It’s Coming: “Operation Pour Out Your Spirit”!

It’s Coming: “Operation Pour Out Your Spirit”!

Just sharing from my heart today, as I talk with the Lord about dreams! Dreaming a little dream with Him! Something in me feels the tide of the battle beginning to turn and fresh dreams are starting to emerge! I pray in many different ways, but I find that when I sit and write my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and questions with the Lord – something different happens! I suppose it’s because it forces me to focus and articulate what I am thinking. Does it even cause me to think differently? Does that make sense? Perhaps my musing on paper with the Lord will inspire something in you, too?

I continue to stand and believe what God has said.  It is not solely based upon the words from the Prophets – although I do believe these words.  It is based upon what God has said to me and upon His character!  I believe that God has heard our prayers, that many have shown up, repented, prayed, stood, and God has heard!  He is a God who is just and merciful both at the same time.  He will not abandon our Nation to the hijack of the thieves who have conspired against Him and His plan.  Why do I believe this? It’s because I know Him!  I know His character and His ways.  Not thoroughly, but more and more each day, and with each opportunity comes new growth. 

I’m thankful for the track I have been on because without all these steps I don’t know how I would respond in this hour.  I feel myself being pushed further and further out onto a limb with God!  The further I crawl out onto the limb, the closer I am to being able to fly!  When I reach the end of the limb, I will have the courage, strength, and ability to spread my wings and fly!  I will not shrink back and stay in safety while going back and forth on the limb! 

Eagles were meant to fly – to soar high into the skies!  To glide upon the winds, taking into account all they see below!  Surveying the land and determining the strategy by which to make their move!  Soaring in the heavenly realms and at the same time, taking account of all that is happening below.  Strategizing so as to know when to swoop down, when to land, what to do!  The eagle has great wisdom by which to make its move.  It is not done haphazardly or on a whim.  It is done with much intel, insight, and precision!  

God, I am asking you for your intel, insight, and precision as to what you will have me do as we make the transition into the next phase of Operation Pour Out Your Spirit!  

As you pour out your Spirit around the world, you will be calling your sons & daughters to partner with you for much work that will need to take place.  There will be so many jobs to do, plans to make, and actions to pursue.  We need your precision as to the part(s) you will have us to play.  I want to make a difference in this great big world!  A difference for all eternity!  I am asking you to articulate your plan, your strategy to me of what steps you would have me to take. 

I realize that it will require me to step out of my comfort zone!  It will cost me something, but I am willing to give it all to you to be used for your kingdom and your glory!  Let’s plan together, as the time is coming soon for “boots on the ground strategies” to emerge.  You have stretched me, grown me, challenged me, shaped me, and prepared me for a specific purpose.  I want to fulfill your purpose all the days of my life!  When, and only when, your plans for and through me have been fulfilled, then I will meet you face-to-face forever!  For now, I choose to give myself solely and completely to you and the purpose for which You have destined me to walk! 

A new year is dawning.  A new time in the course of my life is emerging!  Speak clearly to me, Lord that your plans will begin to be clarified so that together we will make our impact upon this earth!  An impact meant only for YOUR glory, for YOUR majesty, for YOUR fame!  Paul said make me a drink offering poured out upon the earth!  I too, desire my life to be invested wisely for your plans and results! 

Today, I want to “dream a little dream” with you!  You are the dream giver, the dream maker, and the dreams come true God! Release the dreams and plans you have for me into my spirit, that they will emerge with clarity and focus so that together we will begin this new phase, as I feel it will soon be time for it to unfold … Operation Pour Out Your Spirit!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

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