A Fresh Wind of the Spirit is Blowing to Refresh the Weary

A Fresh Wind of the Spirit is Blowing to Refresh the Weary

Anybody else out there been feeling weary in the battle? I’m not saying we have stopped standing, waging the good fight, or given up … just weary! I realize that not everyone is actively carrying the burden for our nation in this hour of her greatest need, but the battle of the future of America hangs heavily in the air whether or not we are aware of what it is!

Many have moved on and wish the rest of us would too, as surely … enough is enough, right? Who wants to hear it any longer, as nothing has gone as we supposed it would? I dare to say that one day many who didn’t understand today will be glad that there were “veterans who volunteered to fight this war and continued to pay the price in battle” for the future of our Nation!

There is intense warfare in our land, and unless we are completely spiritually unaware, we cannot help but FEEL the effects of the war between light and dark over the destiny of the United States that is being waged by the Globalists in order to steal our future. Regardless of where you may stand on this issue, everyone is affected in times of warfare, so if you are in need of a fresh breath from Heaven … I will share this “much needed” (for me) word from the Lord I received on March 10, 2021:

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit: “There is a second wind coming.  A wind of the Spirit that will breathe a fresh breath upon those who are willing to continue the fight.  Those who have grown weary, but still, are willing to stand in the gap.  Get ready … for a fresh wind is blowing up out of the south.  A wind that will refresh, strengthen, and invigorate you”.

“Do you feel it?  Do you feel the wind of My Spirit blowing fresh upon your weary soul?  Open up and allow me to breathe upon you so that you will catch the second wind and be able to stand in the battle for your nation”. 

“I need my people to lean into me and allow me to refresh them, for they are weary in the battle.  You still believe, but you have grown weary in well-doing.  I say that I will not allow weariness to hold you down or keep you from standing with me in this … THE BATTLE of your life as a nation”. 

“Feel the fresh breeze, and the gentle winds blowing upon your soul.  Rise up, my army, and don’t allow your flesh to overcome your spirit.  Can you not stand with me for just one more hour?  Can you not pray with me for one more hour?  Yes!  You can, says the Spirit of God!  Do you remember my disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane as I asked them to pray for one more hour with me?  The spirit within you is willing, but your flesh (mind, will, emotions, and bodies) are weak.  But I say to you … Yes!  You can!” 

“Lean into me and I will breathe a fresh breath into your battle-weary soul.  A fresh wind from Heaven will cause you to mount up with wings as eagles – to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint.  There is yet a little way to go in this battle … only a little while left to go.  Stand with me and I will strengthen you!  Call upon me and let me refresh your weary soul.  There has been a lull in the fight, but it is about to pick up and you will begin to see that the end is in sight.  Oh, yes you will”. 

“Let me breathe my refreshing upon you, within you, and through you.  The battle has shifted and many do not know how to stand and fight in this new shift.  It’s a shift that requires you to move beyond your natural understanding in ways that only time with me can accomplish.  This battle is bigger than your natural calendar and your natural ways.  It can only be fought as you lean into me, hear me, and receive from me.  I want to pour out my strategies and plans to those who receive My refreshing. You must be refreshed in order to move forward.  You cannot do it yourselves, for it is NOT by might, or by your power, but ONLY by MY SPIRIT says the Lord!” 

“I am willing.  I am ready.  I am calling you to be still and allow the winds to blow upon your weary hearts, minds, and bodies!  Be still and know that I am God and I am answering the cries of your heart in ways beyond which you can comprehend at the moment.   Be still.  Receive the wind of My Spirit and get ready for the victory that shall soon be upon you.  You must be strengthened to go through this next season for it will be intense, but do not fret or worry … only believe, draw near to Me, and allow my gentle breeze to energize you once again.  Oh, you say … this cannot be so!  It cannot be that if we simply continue on that we will see the hand of the Lord!” 

“Drink again, be refreshed more fully, for only in this time of refreshing will your faith arise once again.  Drink deeply of the wells of refreshing, be revived once again, and then stand back up and do what I have asked you to do.  Only do your part, and I will most certainly do mine!  It is so and nothing can change that!  Only respond and watch what I will do.  Your job is to respond.  Mine is to do as I have said!  If you will, then … I WILL … you can count on that!”  

We, your people say, … Refresh, refresh, refresh our weary souls, Lord, for indeed we desire to stand with you, but we have been weary.  Send your refreshing, Lord!  Pour out your Spirit upon us with the fresh, gentle breezes of Heaven.  Revive us again, Oh Lord!  Revive us again!  Hallelujah shout the people for our God is faithful, and able to complete that which He has begun.  Breathe upon us and revive us again.  We thank you, Lord, for even now we begin to feel our weary souls respond as you provide strength and renewed spirits within us!  Gory to God for you alone are the One who loves and cares for us!  Blow south winds …. Blow!  I turn my face toward the south and allow the breezes of Heaven to bring a new wind within!  

I felt impressed to read Isaiah 11 – the entire chapter.  I chose the Passion Translation!  Oh wow, the gentle breezes of the Holy Spirit washing, healing, restoring, refreshing, strengthening, promising, and empowering!  I encourage you to read it in it’s entirety, with fresh hearts today.  Don’t interject anything you’ve ever thought about this passage … just let the gentle breezes of the Holy Spirit wash over you until you feel refreshed and renewed!  What a faithful and mighty God we serve!  Whatever your battle, whatever your need … let the WINDS OF THE SPIRIT BLOW UPON YOUR LAND! Here is an excerpt, but I recommend reading the whole chapter and letting it wash over you as the Holy Spirit brings refreshing and strength, once again, as you meditate on WHO … just who, He is!

The cut-off stump of Jesse will sprout, and a fruitful Branch will grow from his roots:
the Spirit of Yahweh will rest upon him,
    the Spirit of Extraordinary Wisdom,
    the Spirit of Perfect Understanding
    the Spirit of Wise Strategy,
    the Spirit of Mighty Power,
    the Spirit of Revelation,
    and the Spirit of the Fear of Yahweh.
 He will find his delight in living by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.
     Isaiah 11:1-2

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