I Do Not Subscribe!

I Do Not Subscribe!

Okay, so this may turn into a bit of a rant, but here goes … Do you feel the Holy Spirit leading you into something new? Into a place that requires a closer connection with Him in order to stay clear on all that is happening, as well as to stand strong in these turbulent times? I hope so because there is no other way to navigate these moments we find ourselves honored to be living in! Yes, I said, “honored”. Truly it is an honor and a privilege to be alive during these momentous, pivotal, hinge-moments of history … His Story … OUR story! The mysteries of God are being worked within and through us. The mystery that can only be understood by the Spirit of God that knows these situations are beyond us and that God Himself must step in to do the work! But, at the same time, God requires us to do our part for the breakthrough to happen! The mystery of God that our minds cannot comprehend … “if you, then I”! It’s not based upon works so that we can boast, for God will do this in a way that we will know ONLY He could have done it! At the same time … a BIG part of it is that we must respond and do our part! So, which is it? Is it that God must do it, or that we must do it? The answer is “yes” and “yes”! Both are true and active at the same time intertwined with each other. It’s the vine and the branches acting in harmony, in perfect symphony with each other being led by the Holy Spirit. A mystery indeed!

“I am the sprouting vine and you’re my branches. As you live in union with me as your source, fruitfulness will stream from within you—but when you live separated from me you are powerless. If a person is separated from me, he is discarded; such branches are gathered up and thrown into the fire to be burned.  But if you live in life-union with me and if my words live powerful within you—then you can ask whatever you desire and it will be done.  When your lives bear abundant fruit, you demonstrate that you are my mature disciples who glorify my Father! John 15:5-8 (TPT)

My question for you today is this … to what or who are you “subscribing” and/or “unsubscribing”? What voices are you allowing to permeate your thoughts, actions, emotions, and beliefs? I would venture to say that if you find yourself continually wavering (at least for too long), there is too much misinformation coming in – from the wrong sources! You see, it’s very easy for us to say we believe one thing, and yet our actions say something completely different than the words coming out of our mouths. The insidious thing about this is that we can actually believe what we are SAYING, and not even realize that our actions say something completely opposite, which means at a deeper level, we don’t really believe it!

I have decided that “I will not subscribe” to anything that does not line up with what God is saying and Who God says He is! Yes! He is saying plenty in these NOW times about His plans, purposes, desires, and actions. The question comes back to WHO are we listening to? I believe that God is calling us to a place where our actions must back up what we say we believe, for it will be our actions (stances) that reveal if we are going to be the 2 or the 10! Remember that 12 spies went in to spy out the Promised Land. Ten said, “there are giants in the land, we cannot do it”! But, praise the Lord, there were two (Joshua and Caleb) who said, “God said He is giving us this land and we are going to go in and take it!” Reading the rest of the story we find out that they actually had to fight one battle after the next in order to route out the giants and possess their promises! (Paraphrase by Laura). It wasn’t easy, but in the process, they heard God, saw God, and grew in God in ways they would not have otherwise done! So, we too, today!

Please know that I am not throwing stones at people who choose differently than I do! I am simply sounding the alarm and making a call to account whether or not our words and actions line up with what we say we believe! I am constantly finding areas in myself that I must allow God to align with His ways! However, it doesn’t just happen, we must be proactive in determining the “subscription of information” we allow to dominate our belief system! It is my belief that we are being taken to the place of possessing the promised land, but that means we must be willing and able in God, to enter the battle and take out the giants! That, my friends, is only done by an ARMY who is choosing to follow their Commander, God … at ALL costs! This is not done by what we SAY we believe, but instead by what we DO (act upon)! Paul said, “faith without works is dead, but show me your works (actions) and you will show me your faith!

Oh, I wish it weren’t so that there is a cost involved, but Jesus made it clear that it costs us ourselves in order to follow Him. CHOOSE this day whom you will serve … God or the agenda of the antichrist spirit who is at work to steal our liberty, freedom, and justice! Remember that “where the Spirit of the Lord is … there is LIBERTY! Let’s don’t allow this agenda to cancel God in our Land! It has now gone so far beyond the election, although it most definitely still includes in a huge way this battle for our Nation! We cannot give up, give in, or simply stay lukewarm thinking God is going to do it all and that we do not need to get involved. We are in a time of testing, whether or not, we will FOLLOW Jesus … no matter what! No matter those who say, “give it up”, “just concede”, “why won’t you believe that the news says Trump lost?”, “just wear the mask and protect others”, “cancel or limit your holiday celebrations”, “stay away from other people”, or whatever other brainwashing agendas are being made to sound beneficial to the overall good of humanity!

Recently when I hear things that are against God’s agenda, my response (to myself) is: “I do not subscribe”! I don’t care what other people think of me … I have decided to follow Jesus … no turning back! Whatever the media and globalist-agendas are shouting at me … I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! Please know that I am not talking about arguing, being rude to others, causing a scene, or any other thing that would cause me to wrestle with flesh and blood! We must remain respectful and kind toward others. It means that there is a resolve in my spirit and inner being that I will not bow to the politically correct agenda of the globalists, nor submit myself in a way that gives any credibility to these philosophies of slavery to their agenda. Remember in the book of Esther why Haman was so vehemently furious with Mordecai? Because Mordecai stood in the gate of the city and when Haman passed by, he (Mordecai) refused to bow down to him! It made Haman furious and he determined that he would annihilate Mordecai and all his people! Taking a stand is a spiritual resolve that may not be easy when the world around you shames you or attempts to force you to comply. I want to be like Mordecai and stand up to this evil demonic spirit that is seeking to control, muzzle, stop, and crush us!

I do not subscribe to masks being normal or even helpful. I think science proves that it is not valid and the true agenda behind it has been revealed. I believe it is a manipulation of fear, not a necessary precaution for “the sake of all”. I won’t make a scene or argue with people when I am out and about, but I am like the little kid that says to his mom, “I may be sitting down on the outside, but on the inside, I am STANDING UP’! Meaning – I wear it only when forced to in order to accomplish my business, but I will not wear it outside, standing in line, or just to make other people feel more comfortable because I do not in any way agree with the agenda behind the mask! I will not agree to cancel or even to limit my holiday gatherings to a small group! My family may not want me to attend their gatherings, because God forbid I would infect them with faith – ha, but that’s their choice, not mine! I will not agree that COVID rules and reigns over my actions – no matter how politically incorrect it is to others! This quote is indeed a truth: “Who knew that public health would so PERFECTLY ALIGN with SECULAR convenience?” One of the mottos of the globalist is: “Never waste a good opportunity”, and boy have they done a masterful job with this one!

I will not stone the prophets who have said Trump will have TWO terms in office … and I will not acquiesce that the second term could be in 2024 … NO! I will not be a wimp and try to make excuses for God as to why things didn’t go the way we would have preferred or thought … AKA: the easy way! I continue to believe that God is doing something bigger, deeper, and more amazing than we can possibly have imagined, but it defies our “easy life Christianity”! If it had gone the easy way, we most likely would not have started rallying, standing up, and becoming an army, nor would the millions of patriots who are arising and joining the cause! I don’t mean to sound militant or radical, but my friends, we are in a war, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not! We must ARISE and SHINE and join the battle or we will be left behind (and I don’t mean like the book or movie series)! The war is not against flesh and blood, but rather it is against the agenda of the antichrist spirit in full out the attack through the agenda to take down our nation because we stand in the way of their panacea of governing the world! We must be strong and of good courage, and stand with God like the two – Joshua and Caleb, did!

We love the term “draining the swamp”, but perhaps we have had no idea what that would require? The words sound so good, but we did not understand the depth of what God wanted to deal with … beginning with His Church! He is still dealing with us to see who will step forward, hear Him, and allow Him to realign our thoughts, beliefs, and therefore, our choices. This alignment of our words and actions working in harmony with His Spirit! Exposing the deep underworld and their plots would not have happened if they had not pushed too far, so thank God, that they did! It’s not easy on us, but it is necessary in order to turn our nation back to God and His ways! So, be strong and of good courage! God is doing things His way and in His time because only He knows the full plan! Let’s stay tuned in to the Holy Spirit channel and follow the Commander-in-Chief as He leads us into victory!

What is actually required to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? It is not simply by having President Trump in Office! It is that for sure, but it is also us (the Church) … working together with God and His appointed Leadership doing our part! Oh, how we need to get this idea of what God is doing in His people as He is calling us to RISE UP, go to work taking back the gates of influence in our society! Our mentality of what the church looks like must change if we expect our society to change! God is realigning us and fashioning a new paradigm and perspective within those WHO WILL! He desires that we know Who He is and what His Kingdom looks like on this earth – through us!

I’m asking you to join me in checking your INBOX, trash bin, junk mail, and subscription services! If they do not line up with God … UNSUBSCRIBE! And then, you must replace it with new SUBSCRIPTIONS that will ADD value to the hard drive of your understanding, beliefs, and actions! One hint: Start with reading the bible and prayer, mixed with the Spirit of Life (Holy Spirit), add good NOW moment teachings and reporting by those who are out front beckoning others to come along! Here are a few of my favorites (click on the names for the info): Lance Wallnau , Mario Murillo , and Victory Channel Thank God for these brave men and women who are going against the grain of “easy church” and leading God’s people into truths that apply to this NOW moment in time! Then add NewsMax, OAN, Victory Channel, etc. as your new sources for news! With these things – in this order, we can hear what the Spirit has to say to His Church today and align ourselves with Him for His purposes in the most amazing opportunity of a lifetime!

I’ll leave you with an awesome song to strengthen your heart and mind! Be blessed as you join the prayer chorus with … We Need a Move!!!

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  • Love this Laura, great insight! I’m in agreement. I too have felt that God’s deeper plan is far greater than we perceive..so much more than democracy and even our President, although they are important. After all, we only know in part. But staying on the Vine, drinking in the nourishment of His Spirit leads us with eyes open to see what Father God reveals.
    I feel like we the Church are in a special place on this timeline of life and our responsibility and the journey are unfolding little by little. To God be the glory!
    Yess…Lance, Mario and Victory Channel are where I get fed truth. I have stopped watching the news, but when I need an update on current events, I go to NewsMax and OAN too.
    Used to enjoy some Fox, but…

    Love you my friend and enjoy your writings.
    Gloria Groover