Turbulence! Rumors of Wars!

Turbulence! Rumors of Wars!

Nothing up UNTIL NOW has matched these words … until this moment of UKRAINE/RUSSIA! This was originally released in January ’21 as All Eyes on Jesus, with the limited understanding I had of our world situation. NOW … perhaps is the right time for these words to be released:.

Jan 12, 2021 – 5:50 am,:I heard the Lord say: “Turbulence.  Laura, there is going to be turbulence. Prepare yourself.  Warn others.  It’s about to happen. I don’t want you to fear in any way.  I’m telling you so that you will not be afraid.  You are not expecting what is about to happen.  You think it will be one way, but it will be another.  Don’t try to guess what it will look like, just be prepared and don’t be moved or shaken. 

It’s going to look like war, but it will not happen.  I will not allow it to go that far.  I will step in and change the narrative.  I will turn the tide of the battle.  I want you to warn the people.  Tell them to get ready for it is about to break forth.  There will be chaos, but I will not allow it to become war.  I will not!  You have prayed, my people.  You have prayed and I have heard your prayers. 

There will be wars and there will be rumors of war.  This is only a rumor.  I will not allow it to take place.  It is not time for things to go this way.  I am about to pour out my Spirit and the enemies of hell will do anything to try and stop this from happening.  But they will not be able to.  I myself, will stop this from happening.  Remember that I used the word TURBULENCE.  Do not forget that.  I did not say war, I said turbulence!  I am the captain of the flight and I will guide you through to smoother skies.  This will be a shaking, but it will be different.  It will be much stronger than anything you’ve ever seen or known.  You cannot fathom what the enemy has planned.  But do not worry, for I know his plans and I will not allow them to take place.  This is my promise … I WILL NOT allow this to prosper!”  (End of the word of the Lord)

No matter what we see, no matter what we hear … we must stand firm. Pray – yes! Whatever the Lord is leading you to pray and/or do! But do not be shaken! Do not let the enemy send your tail into a spin or a free fall as you fear war! The Lord said: TURBULENCE! It is a rumor of war! I believe we shall yet see the salvation of God as the shaking of the Nations continues! Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic Region that they will awaken fully, move into position as they hear the voice of the Lord, and rise up to take the Land that God has given to them.

Re-released on February 25, 2022 by Laura Krewson

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