God’s Valentine Day Card for You!

God’s Valentine Day Card for You!

All throughout the night last night, I would awaken with the song, Our God Reigns being sung on the inside of me.  I was praying in the spirit in my sleep.  I could feel this divine exchange taking place. Each time I awakened there was this anthem along with prayers being spoken from my spirit to the Spirit!  My mind was not involved at all as I was sleeping!  I believe I awakened these several times in order to realize that this divine exchange was taking place.  It enabled me to go right back to sleep and continue the communion with Him.  What a beautiful thing!  More, Holy Spirit, more please!  I love this and I am asking for more of these “beyond my natural expressions” with you.  How beautiful you are to me.  

Feb 14 @ 6:13 am (Valentine’s Day), After a night of exchange in the spirit with God, I awakened with these words flowing out of my inner being:

“Love divine begins to flow from the throne of grace.  It flows and flows until it floods throughout the earth.  The love of God will begin to flow in ways and means of which you have never experienced.  When love flows, people are healed, people are set free, people are filled, people are overcome with the love that floods their souls.  As the people are filled with my love divine, then rivers of living water will flow from deep within their beings and everywhere the river flows will come to life. 

I am already beginning to pour out My Spirit in new ways and new measures upon the earth.  You will see after the freeze thaws that Spring will come quickly and flowers will be abundant and the earth will team with new life.  The waters that soak deep within the earth’s crusty layers will yield an abundance of fruit, so beautiful, so divine.  You are mine, says the Lord.  You are mine!  I love you with an everlasting love and I have not forgotten you.  I have heard your cries and I am answering.  The answers are coming even now says the Promise Keeper, so rejoice because spring is on the way.  You will begin to see answers to your prayers, and the desires of your heart will bud, blossom, and bear fruit like never before.  You have seen many things that were “never before seen” and they shall continue in that manner … the manner of ‘this is unlike never before’ … will continue. 

Remember that I waste nothing!  I will use all you have walked through and beauty will spring forth from the ashes.  These are not just words, they are promises.  A new thing is about to spring forth in the earth and my new normal will be seen.  Get ready for the new normal, according to me, says the Spirit of Life! 

My new normal is about to be displayed throughout the earth.  My new normal means the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk.  Many will call upon my name and I will display my love with signs, wonders, and miracles that the earth has not yet seen.  Get ready for my new normal is about to flow from the throne.  Love divine, for you are mine!  My sons and daughters will be known by this kind of love and they shall know that you are mine! 

Divine lovers of God are about to be released throughout the earth and the river will flow, and flow and everywhere it flows there will be life”.  

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