The Great Reversal

The Great Reversal

There is, in this season of time, a Great Reversal taking place! A reversal on many levels … nationally, politically, systemically, and spiritually. I believe it’s important to see it as a reversal and not the reset that the enemy has planned, schemed, and promoted as the great reset! Instead, I believe, in God, it is the Great Reversal … a time of reversing, flipping, switching, and re-establishing things according to God’s agenda. Taking us back to our roots – to His ways. Turning our hearts and minds back to God and standing up in a way that actually turns our Nation back to God and His ways. Reversing means to take us back to a previous place! As our Nation has moved away from God, let the reversal be BACK to God and His ways! Back to the originally intended statutes, laws, intentions, etc. Indeed it can also mean to RESET as in resetting a bone back into the original position, making the adjustments necessary for the structure to be in alignment. My point is simply that we DO NOT want the great reset of the enemy with the intentions of taking us into the globalist agenda! So, reset or reversal … in order to go forward, we choose to go back to God and His ways, amen?

The way in which we get on board with this reversal is to allow the Holy Spirit to reverse engineer our inner being, and in turn conform our minds to His ways. Building ourselves up spiritually so our minds will follow! It is the great reversal of how our natural minds think things happen. We do not simply get it from our minds to our spirits, it must begin IN our spirits, which will then provide the paradigm needed to conform our minds! The only way to hold fast and stay strong is to feed our spirit man in a way that builds our beliefs and faith and in return, our spirits will undergird and strengthen our minds! Let’s keep feeding our spirit man with the word that the Holy Spirit is speaking so that we can stand firm, strong, and unwavering in the heat of the battle!

Why is this is important? We stand at a crossroads where we will go one of two ways … into the Great Reset planned by the globalist/leftist/democratic/ antichrist spirit, designed to reset everything to an agenda that does not include God, and therefore makes the way for the antichrist spirit to take down our nation and change our ways of life. Or, we will push into the Great Reversal, designed by God to take us back to His ways! Remember that from the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, things have gone downhill. We have to remember that in order to understand what the Great Reversal is really about … taking us back to the place where we reverence God, where His ways are celebrated and lived by. Where His ways are once again reestablished in our Land and lives. It is, therefore, vital that we comprehend why we are fighting for our Nation and not allowing it to be stolen out from under us! Will we support moving into the Great Reset (the plans of the enemy), or will we take a stand and fight for the Great Reversal that God has in mind for us? Imagine as the Reversal unfolds that prayer will once again be welcomed in our schools, abortion is overturned in our land, marriage is acknowledged as between one man and one woman, our political system is returned to the place of “we the people” and our Constitution being upheld. Turning our nation back to God’s ways instead of being hijacked into the Great Reset planned by the Davos crowd of elites, and empowered by the antichrist spirit, looking to rule the world.

It is imperative that we continue to speak up, stand up, take a stand, not back down, not be intimidated or shamed into buying the agenda that seeks to steal our promises and rights. We cannot be ashamed to take a stand for our Nation and God’s plan for her (and us). As we rise up and stand strong in our spirit and resolve to insure the future of our Nation by praying, speaking out, attending rallies, writing our senators, and whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to do, we will see the salvation of our God and of His Christ! His will is NOT for this Nation to go down – not now! Let me reiterate that just because it is not easy, but instead is requiring a spiritual resolve and strengthening of our spiritual muscles, does not mean that “maybe it’s not God’s will”! Don’t buy that lie! Determine to take a stand and then stand strong! Don’t be tossed to and fro by listening to the lying media and those around you who are taking a different stand. Listen to God! Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and determine for yourself what He is saying! Once you do … you will not waver back and forth, but instead, you will connect with those who are strong in the Lord and the power of His might! With those who have heard the voice of the Lord and are willing to pay the price as the soldiers in the Army of God, and together are waging this battle under great duress and pressure! Trump 2020 is God’s plan – no doubt! Just look how hard the enemy is battling to steal it out from under us! I am not fighting simply for Trump … I am fighting for God’s plan for our Nation and that includes President Trump in office as God’s man for the job of turning our nation back to righteousness, liberty, freedom, and Godliness.

2 Chronicles 20:20 says, “Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.”

It’s time to tune our ears to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit! Once we hear His voice and know what He is saying, it is then, and only then, that we can resolve TO STAND … easy or not … building our spiritual muscle as we determine to BELIEVE God and His prophets! Believing doesn’t mean “hoping”, it means believing! Getting it in our spirits so that we can take a stand and then when we’ve done all else … we can continue to STAND! Let’s give God a chance to do what He has in mind by BELIEVING and ACTING (which reveals our beliefs) what He is saying by His Spirit and through His prophets! It’s time for true discernment of WHO we choose to listen to! Agendas are being shouted, so make sure you are tuning your ear to the Voice of the Living God in His word and by His Spirit! He is doing it His way and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it yet! So, stand strong!

Be brave and of good courage by building yourself up in the Lord and the power of His might! Be blessed, be strong, be courageous, and be expecting the unexpected. May the peace, joy, and love of God fill and permeate your being as you know Him, trust Him, and continually place your faith IN HIM!

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