Do You Really Want to Know?

Do You Really Want to Know?

I can’t help but write again to expound upon my earlier post. We cannot lay down as a Church and believe what the news is telling us! It is heartbreaking how few leaders there are who are preparing, educating, and enlightening God’s people! I feel like I’m ‘sounding a gong’ over and over, but my friends, we MUST hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying in this hour! We cannot be passive, sitting back and taking the road of least resistance!

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a dream I had on election night. Let me preface this by saying that I had no idea what was happening in the news because I went to bed at 6:00 pm exhausted due to fighting off something that caused a fever. Sleep was just what the doctor ordered! I awakened to a dream around 3:00 am.

I was driving down the highway going a bit too fast.  I saw a truck sitting off the road up on a little hill.  The truck was unmarked.  I didn’t realize it was a policeman until it was too late.  He pulled me over and immediately things went bad.  A group of women surrounded me. They immediately proceeded to lift my car into the back of a truck.  I was being arrested and my car impounded (stolen)!  For some reason, I had $400,000 cash with me.  They spotted it and confiscated it.  They started accusing me of many false accusations.  I realized this was all-out warfare to steal from me and to destroy me for no reason.  When I awakened, I understood that the witchcraft of the situation was intense and that I needed to pray.  I connected it directly to the election.  

The policeman was in an unmarked vehicle. In other words, he did not make his identity obvious. A group of women surrounding me, representing witchcraft (Jezebel) coming against me. Taking (stealing) my car for no reason without any discussion or explanation. $400,000 cash representing votes that they determined to simply confiscate without discussion. As I awakened I knew I had to pray! Pray that this election will not be stolen illegally and that this all-out witchcraft attack will not succeed!

I’m simply saying that we must educate ourselves and we must allow God to shift our understanding of His ways. We are no longer living in the simpler times that we have known up until now. We cannot continue to live in a passive stance, being lulled to sleep by the revival driven, rapture focused, or “God’s in control” theologies we have been living by in former peaceful times. We must be AWAKENED and aligned with what the Spirit of God is saying and doing! Yes, there will be a revival and yes, God is in control, but we have, up until now, used these things as a way to remain lazy, uninformed, ‘Que sera sera’ Christians! I am not speaking in any way about politics! I am speaking that we must be awakened to the Governmental Kingdom mindset that He is heralding. Let’s be like the Sons of Issachar who know (understand by revelation and insight) the times and seasons in which we now find ourselves thrust into.

Let’s press beyond where we’ve been and allow the Holy Spirit to be our teacher, helper, and guide as He takes what belongs to Jesus and makes it known to us! He wants to teach us! He does not want to simply validate that which we already think we know! He is God! He is the Spirit of the Living God! He is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead! He is the Spirit of Life that cries out within us, “Abba Father”! Let’s let Him reveal, change, challenge, direct, convict, and enlighten us in ways that we have yet to understand!

There are great resources for biblically focused, factually informative insight about what is happening! It is vital that we allow ourselves to be informed about the times we are living in! We must not throw in the towel and passively say, “let’s all live at peace and know that God is in control”! My friends, it simply does not work that way in the Kingdom of Heaven! May you be strengthened, encouraged, enlightened, and awakened – exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask, think, or even imagine … in Jesus’ name!

He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant, but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. Daniel 11:32 (ESV)

One last good rant with a purpose! This is so God! Keep doing whatever it takes to inform and prepare yourself! And to enter Heaven’s zone with the Lord! Be blessed, be educated, be transformed in Jesus’ name! Plus a few good pieces of insights!

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