I Will Not Be Silent!

I Will Not Be Silent!

This past week a friend posted this picture of Ron and me. She had posted it two years ago when they invited me to be the speaker at the final Joshua Generation Luncheon in Houston. It was my first week back in Texas after living abroad for nine years. I don’t know what it was about this particular picture, but somehow, it grabbed my attention and caused me to think … “Wow, God! Ron would have thrived and been like a kid in a candy store … right in the middle of the heyday of the things he believed were to come – and so boldly spoke about.  The exact things in which we are now living!  I cannot tell you how many times he told me (and anyone who would listen) about all these issues! I never understood why it was so ingrained in him and what made it impossible for him to be silent! I do now!

I trusted him completely, so I believed him, but I could not comprehend how in the world these things could be. “Mr. Conspiracy” was one of my nicknames for him. I didn’t really believe it was a conspiracy, but it was so far-fetched from anything I could see coming to pass, and it was the way I framed the information and jokingly (only halfway) called it a conspiracy. My biggest question for him was always … “But where is God in this?” I couldn’t see it! Thank God! He opened my eyes and I now see it CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT! Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Ron!

The other morning as I was reading and praying, I had a clear lightbulb moment come to me!  All of a sudden, it opened up before me, that not only did God use Ron to prepare me for this time, but that I am now walking into the MANTLE that was passed from Ron to me!  I was thinking how I have gone from one of the least political people you can imagine to “a fire shut up in my bones” — can’t be silent – shout it from the rooftop girl about the times in which we are living!  I am not speaking of Political Parties – Dem vs Republican, although it certainly encompasses that because of the way our system is set up and the choices being made.  I’m really speaking on a much deeper level about God’s Governmental ways! The ways of the Kingdom of God on this earth!

So, I had this revelation – this lightbulb moment from the Lord, that … I am walking into a governmental mantle and that is why I cannot stay silent! I believe God wants each of us to come to a new understanding of how His Kingdom actually works and how it translates to this world in which we live!

“Lord, I don’t actually know what this looks like, but I draw closer to you in order to understand that which you are placing upon me and speaking to me.  I want to be faithful to speak only what you are speaking to me.  I don’t want to simply “be political”, instead I want to walk in the governmental authority for which you have been and are continuing to prepare me for!  It has to do with understanding from a much deeper place of the Government of Jesus — the Kingdom of God being made manifest!  Using my voice to proclaim, prepare, and call up a people who will walk in an understanding of Your ways in the earth!  You have been transforming me from the inside out and placing within me this resolve that we must KNOW OUR GOD and then we will do great exploits!  Of course, I’ve always believed that scripture, but something the Lord has been working deeply within my being to actually realign, reformulate, and bring authority through revelation is an entirely different thing!  Lord, I don’t know how you will use this, but my answer is:  YES, here I am!  Send me, use me!”  

Today the fight is obvious within our Nation and it is taking on a political face due to the circumstances of the hour at hand!  However; somehow I understand in my spirit (not yet in my mind), that this governmental mandate that God has led me into is greater, deeper, and higher than the now moment we find ourselves in.  It indeed encompasses this time, for we cannot ignore or overlook this call from the Lord to stand with Him in the battle for our Nation and His plans in and through us!  Anybody can do it when it’s easy and going their way! It takes righteous indignation to stand up in the face of the battle and FIGHT! It takes true grit!

This governmental mantle and authority have to do with a place of calling that are meant to prepare God’s people, calling us higher into the understanding of how God’s Kingdom works on this earth!  This calling and mantle include being a battering ram and a restorer of the breach!  These are both things God has spoken to me during this COVID season; however, I have not understood them until this “now moment” of revelation!  I do not completely understand as of yet, but all of a sudden they are falling into place as I understand the call of God on my life more fully.  God’s ways are certainly not our ways!  For him to take one of the least politically charged girls, and place upon her this fire and mantle are almost funny and most definitely God!  Only this past week did I see how fully and amazingly he used Ron to prepare me for this era!  Although he would have loved and thrived in the opportunity to walk out this call and mantle; somehow he was used in preparing and passing it along to me!  Wow, God … you are so amazingly mind-blowing!  With every piece of comprehension, understanding, revelation from the Holy Spirit, we walk into the places for which He has prepared for us!  I humbly and fearfully say “yes” to this call that I am beginning to understand in a new way!  I recognize that it comes with a breaker anointing, a battering ram to both pillage the enemy and set free the captives, and to sound a war cry for the Bride of Christ to rise up, prepare Herself, and charge into the battle with our Bridegroom-King!  She is both a Lover and a Warrior – at the same time!  She is leading the charge for the armies of God to follow as we go into the battle with and for our King!  With the tip of the arrowhead spear that pierces and clears the way.  This straight as an arrow anointing is to pierce the hearts of people.  

We will no longer remain the “silent minority”, but instead we will continue to become the loud, ferocious voices of truth, sanity, liberty, justice, and righteousness in our Nation! We will NOT be silent! We will NOT stay in our little church box! We will accept the Governmental call of the God Most High and march into the battle for God’s plan to be made manifest on the Earth! His Kingdom Come, His Will be Done!

Let’s continue to educate ourselves in the Governmental ways of God! This will not end once the election is resolved. It will only be the beginning of God’s people stepping forward to take back what belongs to us! We will rise up and take our places in society, in the way our Nation goes, we will not stop until we have taken our last breath on this earth! God is calling an army of Lover-Warriors to establish righteousness in the lives of His sons and daughters.

Let’s keep preparing for what is to come, but for this “now moment” … let us not be silent and allow our country to be stolen! Not on our watch! Whatever we can do, we must do! This is no longer simply about Donald Trump, but it is about standing with God and the call/mandate upon our President to restore righteousness, justice, and values to our once-great America! Indeed, God’s plan is to Make America Great Again! His purposes for our Nation are not yet fulfilled! I say again – Rise up Church! Rise up America! Stand for God and His righteousness! We will not sit by and allow our Nation to be taken over by the plans of God’s enemies to destroy the USA and her purpose! No – not on our watch!

I urge you not to sit on the fence or to capitulate because things are tough right now! Don’t be wishy-washy and blown by every wind of news, opinion, prophecy, or the waffling of “so-called” leaders in the Body of Christ! We must stand strong. We must KNOW our God, be strong and of good courage! Taking a stand with God may not be popular or easy, but I would rather stand for Him and His ways, even if I look foolish to the world!

And he has anointed me as his preacher, his apostle, and his teacher of truth to the nations.  The confidence of my calling enables me to overcome every difficulty without shame, for I have an intimate revelation of this God. And my faith in him convinces me that he is more than able to keep all that I’ve placed in his hands safe and secure until the fullness of his appearing. Allow the healing words you’ve heard from me to live in you and make them a model for life as your faith and love for the Anointed One grows even more.  Guard well this incomparable treasure by the Spirit of Holiness living within you. 2 Timothy 1:11-14 (TPT)

I stand for God! I stand for Heaven! I stand for God’s man for our Nation … President Donald J. Trump! I stand for righteousness and justice! I stand for the future of the United States of America! God bless America and God bless you!

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  • Hey Laura, blessings to you!
    I was just recently telling my husband that “Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven” isn’t just a slogan, but God’s heart for His people, this nation! My heart is heavy seeing the lack of faith in my some of God’s people…
    Love your articles, thank you for sharing! Much love and many blessings be upon you!