We’re Not Gonna Take It!

We’re Not Gonna Take It!

I hear the sound of an uprising! An army rising up that says, “We’re not gonna take it! We’re not gonna take it anymore”! I heard this song during a rant from Pastor Greg Locke and it stuck in my spirit! By the way, I love rants when they are from the heart of God and this one was! Anyway – that song STUCK in my spirit, I hear the rumbling, the roar, the rising up, marching – a groundswell rising up in the distance! Joel’s army rising up! “We’re Not Gonna Take It” will turn into “We Want God”! Actually they are rising up simultaneously and a populist movement is waking up! The other day I had these words rise up within me. Please keep in mind that I am not musical at all, but I have the heart of a true worshipper of Jesus!

“I hear the sound of an army!  An army rising upon the earth!  A sound that’s arising, flowing, and flooding the earth with the sound of We Want God!  We Want God!  We Want God!  Let the breath come upon the dry bones!  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!  We are an army willing to go into battle for our King.  We have a cause that’s greater than any other cause in history!  A cause that compels us to stand in the face of the enemy and shout the victory of our King!  We are an army that has not ever been to battle, but now we have a cause and His name is Jesus!  The breath of our Savior is bringing us to life.  I see an army in the distance … marching, marching, marching like the waters that cover the earth!  An undertone arising with the cry of We Want God!  We Want God!  We Want God!  Let the wonder and awe of the Almighty fall upon us.  Let the cleansing, healing, empowering flood of the blood of Christ flow to us and through us, bringing healing, restoration, vindication, and victory!  We are being washed, cleansed, prepared, and restored as an army!  Not by might or power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts!  I’m raising up an army!  I’m raising up an Army!  I’m raising up an Army!  Will you hear my voice?  Will you respond to my call?  Rise up, rise, up, rise up, and follow me!  We will, Lord!  We will, Lord!  We Want God!  We Want God!  We Want God!  Make us into an army prepared for the battle at hand!  Victory and power in Your Name until all the earth is filled with Your Glory!  We Want God!  We Want God!  We Want God!”   

My friends, please, please, please stand with God and His plan for America in this hour! It’s vital that we understand what is going on and that our civil liberties are being hijacked! We the People must take a stand! Our violence is against the powers and principalities of spiritual wickedness in high places, not against people, but in addition to our prayers and warfare, we MUST take a stand and not allow our Country to be hijacked! I implore you, my friends, please get informed as to what is actually taking place! Please don’t abandon ship because things are tough. This is a time to determine for ourselves what God is saying and then to take a position – to STAND, to FIGHT, to SPEAK, to AWAKEN! I would venture to say that this is virtually impossible if all you are listening to is the mass media! You will not hear the realities of what is taking place from that platform. I say again, PLEASE get educated, get informed, choose a side, and FIGHT for God’s plan for the United States of America! The absolute fraud that is being perpetrated upon the American people is incomprehensible! Why can this be happening? I’ll tell you why! We either don’t know or don’t believe our Consitution! We have become so dumbed down by getting our information from a biased media for far too long, by forgetting the basics of our Civics classes, by listening to a weak “me-centered” gospel message that leaves God’s people wandering around like sheep without a shepherd!

Come on, people! Let’s wake up and rise up! Your children and children’s children will thank you! The nations of the world will thank you! This is a season for the courageous to rise up and lead the charge instead of sitting around wondering who to follow! Even worse – wondering, “what is going on? I’m so confused!”

Leaders! Rise up! Take up the cause of leading! People! Rise up! If you cannot find a leader with a righteous cause … become one! At the beginning of 2020, I read a forecast of the Top Ten Trends of 2020 put out by a secular financial trends forecasting group. One of those trends was this:

INDEPENDENCE: FOLLOW NO LEADER! No leader is leading the uprisings around the world. It’s “Power to the People,” and there’s never been anything like it.

Remember, this was at the beginning of the year. Pre COVID, pre-lock-down, pre-world-turned-upside-down! I want to reiterate that it’s not that people don’t want to follow a leader, it’s simply hard to find true Leaders to follow! But! God, is raising up new leaders! Brave men and women who will hear His voice, who understand the times and seasons, be courageous, and be willing to go where it is not popular! Get educated about the process at hand! It is not a conspiracy – it is basic Civics and the way our voting system is supposed to work! This is a must-listen: https://www.facebook.com/100008294047911/videos/2894014020885038/

Will you join me as we rise up and say … “We Want God! We Want God! We Want God!” joined with the chorus … “We’re Not Gonna Take it! We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore”? Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered! Let every hidden thing be revealed and the unrighteousness is exposed and overturned, in Jesus’ name!

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  • Laura, thank you for sharing this with me this morning! You have been given a warrior spirit. May others of us who love God and the USA be willing to step into this, for indeed it is a fight, a battle, an all-out war and we must stand up as we continue to pray. We must honor God by asking Him to be the Sovereign Ruler over our nation again.