Let’s Don’t Stand With the Accuser!

Let’s Don’t Stand With the Accuser!

Well, my friends, we are most definitely in a place that we all must learn and grow! At least, I certainly realize how much I am in need of learning as I trust the Lord to navigate new places. This is, oh so important and I stand convicted, corrected, and adjusted! When I wrote my previous article, in my heart, I was absolutely not standing against my brothers and sisters, although perhaps it sounded that way! We all know many people who have a different view than we do about the things we are living through. Since we do not yet perceive the exactness of where things are going, what God is doing, and how He will work this out. lets try to bring as many with us as we can!

I have removed my recent post entitled “Why I Will Not Accept This Crime & Submit to Thieves”, not because I have changed my mind about not standing with those who have stolen offices without being duly elected by the people, or that I will honor or submit to those who stole and placed themselves in the seat! I do not believe in any way that God placed or anointed them to be there! All we need to know in order to not stand with them is to take a look at what horrific things they have already enacted in less than a week!

At the same time, it is important that we be able to walk above the accusations against our brothers and sisters, and yet still side with righteousness. We do not have to agree with, or align ourselves with those who simply do not see what we believe to be the truth IN God! It’s kind of like a family … if your brother, sister, or child does not agree with you, you just don’t cast them aside and disassociate with them. Long ago, my brother (my flesh and blood brother) and I “agreed to disagree” on certain subjects and keep our relationship based upon family and the things we do agree upon. We decided that relationship was more important than “being right” or trying to convince the other one to “come over to our side”! It does, however, limit the depth to which we can walk with others, even as it has limited the depth to which I can fellowship with my natural brother. How can two walk together unless they agree? As much as we wish it weren’t so, differences in levels of truth bring seperation to the depth of fellowship.

You see, no one can really win over another person’s belief system! We can only live our belief system, pray for them, and hope that they will gain insight that will change their beliefs!

Let me see if I can better explain my stance on “not agreeing with those who committed this crime upon our nation, the people, and our God … without the strong language that may have caused a different message to be heard than was intended.

I still take the stance that I am not going to pray that God will bless this administration – not with every policy coming forth from their platform that is clearly anti-God. I cannot in good conscience pray for blessing upon this! For starters, I do not believe that God set them as the leaders in our nation. The facts and evidence of fraud and crime are so clear to anyone who is willing to look at it, that I cannot stand with thieves who have an antichrist agenda, and are blatantly “in our face” implementing an evil rule. I see this clearly as a coup by Satan and his cohorts to steal and control our land, and therefore the world. If those who seek righteousness in our land will not take a stand, then what chance do we have? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen! We must take a stand instead of bowing to a politically correct spirit. It’s very important to understand that it is an evil spirit that wants us to bow down to their version of what is correct and acceptable. We must not do so!

This situation we are walking through is most definitely establishing “tribes” of people. Those who believe the same, walk the same and are able to walk together. However, we need not be people who are “tribe against tribe” for that only sets up the sound of war, strife, and discord. When I look at the life of Jesus and the life of the early Apostles and disciples, they stayed close with those who were on the same path and reached out to those who thought differently. The group of people we walk closely with is always the smaller percentage. Then they dealt with those who SET themselves against God, his people, and his ways! Jesus had some pretty choice words for them! Vipers, whitewashed tombs, and hypocrites! These were those who clearly set themselves against God and His Church. Those in our government who have committed this crime have done so intentionally so as to stamp out God and attempt to steal a timeline. I cannot and will not sit idly by, bowing to a religious or politically (in)correct spirit! I don’t believe we can serve two masters! We must choose!

With this said, I also want to say … let us not OVER-CORRECT our acceptance in the name of love. It does not mean we must embrace and pander to those who choose to stand against God, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We can love people, but not condone a spirit of deception in actions and beliefs. Being charmed or “bewitched in the name of love” is not the answer to love and acceptance. This does not mean that we confront others, for confrontation rarely brings truth.

Let us walk this path believing the words in our bible, instead of the words of those who seek to conform us to their image of what is just, right, honorable, and godly! Once again, I say like Joshua, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”!

Acts 4:19 says, But Peter and John replied to them, Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you and obey you rather than God, you must decide (judge).

I say we believe God, stand firm, don’t side with the evil criminals who have no legal right to be in those offices, and don’t allow ourselves to be manipulated in the name of love! Let us LOVE in word and deed, but realize that love does not mean we acquiesce to the counter-culture, cancel-culture, or “let’s all get along” club! Let’s be mature sons and daughters, walk in love, stand our ground, and not be so socially correct that we don’t even realize we are being shamed into accepting “in the name love” this heinous crime by aligning ourselves with it our its perpetrators.

I don’t presume to know when or how God is going to intervene, but I believe with all my heart that He is going to do it. I don’t believe for a minute that we didn’t do enough, pray enough, repent enough, or that the entire set of people who call themselves Christians had to be in agreement in order for God to hear our prayers! Millions upon millions of people around the world have stormed heaven with our prayers, 80+ million voters placed their ballots for life, righteousness, and justice, and now … we must simply continue to walk the path and wait upon God! I remain one of those who believe that as we continue in faith, we will yet see God work in miraculous ways! the Bible is full of stories where people had to believe long after it seemed humanly possible, but they believed and were counted as righteous for believing! We are learning though that God doesn’t do it our way or in our time. Our thoughts and perceptions are where we get into trouble and shipwreck our faith. When God doesn’t do it according to our desire or understanding, will we still believe Him?

I guess in closing, I would urge you to truly think about what you choose to acknowledge, confess, or align yourself with. I will speak the truth even if it seems foolish in the natural. If we waiver, let’s read one more impossible story in the Bible where God did what he said he would do! Encourage ourselves, stand strong, stand in CHARACTER, as God matures us, leads us, and teaches us new things in this faith stretching and building journey.

Get ready for OPERATION POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT for it is most certainly on it’s way! Join me as we walk in love, trust our God, and wait upon Him to act! And – let’s also keep dreaming our dreams with God for we must prepare for our part in the transition into something bigger that He has in mind! Bless you, each and every one!

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