A Double Portion of Expectancy in 2021

A Double Portion of Expectancy in 2021

Jan 29, 2021 – Today I endeavored just to sit with the Lord.  It seems it’s been hard for me to do that with so much going on!  As I looked back over these past few months, my eyes (my heart) settled upon a word He spoke to me on Dec 20, 2020. Interesting that only at this moment as I write this date do I SEE that it was spoken on 20, 2020!  A number that infers double.  The biblical number of 20 speaks to expectancy … so I can have DOUBLE EXPECTANCY that this WILL come to pass!  It’s God’s promise to me!  I’m sharing it with you because I believe it applies to anyone who will receive it!  It’s for me, and it’s also for YOU!  God wants to release His hope and future to us as we gaze upon His faithfulness and promises!

At noontime … Another interesting thing that catches my attention as I look again at what He said!  Here are two meanings revealed about “noontime” in the bible … 1) The brilliance of the noonday sun is likened to the glory of Jesus Christ and to the vindication of God’s people, and 2) The word means light, splendor, brightness, and hence, the brightest part of the day.

Dec 20, 2020, at noontime … as I was walking and praying I heard the Holy Spirit say these words:

“Go back and read the word I gave you while walking on Easter Sunday.  Just as I used that word to launch you into something you did not expect, so I am now beginning another phase.  You desire to move forward with me in my plan for your life.  Good, because I desire to move you into it this new year.  2021 will be a new year for you.  Those things you have desired, prayed about, humbled yourself under, and patiently waited for will begin this new year.  Get ready, Laura for it will be just as unfamiliar to you as to when you heard me that Sunday and began to write. 

You cannot figure it out, so just keep walking, keep praying, keep expecting, and watch what I will do.  I have placed these desires in your heart.  They are not selfish desires, they are desires birthed out of trial and loss.  They are desires that I have had for you all along, but you were not yet ready for.  Little by little it will begin to unfold.  This new year you will walk into something new – something bigger than you can imagine. 

Keep trusting me and continue to seek my face.  Continue to seek my will and my way and my connections – you will see them unfold.  Write the word and watch what will happen.  Write the word and give it to me to do with it what I desire.  Just as you have given me your life, I am calling you to write the word and give it to me. 

Trust in me for I will perform that which I have said I would do with you.  You are my daughter and I am pleased with your heart towards me.  You have given up all to follow me and I will not forget that.  You cannot earn my love, but you can earn my trust, one step at a time.  I have tested you over and over again to see if you would stand.  I knew you would, but I had to prove to you that you would.  I needed to forge something in you that will make you unbendable to the world and its seduction, for with great responsibility comes greater accountability. 

Get ready for the time of your life!  This will be the best season – for the latter will be much greater than the former.  I love you with an everlasting love and together we will share our love with the world”.  

Jan 29, around 11:15 am.  As I am pondering and writing this, I asked the Lord … what are you saying?  What do you want me to understand from this? I heard these words whispered to my heart:

“It’s noontime … the brightest part of the day!  It’s the time when light shines upon the earth in its strongest form.  This is the time in history when the light will begin to shine in its greatest form.  The sun directly above shining for all to see.  This is the time that my people will rise up as in Isaiah 60. 

It’s time to rise and shine, for your light has come!  You have been through a time of trial, darkness, testing, shaking, and strengthening.  Now it’s time to ARISE and SHINE like the noonday sun!    People will need hope, strength, direction, and stability.  I am the way, the truth, and the life and I wish to shine down upon the earth in ways that will deliver the people from darkness. 

You, my people, are the vessels I will use to make my face seen.  It is through your hope, your destiny, and steadfastness that I will lead others into my greatest hour of deliverance and freedom.  It’s time to look up and allow the Son to shine upon you and through you!  Indeed a double portion of expectancy will be poured out upon the people, and as they seek me, they will find me! 

So, arise and shine … for the light is about to shine brighter than you’ve ever seen before.  Prepare yourselves to be vessels I can pour through because noonday is about to arrive and it will be the greatest hour of Light the world has ever seen”!    

Wow!  It’s around 11:15 and noontime is fast approaching!  Let’s get ready, Church, as we ARISE and SHINE for the HOPE of the world, is about to reveal Himself as never before!  

Lord, make us vessels fit for your glory to be poured out upon the earth!  It is for us, but it is also through us that your hope will flood the earth with the glory of the Lord! 

If you would like to revisit the word the Lord was referring to, spoken to me on Easter morning 2020, you can do so by clicking here. It was this word that caused the lightbulb moment for me to begin to write. Why this word? I don’t know except to say that when the Lord speaks He enlightens His ways and heart within us that in the natural seem to not have any connection. The revealed word of the Lord is a supernatural thing that doesn’t always make sense to our natural minds. I pray that somehow this is a blessing to you as the Holy Spirit uses it to speak to you for the plans He has for you in 2021!

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness— on them light has shined. You have multiplied the nation, you have increased its joy; they rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest, as people exult when dividing plunder. Isaiah 9: 2-7

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