Get Ready For Rescue!

Get Ready For Rescue!

If ever there were a time to be prepared – to get ready … NOW, my friends is that time! Something is brewing and it won’t be long before we will face the greatest test of our lives! This is not a Y2K fire-drill. This is a call of the somber awestruck wonder of God!

In my previous post, entitled Rescue Us, Oh God, I spoke of waking up with the prayer, “Rescue us, Oh God” flowing from my lips and inner being. Throughout last night and as I awakened this morning, the next paragraph began … “What does a rescue mission actually look like”?

Oh, wow! Of course! I am such a Pollyanna that when I think of being rescued, it looks like a little girl who has fallen down and her father stoops to pick her up, brush off her knees, and kisses her booboo! Wouldn’t that be nice if that’s the way God dealt with this situation? But, OH NO! It will not be like that! This is war, my friends! I am speaking of spiritual warfare, of course, but our limited view of what that actually looks like is about to be exposed, for it is about to explode and expand!

What happens in a war when people are taken captive and held against their will? What does that rescue mission look like? It’s now the time for the “special forces” to appear out of ‘nowhere’, storm the barracks, take no prisoners, and strike a blow to their enemies that there can be no mistake about! At the same time, the captives are rescued and taken back to their land!

Be aware that once the blow is struck, all hell breaks loose! The Lord is preparing His people – speaking to us to be ready, be alert, do not fear! We do not need to fear, for this will be God of the Angel Armies and He is ON OUR SIDE! So, whether or not it may feel that way in the beginning … just HOLD ON TIGHT! Hold on to God, Trust Him, and watch what happens when the LORD of Glory steps into a situation! Remember, the post from a few days ago, Biblical Stories Take Biblical Courage? We are in one of those storylines and the main scene is about to take place! Let’s take courage as we play our part in the story!

This is a message to say … GET READY! GET PREPARED! DO NOT FEAR when it happens! GOD is about to step in and things may seem chaotic and fearful, for the hoards of hell will not take it laying down! I am not trying to be an alarmist in the bad sense of the word, but I am trying to SOUND AN ALARM! We are about to see GOD move in power and with justice! Remember the Red Sea? After the children of Israel got to the other side? What happened next? I’ll leave that one with you to read, discern, and decide! Hint: the Red Sea closed up while the enemies were attempting to pursue and overtake! It wasn’t a pretty scene!

I believe the Lord is speaking, warning, preparing, and exhorting us to … BE PREPARED! He is about to show His Mighty Power! I don’t mean “someday” either! I mean with all the spiritual force I can muster … GET READY! God is about to do this thing! Don’t be caught off guard thinking that the enemy has won and now we must prepare ourselves to endure a new America! WAKE UP! PLEASE, wake up and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit! Listen to what God is saying! It is now imminent and He is going to show Himself mighty as He rescues our Nation from the grips of hell itself and all its cohorts!

We don’t know which day or which hour, but the show is about to begin! How do we prepare? First of all … make sure you are anchored in Him! Understand His ways, how He works and put all your preconceived notions aside about how this is going to unfold. Get ready for the fireworks! It won’t hurt to have some food on hand in case you should need to stay inside for a short while! Hide yourselves for a short while, pray, and stand with Heaven as God and the Angel Armies put on the “show of all shows” for all the world to see!

You may ask, “Who am I to say these things”? I am simply a sold-out Believer in my God! I am doing my best to respond to what He has given me to say. You can be the judge, decide for yourselves, and then act accordingly. As for me and my house, “We will serve the Lord”! I am blowing a trumpet in Zion! I am sounding an alarm! Get ready and be prepared! Be anchored in Almighty God!

We stand in humble fear and awe of our God as we ask you to DO IT, LORD! Come with judgment upon the enemies who have conspired against you and your Christ! Against those who have conspired against your Ekklesia! Those who have conspired against your anointed leader of this Nation! We choose to stand with you as you render the judgment and bring your justice to this Nation – the one you covenanted with long ago. For the nation, you birthed to be your partner to bring liberty, freedom, and justice to the Nations! We stand in awe of you, with fear and trembling as we say along with your Spirit … “Do this thing, Lord. Act swiftly, act mercifully, at the same time, let the justice of God rain down upon your enemies to deliver us. Rescue us, Oh God … by whatever means necessary. We trust you, we honor you, we love you, and we will STAND with Heaven … no matter what!”

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