The Legal Process …

The Legal Process …

I posted these posts in September: Judges & Reformers and a follow up called Reformer-Deliverers. I’d like to take another look at these words in light of what is happening today. So much is playing out before us as our Election is going to, and through, the legal Court system, which by the way … is LEGAL according to our Constitution … no matter what the Left, the media, or anybody else might say differently!

Justice and Righteousness are both processes, so let us be brave, strong, and faithful to go through the process as the Army being called to stand for our Nation in this historical battle!

Isn’t it amazing how much the Lord has been speaking to us about the ORDER of things to come, even if we didn’t understand it at the time? In this particular word from the Holy Spirit, he spoke about things BEGINNING with the Judges! Now we see that everything is being taken before (drum roll, please) … the Judges! We also see Reformers (think of the lawyers) who are presenting the case (evidence, suits, etc). Think about it, as we have been, and are continuing, to focus our prayers for the outcome of God’s righteousness and justice! Wow!

Let’s take a look at the word given by the Holy Spirit in September 2020, through the eyes of what we NOW see unfolding:

“The mix of things that are happening is a recipe for what I want to do.  These things must happen in order to set things up for my plan.  I am revealing an order of things (a recipe) for the desired outcome of things that need to be reset.  Things that I need to be brought into focus at this time.  There is a divine reset that must take place and it must come in an order that brings restoration to the areas that have been mixed up for so long.  People have lost their way and don’t understand my ways and plans and what they look like.  I am revealing things in order – starting with the judges.  Judges will be restored upon the earth who will govern wisely.  They are not only the supreme court judges but my judges throughout the earth, who can bring about a wise restructuring of laws that have long strayed from my will and plan.  These judges will be in all realms of life and influence.  People who will govern and bring about order out of chaos.  Watch what is to come as the next piece of the puzzle is about to be revealed.  Judges and reformers must walk together.  They are both needed and required for the realignment of my ways to be established on the earth.  These are the gateways – the ones who will establish the coming and going of what (whom) enters the land.  True reformation is more than a set of rules or laws.  It is a change that lays new ground rules and stations watchmen at the gates.  If the gates are broken anyone can enter and plunder the city.  I am raising up reformers who will rebuild the gates and determine who may enter and pass through.  They are coming — my judges and my reformers!  First, the removal of the old, so that, the new may arise and take their places as bearers of my truth and my ways.  Standard bearers who set the tone for the people.  I am raising up a new standard.  A standard of hope for the things to come.  The removal of the old must happen first so that the new can be established and set in place.  Get ready, my people, for the new standard-bearers of judges and reformers, are on the way”.  

In the Book of Judges, those who are listed as judges were actually Delivers and Reformers! They weren’t simply those stationed in the Court Room, although today those positioned in the Court Room are vitally needed in order to provide the rulings so that the Deliverers and Reformers might be able to join in the work! We are at a point where we see that as we WORK TOGETHER … the Judges, Delivers, and Reformers, we will see a transformation in our Land!

Yes, we need to pray, but we also absolutely must rise up, take a stand, join the fight, and do our part! There’s a revolution taking place in our Nation … let’s don’t be those who are too busy building “our own houses” to join in the work of the Lord! He is calling us to partner with Him for the rebuilding of America! May the Lord’s full purpose for our Nation, and for us, as individuals, be fulfilled. It is said that the American Populist Party is arising! Christians and Patriots are leading the charge to take back “the land of the free and home of the brave”! Have you joined the movement yet?

Rise Up Judges, Deliverers, and Reformers for there is much work to be done! The work will unfold with each step taken in this battle.

I keep asking myself, what can I be doing now? And, what is God speaking to me about my part in what is to come?

In Nehemiah, the PEOPLE actually did the work! They showed up to rebuild the walls and gates! People of every walk of life stepped forward to rebuild the gates and walls in front of their houses! They took responsibility to DO the work at hand! Pray, we must, and we also must do MORE than pray! Like the Israelites, we also must show up, and be an active part of rebuilding our beautiful America! Where are your gates of influence? Which parts of the wall of society can you actively begin to show up and begin to rebuild? What spheres of influence beat within your heart? Family (doesn’t just mean your family, but the areas of society that impact family), church (not just your church, but the Church at large), education, media, arts & entertainment, business, government? Let’s all inquire how we can step up and begin to shoulder the responsibilities of rebuilding our Land!

Therefore; DO NOT grow weary in the battle! Let us take a STAND and continue to pray and believe God for His outcome! To stand means TO STAND! It does not mean to waiver in the face of fear and fake news! I suspect that there will be plenty more opportunities to TRUST and BELIEVE as God usually doesn’t do things according to our timetable or way! He is calling us to KNOW Him and believe Him (faith) even when things don’t look possible or easy! Join the movement of the unafraid and unashamed! Let’s get over our fear of looking foolish or radical and become the Reformers, Delivers, and or Judges that God is using to fight for liberty, justice, and freedom!

He has spoken His will for America through many voices! Let’s not grow weary in our stand, but instead, let’s build ourselves up in the Holy Spirit! Keep listening to those who are speaking into the midst of the NOW moments, preparing God’s people for the desired outcome. Most importantly, keep listening to the voice of the precious Holy Spirit as He beckons us to join with Heaven in the battle of our lifetime! Let the bible come alive as you read the battles, stories, and lives of people who themselves, like us, were privileged to live in unprecedented times. Let God arise and let our enemies be scattered! Amen and amen!

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