Blessing Vs Cursing!

Blessing Vs Cursing!

Last week I was in Washington DC! I felt stirred to attend the Let Us Worship event led by Sean Feucht. I think there was something like 40,000 people who gathered on the National Mall in the cold and rain! Something in me wanted to put my feet on “ground zero” and release my prayers and faith for God’s will to be accomplished in our Nation. I realize there is no time or space in the spirit realm, but I felt a deep desire to be there and to participate in person, releasing my faith along with other believers.

Upon our arrival on Saturday, we found a gorgeous weather day. We settled into the hotel and walked to dinner. After a lovely dinner, we decided to go to the rooftop of our hotel and enjoy the weather and the view. We got into the elevator with a bunch of young people, all very polite, gracious, and obviously not afraid of the times in which we find ourselves living – not outwardly anyway.

As my friend and I sat, talked, and took in the beauty of the spectacular view, one of the young women walked up and said that she felt compelled to come and talk to us. We invited her to sit down. She said she was drawn to us in the elevator and then she was compelled to come to talk with us! In very short order we found out that she works in the West Wing, as did all the young people we had ridden in the elevator with. Wow! Really? How incredible is that!? She proceeded to tell us of her fears of what will happen if Biden is elected. She told us how much she admired and believed in our President. We encouraged her that it is God’s plan to move and act on behalf of our Nation and the World by doing whatever it takes to re-elect President Trump! I believe we were able to greatly encourage one of those on the front lines of the battle, and she, in turn, encouraged me that there are young people who understand the times in which we live and the need for righteousness to be returned to our Nation!

In contrast, Sunday the weather was not good. It was rainy and very cold! But … we had come to Washington not to sit in our hotel room, so off we went into the nasty weather, to walk and pray! What an amazing city our Nation’s Capital is! I had been there three other times, but it did not mean the same things to me as this trip did! This one had such significance as we planted our feet on the historic sights, all filled with significance in the history of our Nation. All the history that the globalists through activists like Antifa and BLM want to erase from the minds and framework of the American people, for if you erase the history, you can control the future! That’s the globalist agenda! You cannot have Nationalism and Patriotism, and get the people to follow a One World Order! We decided to eat in a beautiful historic restaurant across from the White House and then headed back to The Mall to join the rest of the people who had gathered in DC to lift up the Name of Jesus! The cold and wet did not stop the FIRE that burned in God’s people for His will and plans to be accomplished in our Nation! With the Capital Building on one end and the Washington Monument on the other, it was quite a sight to behold!

On Monday, the weather was somewhere in between the previous two days, but once again, we had not flown all that way to sit in our room! So, off we went to walk, pray, and take yet a closer look at the monuments! Along the way, a woman stopped to help us with directions. It only took me several moments into the conversation to realize this was a no-win situation. I politely withdrew myself from engaging with her. She went on and on spewing the party line accusations against our President and our Country! Suddenly, she turned to me and said, “I will put a curse on you”! My immediate response was, “No! I do not receive your curse in Jesus’ Name”! What an amazing contrast … somewhere around 40,000 Christians showing up in our Nation’s Capital to bless, and call out to God for His mercy upon our Country versus one encounter with a misguided woman seeking to curse what God is desiring to do! Oh, no you don’t! Not on our watch!!! Blessing vs. cursing … our choice! I choose BLESSING and I know you do, too!

I believe, my friends, that we will show up, stand up, rise up, and speak up in a way that sees God answer our prayers and actions for the salvation of our Nation! The Church is rising up, touching heaven, and God intends to show His glory in a way not yet seen! Not only will “Old Glory” continue to wave in the face of freedom, liberty, and justice for all, but God’s “New Glory” will be seen upon the earth! So, let’s get ready to do whatever it takes to re-elect our President and then to show up to be a part of the reformation of His ways in our Land! All the things we have slept through as a Church and allowed to happen that God wants to see reversed so that we can fulfill His plan in and through The United States of America!

God bless America! Land that we LOVE! Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with a light from above! Let the old glory and the new glory join together as the two witnesses and let all God’s people say, Amen and Amen! Let it be, in Jesus’ name! Here’s a link to see some of what happened in DC last Sunday: click here

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