Rescue Us, Oh God!

Rescue Us, Oh God!

A few mornings ago, I woke up with this prayer flowing from my mouth … “Rescue us, Oh God”! It was flowing up out of a heart of faith that understood, only God can do this thing -rescue us from the army of evil breathing down our necks!

We are in the middle of the crossing of the Red Sea. The enemies appear to be closing in on us! A wall of water on both sides with Moses standing on the shore holding out his rod, and Pharaoh and his army in hot pursuit! WE NEED GOD!

This is a “BUT GOD MOMENT”! That means even though the facts look like they look and our lives are in danger, much like the Israelites lives were, He will come through for us just like He did for them! Once again, from my post yesterday … “Biblical Stories Take Biblical Courage” (click here to read) – let’s have the courage to stand and believe our God! What will the next generations read when they read “our story”? Will they find faith, courage, and trust in God? These are things we learn, as we read the scripture -the things that teach us and build our faith. So I ask you again …

What will those who come after us read when they read OUR story of this Biblical Moment in History? Indeed, this is a hinge-moment in time with God! The Remnant must be the ones who choose to stand no matter how foolish it looks to the world around us! Those heroes of the faith most definitely had to look crazy to those around them, right? Think about these people … Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, The Judges, Peter, Paul, and so many more, both old and new testament men and women who DARED to BELIEVE GOD! What would the Bible look like if there had not been those who heard, believed, acted, and stood with God? There wouldn’t be much to glean, would there? Let’s make our chapter one to remember!

My friends, we are those in the midst of a Biblical story-line! Let’s be found as ones who join the “heroes of the faith” chapter! God rescued the Israelites, time, and time again! At the Red Sea, Jehoshaphat, throughout the Book of Judges, on Mt. Carmel, Peter, and Silas in the prison cell, and so many others, too many to recount here!

So, are we being presumptuous here? No, absolutely not! We are hearing, believing, and following the God of Angel Armies … our true Commander-in-Chief! It seems we are at the point where ONLY He can do it! Only He can rescue us! Are we willing to trust Him enough to risk our reputation by KNOWING and BELIEVING our God? I say, YES! Yes, we are, Lord! We believe you! We stand with you! So, Lord, do what only You can do as you send forth your army to RESCUE US! We trust you, we depend upon you, we praise you in advance.- for You are worthy of ALL glory, honor, and praise!

We will stand and sing praises to our God! Not after He rescues us, but we will do it NOW as we remember, Jehoshaphat arose from his prayer, commanded the praisers to sing and worship God, and proclaimed, “for He will rescue us”!

Let’s echo together the many prayers going up for our President, Donald J. Trump. “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon you, Mr. President, for He has anointed you! God, you have anointed him for this time and season and we agree with you, Lord! As we wait upon you to rescue us, we will worship you, make ourselves available to you in every way, and tune our ears to you Holy Spirit. We thank you for the Spirit of wisdom, and revelation to be poured out upon our President, that he will hear your voice and act according to your plans! You are great and mighty, oh Lord – mighty to save and heal our land! Rescue us by whatever means necessary. We wait upon You and give you praise, worship, and all adoration, for You alone are worthy! Amen and amen”.

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