What Does True Love and Unity Look Like?

What Does True Love and Unity Look Like?

This has been stirring in me for several weeks. I have attempted to write about it a couple of times, and haven’t felt released to do so until now. I keep writing and deleting, writing and deleting! I even deleted the original post that I sent out, simply because I could not get settled on the way I expressed my thoughts! I want you to know that I did not receive feedback that caused me to remove it! I will not be posting or deleting based upon the feedback of people, but rather on the adjustment and correction of the Holy Spirit. Fear of man can absolutely not be the measure of what we deem to be truth spoken in love.

The reason I feel this message is so vitally important right now is the struggle I personally have felt and the way I see others dealing with this issue. I think I have now settled on a way to express this truth, so I hope it blesses and helps you!

On January 20th, a speech was given about how we must all love, come together in unity, and work for the common good of our country. These words are of course, very true, but … ARE THEY the truth in the way they are being used? Remember that our enemy (Satan), is a master at using the word and twisting it for his plan and purpose! If he can shame or manipulate us into accepting the religious or political spirit of being silenced and getting along, then he wins! Do not lose sight of that statement, for it is the basis for how we choose to move forward during this season that may feel a bit like ‘walking a tightrope’.

Jesus called out the religious time and time again! He knew what was in their hearts as they quoted the scriptures while really just trying to trip him up. How did He deal with this? Very simply because He KNEW the scripture! He knew not only the written letter of the law (word), but He also knew the SPIRIT of the word! It takes both working together to gain the true insight or meaning! The Word and the Spirit working in tandem is how you shall KNOW the truth and the truth setting you free!

One (only one) of the ways you can discern the spirit behind a statement … even one that ‘sounds true’, is to watch the actions that go along with it. If we are all to love each other and get along, do we see the action of loving and getting along coming from those speaking it? Or, does it really mean “we want you to feel shame if you do not condone (love) the decisions we are making? “We demand that you in the name of love must get along with us no matter what we do.” “Even if we go against the word of God, you must show love towards everyone so as not to plant seeds of discord”. Of course, there are many more examples, but I think you get the idea. It is the TRUTH that will heal and bind our nation together, but in order for healing to come, first, we must come to the TRUTH! How can you heal if the entire “cancer” is not first dealt with? I believe God wants to first EXPOSE so that we can then HEAL.

We are praying that God will EXPOSE the lies and acts of the enemy, right? So, I ask you, how do those lies get exposed if people do not share them? We desire that every hidden thing be uprooted and exposed so we need to understand that it only happens when the truth behind something is revealed. Is that acting in love for our nation, and our brothers and sisters? Is that working with the Spirit of the Lord to expose and reveal the deeds of the enemy so people will have the opportunity to actually see things as they are and line up with God’s ways? This entire breakdown in our country is partly due to the fact that we as Christians just wanted to love and didn’t want to take action. Love, yes we must, but the question remains … what does love actually look like?

How do we love those who are knowingly or unknowingly setting themselves against the Lord, his plan, his word, and his Spirit? We love them enough to stand for truth, justice, exposure, freedom, and liberty! We love enough to stand against the enemy’s twisted version of “love one another”, and “let’s all get along” by understanding it is our heart that speaks the truth, whether it be love or hate.

Let’s determine to love others enough to stand up and BE the Ekklesia of God. To stand for righteousness and the promises for our nation that were covenanted between God and our forefathers! We need to love them enough to be willing to “fight the good fight of faith” for righteous ways being returned to our Land.

If we simply role over and allow ourselves to be shamed by the twisted version of love and unity, how will our nation ever be restored? If those who discover truth don’t expose it, how will all the intel and info be revealed that will be used to overturn the unrighteous and evil deeds? Do we want the truth to be revealed? Do we want the lies, deceit, fraud, and evil to be exposed? If so, then it must also be applied to our individual opportunities.

I think where we go wrong in our thinking is that we pick up the religious or political spirit of thinking we are not loving if we stand for the truth because it might make someone else upset. The difference, as I see it, is this … we do not have to argue, throw stones, and spew hatred upon those who believe differently than we do, but we can absolutely stand for what is right. We can stand for truth, exposure, intel, information, and truth without it being done with malice or hatred. It’s important for us to remember that rarely do “we argue someone into believing anything”. Arguing, even the facts, won’t enlighten others, but exposure and truth spoken in love can and will be used by the Holy Spirit to turn the hearts of those who are willing.

Social media makes it very easy for people to argue, bicker, and rant, but it doesn’t actually change the view of the person we may choose to disagree with! So … let’s forget arguing back and forth, and instead let’s just keep taking our stand, out of the love in our hearts for our nation, our God, and our brothers & sisters … that we might once again take back our rightful promises. In hindsight, many will thank us for being the ones willing to do the work and pay the price for our freedoms – kind of like those veterans of past fights that we honor and salute, thanking them for paying the price to keep our nation free. Certainly, there will always be those who cannot or will not see the light and we will have to leave that between them and their Creator! Our part is to actually love enough and perhaps be willing to forego some (un) political correctness in the process.

I will leave you with this thought … The bible says that Jesus, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, the shame, the reviling, the hate … all because He knew that this love would result in the greatest sacrifice of His love being revealed for all humanity. It was His love that enabled him to allow men to hurl insults at him as he hung on the cross. Let’s show the kind of love that is willing to pay the price for our nation, freedoms, righteous restoration, and even for those who may never agree with us. Always remember … Sunday IS coming!

I pray you will be blessed and released to share the truth in love!

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

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  • You have hit on a BIG subject. Another blatant example is the shaming that has been placed on those who don’t want the vaccine or don’t believe wearing masks is helpful or even a good choice … that they would selfishly dare to potentially harm others by their choice! Really appreciate your encouragement to stand for the TRUTH, not the twisted application of that which is truly intended for good.