Whose Report Will You Believe?

Whose Report Will You Believe?

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an incredible time to be alive! We are being given an opportunity to partner with Heaven in a way that probably none of us have ever had before! The only way to partner is to first BELIEVE for it’s impossible to partner if you don’t believe it! I ask you: Are you standing against, simply sitting on the fence by waiting to see the outcome before you cast your final vote, or showing up and rolling up your sleeves to wage war for God’s outcome! No wonder we are in a year called 2020 where CLEAR VISION is being called for! God is wanting to give us a crystal clear vision of the times in which we live and what He is desiring to do!

Do not be deceived, mistaken, fooled, or bewitched into believing what the media is shouting at us these days. I dare say it is impossible not to believe them on some level if you are listening to them! That’s the agenda of information bombardment! Why not shut them OUT and tune into God’s channel? Our faith (or lack thereof) is built upon what we look at, listen to, and allow to shape our mindset!

Elijah challenged the people: “How long are you going to sit on the fence? If God is the real God, follow him; if it’s Baal, follow him. Make up your minds!” 1 Kings 18:21

We had better make up our minds what God is saying in the midst of this world-shaking season of events and back it up with our actions (faith)! Where is your faith? In whom have you placed your faith? Faith and actions cannot be separate issues! It is not by our words, but by our works (actions, stance, choices) that our faith is displayed!

I am watching, with interest, the amazing display of God’s people at this time. Some are rising up and standing in the face of the enemy no matter what things look like! Thank God for the Leaders who are leading the charge with clarity, assurance, boldness, and insight! Others are jumping ship while bringing confusion to those around them due to their recanting and conceding! Still, others are choosing to sit on the fence and wait to see what happens before they make any commitment. I believe the wheat and tares are being separated within the Church right now. The sheep from the goats! Those who are mature from the immature! How desperately we need strong, faith-filled leadership in this hour! I am such a black-and-white person that for me, you are either FOR us or you are AGAINST us! For some, the inability to choose a side is simply due to a lack of leadership providing a clarion call in the midst of turmoil. Those who have the courage and conviction (faith) to LEAD in the midst of the chaos! The battle cry has gone out! Where is the army? Where are the warriors? Where are the leaders? Let’s quit looking to someone else, and rise up to become those who KNOW THEIR GOD and do great exploits!

I believe that the only way to boil this down to the matter at hand is to point each of us to the ROOT of the battle! Do we truly understand what God is saying and doing? Do we really get the spiritual battle that is being waged for the Nation of the United States of America? Do we understand from God’s perspective the consequences of the outcome? Are we willing to be informed and to stand up and fight with Heaven? From where are we gleaning our information and gaining our intelligence? On what diet are we feeding ourselves in order to gain our nourishment and strength?

This is not a time to decide to stand on our own values because we can be sorely deceived if it’s based simply upon what we THINK is true! We need to be basing it on God’s values and what He thinks! He does not change His mind. He does not ride the fence waiting to see which way the wind blows. He does not cater to the carnal desires of man and our need to have our ears tickled with a version of the truth! No! He is TRUTH! He is JUST! His ways never change!

I cannot see any world in which God would be siding with the Leftist-Globalists! If you really know your bible and know your God, you will know that platform is counter to His Word and His character! He is NOT in any way on the side of that platform! You cannot tell me that GOD is in agreement with that agenda just because you do not like Donald Trump! A platform that champions the shedding of innocent blood up until birth, wants to give the right to euthanasia, wants to relinquish our sovereignty to become part of a One World Order. One who has already taken God out of their platform and wants to stamp Him out of our Country! Ladies and gentlemen, these are not opinions, they are facts! Look at the PLATFORM! If you can defend any of these things and so many others that I have not addressed, you simply do not know the righteous God! You are choosing simply to stand against a man you do not like, even though you do not know him and the ways he has stood for righteousness in our Land!

I dare to say if you would get informed of the ways in which he has chosen to side with God that you might have your eyes opened! He stands for life! He stands with Israel as the Bible commands us to! He stands for the Sovereignty of our Nation! He stands for the Church and freedom of religion! He has been one of the best friends to the Church our Nation has ever seen! He is standing and making the tough decisions that will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! To return manufacturing, business, jobs, and equality back to our Nation! He is not a perfect man, but which one of us is? Jesus said, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” I urge you to look beyond the hate being spewed by the Left and the leftist media against a man who is standing as a firewall for our Nation against their Globalist agenda! Please, I beg of you … WAKE UP!

How can half of the Church have voted for a platform that stands against God? God help us to be awakened and to grow up in You and Your ways so that we can KNOW our God and do great exploits!

Once again, I urge you to get informed! Take the time to discover the truth of the battle we find ourselves in because whether or not we choose to be in the battle is irrelevant! You cannot be alive on this planet today without being IN the battle. The question is: WHICH SIDE of the battle are you aligned with? Heaven? Or Hell? I’m not asking what your opinion is about the battle lines, I’m challenging you to realize and recognize that there is a very clear delineation in the sand of the lines that have been drawn. In this light … as Elijah the Prophet said, we must CHOOSE! If God is the real God, we must get off the fence and follow Him!

Choose! Get informed! Get activated in prayer and in any way you can with boots on the ground! Take a stand. We are being drawn into the valley of decision, both as a Nation and as a Church! You cannot wait to see the outcome until you decide! We need YOU to CHOOSE, then join the battle – to know our God and save our Nation! It is not all up to God! He is waiting on us to partner with Him and to CHOOSE His agenda! Don’t give up! Don’t give in! Don’t be wishy-washy or tossed by every wind or report! Grow up, stand up, rise up, wake up, and show up! Together we can partner with The Lord and then we will see His planned breakthrough! In Jesus’ name! Amen!!!

I will leave you with a link to my post on Sept 4 entitled: Be Brave Mighty Ones! It was a prophetic word the Lord spoke to me, that now makes sense and brings strength, as we encourage ourselves in the battle!

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  • LAURA, DEAR FRIEND, I agree with you 100 percent, the PLATFORM goes against God in every way. However, I have said all along, ” if Biden wins, it will be of God, and we have a major correction coming” All through the Bible HE let HIS people be taken over by evil men to “teach them a lesson” or to show them how much they really needed HIM. I feel that time has come and is a great time of awakening, AND perhaps, the beginning of the end.