Please Listen … Muy Importante Mensaje!

Please Listen … Muy Importante Mensaje!

This is a very important message … brought to you by your friend who only wants the best for you!

First of all … forgive me for my participation in the Y2K fire drill of disseminating frantic videos and the like! I have done most of it via Messenger – not on public post!

This morning, I felt the Holy Spirit correct me! I love the scripture found in Isaiah 30:21: “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” There is another version that says … WHEN you go to the left or to the right … you will hear the voice behind you saying … THIS is the way, walk in it!

We are all on high alert in the spiritual and the natural realms waiting for God to show up and ACT! That is a good thing! However, it makes it easy for us to pick up on the wrong signals in the spirit realm! I love how Lance Wallnau says, “be careful WHAT you hear, and be careful HOW you hear”! SO TRUE! We must ratchet down the fire drill, and instead tune our inner radio to the higher frequency of heaven! Not the second heaven where the war is going on, but to the third Heaven where our God, His Christ, and Holy Spirit dwell. We do not change WHAT we are believing for, but perhaps you will join me in adjusting HOW we are believing for it!

As I re-read my post published a few days ago, entitled Get Ready For Rescue, these words jumped out at me … “This is NOT a Y2K fire drill! This is a call of the somber awestruck wonder of God”! It’s very interesting to me that AFTER I wrote this is when all the information began flooding in! I’m not saying it’s because I wrote it … I’m saying that God was speaking to many of us so we wouldn’t be moved by the fire drill. When God does this thing it will NOT be a fire drill, but rather it will be THE FIRE falling from Heaven as in 1 Kings 18 & 19.

I believe God desires for us to be prepared spiritually so that we will not be shaken! That includes, being open to whatever and however He chooses to act! If we have one thing (or set of things) so securely in our minds and paradigms, we can be caught off-guard to His actual move. I also believe it is prudent to be prepared in the natural with food, water, and some provisions; however that does not mean Y2K “the world is going to collapse” fanaticism. Just be practical in preparation for the needs of your family in case you may need to “hide yourselves away for a little while” (as I wrote in the same article).

Let’s readjust our expectations in HOW God is going to do this. If we could figure it out, then it most likely would NOT be Him, right? Lord, forgive us for getting ahead of you, and help us to dial in our radar to Heaven … to your voice!

We appeal to Heaven! We stand with Heaven! We believe Heaven! And … We trust heaven! I believe that a Mt. Carmel moment is coming and God is going to do it His way! I love you, pray for you, stand with you, bless you, and send my hugs & love your way as we prepare and wait upon Our God … for our God REIGNS and we shall yet see His faithfulness in these matters!

Be blessed, be strengthened, be encouraged, be prayerful, be prepared, and let’s TRUST our GOD! Hallelujah!

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