  Heaven and my name will NOT be removed!  You cannot cancel GOD!  Instead, my ways will once again be returned to this land.  My ways will be re-established and my plans for this Nation will prosper”.  

It also is not lost on me that this dream came in the time of the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett to the highest COURT in the Land! A court battle, standing in the courts of heaven! Each of these reveals aspects of the Court we were (and are) standing in! It is not limited to this particular battle, but I believe it does include this most important, historic battle that will set the tone for the overturning and returning of many righteous ways in our Nation! Let’s join the witnesses in the Court Room and testify (pray) according to God’s desired plan and outcome!

As I was pondering all of this, I did my normal “daily search” for what God is saying and came across this! Wow! Just, WOW, God! You are amazing! If you don’t follow Lance Wallnau, I highly encourage you to. To me, he is one of the most accurate prophetic voices speaking directly into the heart of the matters at hand in our Nation and the world! Let’s cast our VOTE as we stand in the Courtroom of Heaven and watch what God has in mind!

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