All Eyes On Jesus!

All Eyes On Jesus!

In some ways, this is a re-write of my word entitled Turbulence! I want to clarify what I believe the Lord is saying to us! This is NOT a word of fear … it is a word of encouragement, strengthening, preparation, and … ALL EYES ON JESUS!

When He first spoke this to me, I didn’t yet know how to frame the word. I am still learning this new thing the Lord has moved me into, so thank you for allowing me to grow as I trust Him and follow His lead to share with you. Let’s take another look at what God said to me with some clarifications in parenthesis from me, along with keywords I want you to CATCH being put into BOLD type:

“TURBULENCE!  Laura, there is going to be turbulence. Prepare yourself.  Warn others.  It’s about to happen. I don’t want you to fear in ANY way.  I’m telling you so that you will NOT be afraid.  You are not expecting what is about to happen (so, I’m telling you in advance to prepare you).  You think it will be one way, but it will be another.  Don’t try to guess what it will look like – just be prepared, and DON’T BE MOVED OR SHAKEN”. 

“It’s going to LOOK like war, but it will NOT happen.  I will not allow it to go that far.  I will step in and change the narrative.  I will turn the tide of the battle.  I want you to warn people” (give them a heads up so they will be prepared and trust God).  “Tell them to get ready for it is about to break forth.  There will be chaos, but I will NOT allow it to become war.  I WILL NOT”! 

” You have prayed, my people.  You have prayed and I have heard your prayers.  There will be wars and there will be rumors of war.  THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR.  I will not allow it to take place.  It is not time for things to go this way.  I am about to pour out my Spirit and the enemies of hell will do anything to try and stop this from happening.  But they will NOT be able to”. 

“I, myself, will stop this from happening.  Remember that I used the word TURBULENCE.  Do not forget that!  I did NOT say war, I said turbulence!  I am the captain of the flight and I will guide you through to smoother skies.”

” This will be a shaking, but it will be different this time.  It will be much stronger than anything you’ve ever seen or known.  You cannot fathom what the enemy has planned.  BUT .. do not worry” (do not let your hearts be troubled) … “for I know his plans and I will NOT allow them to take place.  This is my promise … I WILL NOT allow this to prosper”!  

I believe this is a warning (a heads up) so that we will not be shaken when “it” (whatever it is) happens! I also believe it is a CALL TO PRAY! Pray that this will be averted. Pray for God’s intervention of the enemy’s plan! God’s people are standing up for righteousness, for peace, for justice and we WILL NOT allow the plans for a civil war to escalate! NO! In Jesus’ name, we STOP this plan and ask the angel armies of God to ‘war’ on our behalves. This will NOT happen in America – not on our watch! It is in NO WAY time for things to go in this direction!

The decade of VOICES began in 2020! 2021 on the Hebrew calendar (5781) speaks of the TONGUE … clashing of the swords, the bearing of teeth (spiritually speaking). Is it any wonder the number of LOUD VOICES who are shouting, screaming, taunting, and threatening God’s people?

We will use the SWORD of THE WORD of God. We will bare our teeth … this means we are serious. We will ‘battle’ in the spirit with mighty power by the Holy Spirit to the pulling down of strongholds! We will not be intimated, back up, keep our mouths shut (picture the symbolism of the mask) any longer! No! Our battle is not against flesh and blood! No, absolutely not! It is not by might or power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord! We shall line up with God and the Angel Armies as we pray, trust, stand, believe, and prepare … as God SAVES … HIS America!

Be blessed, be strengthened, be encouraged, be prepared (in your spirit man first and foremost, and in anyways needed in the natural). PLEASE HEAR ME … this is not a doomsday – head for the hills, store up all you can message! NO! Simply a call to be prepared for perhaps “a little while”.

Do not lose heart or trust simply because it does not look like you imagined it to unfold. God knows what He is doing! He is faithful, true, complete, FULL of ALL wisdom and power! He is mighty to save! TRUST HIM, my friends for He will do that which He has said He would do!

This is God’s nation! He will NOT abandon her (or us). A covenant was made with Almighty God when this nation was founded and God is a covenant-keeping God! Remember also, that LIVING a biblical story-line is much different than reading one (smile)! We are the characters of the story that the future generations will yet read about! Let’s make the story one of FAITH, SALVATION, VICTORY, and AWESTRUCK wonder of our God!

Jerusalem (AMERICA) will be told:
    “Don’t be afraid.
Dear Zion (America),
    don’t despair.
Your God is present among you,
    a strong Warrior there to save you.
Happy to have you back, he’ll calm you with his love and delight you with his songs. Zephaniah 3:16-17 (Message)

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