Awaken to The Roar of the Lion of Judah!

Awaken to The Roar of the Lion of Judah!

Today, I was inspired by one of those FB statement posts … “It’s No Longer Our Job to Wake up the Sheep! It’s Time to Wake Up the Other Lions”! AMEN! We will always be sheep to our Shepherd, Jesus, but we are also called to be LIONS, who aren’t afraid to roar … roar loudly, but gently!

Here are some glimpses shared from my journey these past few years that speak to this very call upon our lives by The Lion of the Tribe of Judah … Jesus, himself! These were written by me during my season of being brought back from … death to life. He was awakening me and establishing within me ‘the fight’, ‘the strength’, ‘the boldness’, and ‘the healing’ to ARISE again! He was and is … the One, worthy to open the scrolls, sealed upon our lives (Rev 5:2-4). I am not going to give my interpretation or insight, but rather leave them between you and the Lord, for Him to speak personally to you through them, for it is in our personal encounters with THE LION that we are awakened. My prayer is that they will be used to further awaken the Lion inside of you, as you respond to the roar of THE LION of the Tribe of Judah! Most of the following was Him speaking to me, with a little of my heart cries to Him in response to the marvelous work He was doing deep within my being. Be blessed and empowered as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars His awakening within your spirit, soul, and body …

May 28, 2019, the Lord said to me … “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring.  He is calling dead people back to life.  They are rising up throughout the earth and they are following this Lion.  He is beautiful and his roar is waking the dead.  We are following him and his Tribe is responding to his voice.  We are rising up and streaming throughout the lands.  As He roars the earth shakes and the dead rise up.  We aren’t afraid of anything because we have already died and arisen from our sleep.  We only want to follow him.  As He roars his power flows … and signs, wonders, and miracles flow forth from his mouth.  He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, who is also as gentle as a lamb.  His roar is being released throughout the nations”!

June 3, 2019: I wrote, as my heart cried out to the Lord … “I want to know your tribe – the ones who are awake and being awakened to your roar. You are so gloriously beautiful.  You are the lover of my soul.  You are the one I desire and want to spend my time with.  Knit me together with the TRIBE of the Lion of Judah throughout the world.  Let’s roar together over those whose souls will be awakened to your mysterious love & ways.

June 9, 2019: I heard these words spoken to me almost as if a scene from a play … ” The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring over the earth.  He is calling his people to Himself.  He is the most beautiful lion – so filled with strength and beauty.  He walks with confidence and royalty.  His roar is a sound to behold.  There is nothing to fear if you know Him.  If you don’t … then His roar strikes terror in your heart.  His roar has the sound of authority that definitely says … He is King!  Protection and wisdom are wrapped within his roar.  He stands strong with an authority that is majestic to behold. If you know Him you have nothing to fear for his mighty protection is around you as a shield.  He stands high above the earth roaring and calling his people to come home – to come up on the mountain.  He turns and begins to slowly walk away.  He will come again another day so those who were afraid today will have another opportunity to respond to the love that flows from his mouth.  The roar is his love, but only those who know him, hear it that way!  Don’t be afraid for his love is fierce and strong and He will never give up on you”.  My response: “You’re so beautiful, Jesus.  Let your people hear your roar and respond to your love”.

The above play continued: Scene 2 … “Let love arise.  Rise up and flow as if you, too, are roaring over My people.  Let the sound of your voice sing over them and awaken them as if it were the roar from My mouth.  The sound of your voice will awaken the sleeping ones.  It’s time for them to rise up and follow me – to learn of Me and My ways.  The times are changing and I am calling forth my bride.  It’s time for My bride to come forward and march upon the earth.  Open your mouth and I will fill it with my words.  I will fill it with the winds of my roar and the dead will awaken and rise up to follow me.  Be prepared to speak – to open your mouth.  Trust in me.  I am faithful and will not let you down.  I am calling you forth as my mouthpiece – for my purpose.  Don’t be afraid.  Just listen and trust – I will do the rest.   Just as the Lion King is about to be released – so am I – the Lion of the Tribe of Judah about to stand and roar and bring order, peace, and strength to my people – to those who will hear my roar and follow my voice.   You are one of those I will empower to roar.  A bold beautiful lion filled with my strength, peace, grace, and power!  Roar loud but always be gentle.  Those who are ready will hear me”.  

Same play … commentary: “It’s no mistake that I used you to roar those many years ago.  I was putting something within you that will now begin to come forth and awaken my love within others.  It was a prophetic sign of empowerment that is now beginning to come to pass.  Just keep trusting me, listening to me, and responding to my voice.  I will do the rest.  A little lioness with a great big roar … that’s who you are!  Like in the lion king – the little lion will be placed to speak to the tribe … and they will listen because they know who her father is.  She has learned and she speaks for him!  They will respond with the respect for the one who stands behind you and roars through you”.  

There is more, but this is enough for one meal. My prayer is that somehow these powerful, poetic, prophetic words will AWAKEN something new within you, as they have in me. The roar of THIS Lion goes deep within the fabric of your being and changes you from the inside out! I pray you will hear the ROAR and not simply just the sound of the roar, for it is the ROAR itself, that causes even your very cells to tremble with the vibration and frequency of His awakening!

I will close with the same words in which I began … LIONS AWAKEN! “It’s No Longer Our Job to Wake up the Sheep! It’s Time to Wake Up the Other Lions”!

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