Exposing Our Trust

Exposing Our Trust

Isn’t it amazing that those who were so vocal up to election Day have now conceded that “what will be, will be”? Let’s all love one another, play nice in the sandbox, and just go about our lives because after all … there is nothing more we can do!

I believe this is exposing in WHOM our trust has been placed. Was our trust in President Trump? Or do we understand the plan of God that is monumentally in play during these times? The mandate of God rests upon President Trump, for sure! It is in God’s mandate upon him that we place our trust, and we resolve to fight for justice to prevail in the election! Our trust cannot simply be in a man, it must be in the purpose of God through that man! We need to understand the bigger picture of what is at stake … what is really happening! Once we understand Who God is, how He works, and what His plans are in this situation, there is NO WAY we can simply resign ourselves to whatever happens! We cannot give in to apathy, witchcraft, a religious spirit, or our basic need for everything to be easy and go our way. Let’s acknowledge the mandate upon our President and fight for God’s outcome!

We Want God! We Want God! We Want God! This is the mantra that lays beneath the fight we find ourselves waging! At least, it should be what drives the willingness to pray, to fight, to war, to become educated and enlightened by God’s agenda, to stand with Heaven, and behold the mighty move of our God in the midst of uncertainty! What if things don’t go the way we believe God is urging us to join in and fight for? Wouldn’t it be better to stand with God, than to passively sit by and let “whatever” come to pass? Hebrews 11 is known as the Heroes of the Faith chapter! I encourage you to read and meditate on the entirety of the chapter! So rich in faith!

These heroes all died still clinging to their faith, not even receiving all that had been promised them. But they saw beyond the horizon the fulfillment of their promises and gladly embraced it from afar. They all lived their lives on earth as those who belonged to another realm. Hebrews 11:13

This is such an opportunity for Believers to grow up, stand up, rise up, and show up! This is not a fight of “sticks and stones”, but it is an all-out battle against the powers and principalities of darkness seeking to remove God from our Land and thwart His plans in and through our Nation! We must not idly sit and watch from the sidelines! Let the populist movement begin and let God’s people arise with a demand placed upon the spiritual realm for GOD and His Kingdom to be revealed! War is not passive – it is active! It does not involve spectators! Let’s get out of the armchair position and engage in the battle at hand! PRAY as led by the Holy Spirit. I dare to say that ‘chain type prayers’ are not what is being called for at this time! We have to grow up! We need Holy Spirit led praise, worship, warfare, declarations, etc. that cost us something! The type of prayer that costs us by listening to the Holy Spirit and engaging with Heaven! Let’s quit posting memes and chain prayers, and instead, roll up our sleeves, and get engaged in the battle that can only be fought in real-time!

Keep getting educated! NOT by any of the mainstream media! Hear me … Fox is not your friend! Yes, there are some good voices, but the majority of it is just noise! We have to move beyond the paradigms of our BOX and let the Holy Spirit lead us into TRUTH according to Heaven’s agenda and ways! There is subscription news called 7MU.com which is an excellent all-around news source! Don’t tell me you don’t want to pay for news because you already are! If you are listening to any of the big media channels – you are paying for news! There is also Victory Channel and here: by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. You can tune in on YouTube. It’s an excellent source for biblically-based broadspectrum insight into the current events! Once again, I highly recommend ordering God’s Chaos Code by Lance Wallnau. Let’s get educated, like the sons of Issachar, as to what God has to say about the times and seasons in which we live!

It’s time to let our eyes be open, our ears to be unplugged, and our hearts to be receptive! I will dare to say that our greatest obstacle to this is pride! Yes, pride! That’s because it can be hard to think that there is more of God than we currently understand! We must be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to take us higher into His ways and that only happens if we open ourselves to be challenged by the things He is speaking today in REAL LIFE scenarios! Could it be that to move into today and tomorrow, that we must be willing to leave the ways of yesterday behind? Even that statement alone challenges our religious mindsets! We are so afraid of being deceived, that we choose to remain in the status quo out of fear and pride. The problem with that is that God is always SO MUCH MORE than we understand, so deciding to remain staunch will cost us the ability to grow and move forward.

My friends, I believe we are being challenged to search our hearts and see in Whom are we really placing our trust? In a man? In a system? In a religious mindset? In ourselves (our own intellect and emotions)? Or, are we willing to take a chance and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us deeper so that we can fulfill our destiny in our generation?

Be blessed, be challenged, be encouraged, be strong, be courageous! We will yet see things that up until now, we could not have fathomed because we’ve not been this way before! Standing with you for more of God! More wisdom, insight, revelation, education, heaven-and-earth moving, paradigm-shifting, light-bulb moments from the Spirit of the LIVING God! Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered … in the situation in our Nation, AND within ourselves! Open up YOU GATES, so that the King of Glory can come in! Let’s truly become those who can say IN GOD we trust! Amen!

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