Acts Chapter Five … is Coming!

Acts Chapter Five … is Coming!

Hey, ya’ll … that’s Texas talk! I don’t really speak this way, but thought it might grab your attention! This is TOTALLY CRAZY … I have NO recollection of writing this post! Seriously! Today, I was praying, pondering, and reading in the Book of Acts. Afterward, I decided to “clean up” some posts I had written, but never released. ALL OF A SUDDEN, my eyes focused … I saw this one and I am in total amazement as I DO NOT remember writing it! As I read it, I saw the word of the Lord flowing in a powerful way! So, here goes … a written word found in the archives …

In Acts, chapter 5, there were not only signs, wonders, and miracles, but the mighty power of God to transform lives!  People turning to God, changing their lives, joining the cause for Christ in unprecedented ways and numbers.  People came from all over to encounter God.  These encounters were no longer experiences that simply made people feel good, but they were encounters that shook them to the core, and empowered them to change.  The empowerment to KNOW God that comes from the awestruck wonder and fear of The Almighty!  

Here’s a new understanding of the scripture, “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord” … 

By the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord … all these things will happen.  Signs, wonders, miracles, salvations, transformed lives … all over the world.  People whose hearts are hungry will begin to flock to Jesus!  They will seek out those who are flowing under the POWER of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord!  No longer will words, prayers, formulas, and every day church activities be enough!  No!  People will turn their hearts to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit of God! 

There will be no decision as to whether or not they believe in the Holy Spirit and His baptism!  There will be no decision as to whether or not signs, wonders, and miracles are for today!  There will be no decision whether or not we will SERVE the Lord!  Not simply to call upon His name, but SERVE Him by offering our lives as a sacrifice to be overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit who will bring all men unto Himself … unto Jesus!  FIRE!

Revival will break out in a way that reveals the depths of the change in the people’s hearts.  It will no longer be only for a sign or a miracle or for an experience, or good word!  No!  It will be FOR THE LORD!  The Spirit of the Lord God being upon people as they arise and shine.  As they lead others to the saving, powerful, life-changing Jesus by the POWER of the Holy Spirit! 

It is by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord that this will begin to take place.  This will not be done by man’s hand, formulas, or programs.  The hunger of the people will transcend todays church model.  No longer will a social Jesus be acceptable to the hungry.  Those who have encountered Jesus will rise up and the Spirit of the Lord will flow throughout the earth!  Let the awestruck wonder and presence of the Fear of the Lord come upon us in POWER! 

Do what needs to be done, Lord as you display your glorious, righteous, powerful wonders that will draw all men unto You!  

As I write this, the song “To God be the Glory” begins to flow out of my inner being as I rejoice in what He is doing.  To God be the GLORY for the things He has done, is doing, and is ABOUT TO DO! Get ready, for God is on the move!

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  • Thanks be to God … and bring it on, Father God. Bring on the Spirit of the Fear of our Lord God … as the Israelites sang in the Psalms of Ascents, ‘do it for us again as You have done in the past.’ What you have written is indeed the answer to my prayers for loved ones. This, as you say, won’t be experiences that make believers and non-believers feel good, but will shake, change, empower us.

    I join you in singing To God be the Glory for the things He has done, is doing, and is about to do!