What Will It Take?

What Will It Take?

Today, I pose the question … What will it take? What will it take for God’s people to actually open their spiritual eyes, ears, and hearts? It is mystifying to me the things people are still saying … even after all we have walked through this year! What will it require for us to be moved by God into a place to actually allow God to be God?

I’m talking about letting God reveal Himself in ways that require us to realize that the little box we have for so long held Him in, just does not work! I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “that if we continue to do the same things and think the same way, we will continue to get more of the same thing!” God help us that we do not remain a stiff-necked people who will only accept God on our own terms and by our own religious standards! I fear that we will miss God if we continue in our previous ways.

Let me explain what causes me to venture into this subject. I don’t need to explain that we are all inundated with politics, and all the chaos surrounding the situation we currently find ourselves in. In light of this, it seems to me that way too many of us are not expanding our understanding of God. Who he is and what He is saying! I hear and see things from people I know that astound me. Things like, “I’m voting for the least of the evils”, “I just trust that God is in control”, “Jesus is coming soon and we are going to be raptured”, “God will take care of us”, “I just can’t vote for a man with that past”, “My vote doesn’t matter anyway because God’s going to do what He chooses”. Oh man, oh, man! WHAT? Really? After all this, we still aren’t awakened to what God is doing and saying in this momentous hour? Let me, once again, SOUND AN ALARM! I’ve heard it said that even though we are looking for awakening, we don’t realize that we are actually getting a RUDE awakening! I hope we are getting it! Dear God, I hope so!

I want to ask you this question: “In what ways is God actually different to you than He was before all of this started”? What I mean is … Has the Lord been revealed to you in new ways, new paradigm shifts, new alignments in your perception of Who He is? I can’t help but think that if your apple cart has not been turned upside down, the good apples put back, but perhaps arranged in a different order, the bad apples (habits, thoughts, mindsets, etc.) tossed out, and your stand placed in a new position for what He has next, that perhaps we haven’t yet grasped what He truly desires to do and say at this moment! Just food for thought!

This has been and still is, a season where God is making Himself known in ways that we previously did not understand. He is opening His word and revealing NOW words to His children. It’s as if the realities of the word of God are becoming so real – so vividly real – in ways meant to awaken and mobilize His people. I’m not talking about the end time theology of “which book of Revelation are we living today” scenarios! I’m talking about the mobilizing, revelation illuminating ways that are being poured out in order to shape and align our ways with His ways. To prepare us as those who will be history changers! Those who will partner with the Lord for His purposes as we move forward in this new world that we don’t yet fully grasp! Those who will be like Peter and John who because they have been with Jesus will be able to turn the world, as we have known it, UPSIDE DOWN!

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.”  Acts 4:13

If we are still the same. If we are still thinking the same, and our understanding of the Lord is still the same as it was before the “heaven and earth-shaking” season in which we have been and are continuing to walk through … then why would we be able to do anything differently than we were able to do before? We are being called HIGHER with God! To come up higher, to listen and actually hear Him, and to be changed (transformed) by the revelation and UNDERSTANDING of His ways! I have been so changed by God that I cannot even remember what it was like to think the way I used to think! That’s because I haven’t simply been reading or listening to preaching, but I have been with Jesus and He has done this life-altering deeply rooted work within the core of my being that makes it impossible for me to function like I used to! It wasn’t easy because I had to agree to allow my ways to be uprooted and replaced with His ways. My religious concepts and understanding of how He works and what He says, have been obliterated and new ways have been established within me.

I want to ask you: “In what ways are you different than you were before all of this”? What things has the Lord challenged you on and enlightened you in that have drawn you more intimately into the knowledge and fellowship with Him? Where has He pointed out any error and replaced it with life-altering revelation truth? When I say life-altering, I mean in ways that have so transformed you that you will never be the same again in your comprehension of Him and His ways? I pray that God will continue to so shake each of us and awaken us to His amazing truths and realities that we will never be the same again! Oh, how we need Jesus!

I’m going to dare say that unless we have allowed ‘times of trouble’ to be worked within the fabric of our beings, that it is next to impossible to know Him better! How we need to know Jesus, to know our Father, and to know the Holy Spirit far beyond the way we have known them in the past! To allow the word of God to come alive on the inside of us without our preconceived (or previously taught ways) holding us hostage to our religious box. Let’s let God arise within us!

“Rise up in splendor and be radiant, for your light has dawned, and Yahweh’s glory now streams from you! Look carefully! Darkness blankets the earth, and thick gloom covers the nations, but Yahweh arises upon you and the brightness of his glory appears over you! Nations will be attracted to your radiant light and kings to the sunrise-glory of your new day. Lift up your eyes higher! Look all around you and believe, for your sons are returning from far away and your daughters are being tenderly carried home. Watch as they all gather together, eager to come back to you”! Isaiah 60:1-4

I believe one of the ways God is working to bring each of us into alignment with His ways is in the area of understanding how His Kingdom actually works! What does it look like to occupy until He comes? What are we called to do as a Church? God is shining His Light upon us so that we will be transformed and rise up to partner with Him in what He Has planned in this new era of history! Not for Him to simply bless us as we do things according to our own understanding, but for us to be aligned (re-calibrated) for the job that is about to be available to us to partner with Him to accomplish! Let’s keep letting God blow our minds and transform our hearts as He prepares us for the most exciting times of our lives!

Here’s another resource that I HIGHLY recommend. God is speaking, shaking, and awakening all those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to receive what He actually has to say! Lance Wallnau’s book “God’s Chaos Code” was just released a few weeks ago, and is an absolute must-read for those who want to gain an understanding of what God is actually doing in the world today! You can order it HERE! Be blessed, be challenged, be transformed, be prepared, and be ready for whatever He has for you! Plus, here is a very good excerpt from the As One Rally held this past week on The National Mall: click here

In the meantime … as my new friend in the West Wing said to me …”Feeling lucky and blessed to have met you! Can’t wait till we get together again! In the meantime … prayers, and encouragement to get everyone out and voting for our guy”!!

I believe with every fiber of my being that God has placed President Trump in our Nation for such a time as this! So, let’s help “get our guy” re-elected so God’s work of Making America Great Again can continue! We still have a calling as a Nation! God has a great work for us! If you still aren’t convinced of this … perhaps you are listening to the wrong voices! I encourage you to open your heart and mind and see what God will say to you! Remember, that it is not about Trump, but rather it is about God’s plan through him! God raises up Kings for His purposes and He has raised up President Trump in order to give our Nation TIME! Time to yet position ourselves to fulfill His call upon America! Let’s stand in agreement with Heaven for God’s plan to be made manifest! Keep praying, keep blessing, keep encouraging others to engage, and keep growing with God! May God bless America!

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