God’s Government!

God’s Government!

And the government shall be upon His shoulders.  I was praying and worshipping the Lord, and listening to a word on the prophetic government of God – all blended together as I moved in and out of one to another. I heard the Spirit of God speak to me and say, “I want to speak to you”. I knew I had to shift gears, settle into a calm, and LISTEN! (Oh, there is a lesson on that, but we won’t go there for now).

I quietly positioned my body, my mind, and my spirit and began to LISTEN to what the Holy Spirit wanted to say to me. In my spirit these words began to flow as fast as I could write them:

“And the government shall be upon His shoulders. He is the King and He is rising up to show His majesty.  Do not think that you can join into His presence cavalierly.  You must recognize the anointing of a King!  You must reverence His holiness and majesty.  Like Esther coming before the King! As she waited to see if the scepter was raised so that she might enter into His presence, I am calling my people to enter into my presence in this type of way.  To enter by way of holy fear and awestruck wonder of the King in which they choose to come before.  I rule and reign and my Kingdom will have its way.  There is nothing that Haman can do to extinguish my people in this hour!  I am arising and ruling upon each of these verdicts – each of these schemes.  You will see my mighty hand of power and deliverance.  Do not fear.  Only fear Me!  I am about to render justice upon those who have sought to overthrow my throne and extinguish my people.  Stand in holy fear of Me and watch what I am about to do.  You will see it with your eyes.  You will watch as I render the judgment from Heaven.  Let all who are in my Court watch, be astounded, and rejoice, for I – your King – am about to RULE!  I say again, do not be afraid!  Do not cower in terror.  It is they who need to be afraid, not you, my people.  I am with you.  I am for you.  I am in you.  I AM that I AM and no one can hold back my hand”.  

I feel the Lord speaking that this is a time for His people to decide what and whom they will believe. For us to understand that we cannot take this moment we are walking through in a cavalier manner. We need to be walking in the awestruck wonder, honor, presence, and fear of the Lord. He is not doing this because we deserve it, decree it, declare it, or even pray for it (although all these things are our part). He is doing this thing in our Nation because He loves HER! He has a plan for the United States of America and NO enemy will be able to overthrow His plan and purpose! She will fulfill her destiny! That, my friends, means that WE also have the opportunity to partner with the Lord!

It’s vital that we recognize this is our hour to CHOOSE! It is those who make the choice to stand no matter what things in the natural may look like! I was praying and pondering yesterday as I was walking … Lord, it wasn’t too long ago that I had to make the decision to be brave, bold, and loud! I had that choice! I remember well having to determine that it did not matter what other people would think of me. Nor, if I was mocked, scorned, our paid a price for taking my stand! I had a choice to make! Would I step out and say the things the Lord was asking me to speak? Would I be willing to go beyond my area of comfort and ease? Would I put myself and my beliefs on the line in a way that there would be no going back from?

I believe this is the time that we are being beckoned by the Lord to step forward and reveal what we say we believe. Will we live what we say we believe – no matter the cost? Friends? Family? Careers? We are being drawn to step across the line and follow Jesus in ways that never really entered our minds previously. We are going to come through this ‘moment-in-time’ and the stance we take today will determine the positioning of ourselves as we enter into the new era. We don’t want to be found halting between two sides, or lukewarm not being able to determine which way is God! What is He saying, doing, calling us to? We want to KNOW our God and be strong! With every step, we become stronger and stronger. We know Him better as we grow from our decision to hold firm and raise the banner of JESUS up high!

Let’s not fear anyone except our Mighty King! That fear is not meant like fearing as we know it, but it is the holy reverence, awestruck wonder, and majesty of the Almighty God … Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! Let us stand in the awestruck wonder of the glorious King of Kings and Lord of Lords as we hold fast to His word and ways and … watch as He RULES on behalf of His plan for us and our NATION!

May God pour out His protection, provision, strength, courage, help, wisdom, direction, and all things needed upon our President Donald J. Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, their families, and all those who surround them in this hour! Let’s continue to stand, pray, take action, and watch as our God RULES and REIGNS in America the beautiful and beyond!

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