Why I Cannot and Will Not Leave it Alone!

Why I Cannot and Will Not Leave it Alone!

It seems it’s been a very long season of time since March 2020 entered our lives, but yet, it’s only been one year since we have been given an opportunity to take a long hard look at what is happening! I say that we “have had the opportunity to take a look”, but I certainly know many people who still have no idea what is really going on. Oh, they may not like the things they see and hear, but they don’t want to be bothered with it or are too buried in life to pay attention. “Please, not THAT again”! You can just hear it coming from them. How do I know this? Why can I hear it? Because it wasn’t that long ago that I was one of them! I did not want to hear it, or be bothered with it because after all …. what could I do about it? I just wanted to live my life and stay out of it!

I’ve shared many times about how my husband, Ron, was used to prepare me for this very hour in history. “Mr. Conspiracy Theory” – a fountain of flowing burning fire of “here’s what is really happening”. It was surely like fire shut up in his bones that he could not help but raise his voice. I agreed with him, learned from him, but yet, I simply could not see or understand how any of it could actually come to pass or where God was in it! Well, if we have been living in the years 2020 and 2021 and don’t see it yet … then we haven’t actually been awakened to the biblical hinge-moment-in-history that we have the privilege to be the characters walking out the story-line!

After Ron died, I surely did not want to hear any of it because, it too, reminded me of him. It was yet another thing I had to sort through and decide what I believed … all on my own! But, thank God I didn’t have to do it on my own apart from the Holy Spirit, otherwise, I probably would have reached a different conclusion. I would have been one like the Pollyanna I had been, with fingers in my ears, singing “lalalalala, I want to stay in my own little bubble, live my life, go to the beach … because after all, what can I actually do about it?” How dull of mind and spirit I was! Thank God for His awakening, all be it a very rude awakening, as March 2020 roared in!

It brought me to the point of allowing the Holy Spirit to help me separate the ‘conspiracy’ from the ‘theory’! I am not (nor was Ron) talking about the off-the-wall things like JFK Jr is alive and coming back, Elvis is still alive, some guy from England who supposedly is in the inner circle of the military and of President Trump, being the spokesperson to tell us what is going to happen! NO … emphatically NO! I am speaking directly to things of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. What is He doing, saying, revealing, exposing, and calling us to act upon? Why is it so preposterous that God would be allowing us to LIVE OUT a true Biblical story-line? I realize that it stretches us far beyond places we have previously walked, but … how about those characters in the Bible who we love to read about, sing about, and hold up as our examples?

Hebrews chapter 11 calls them the “HEROES of the faith”! We are RIGHT NOW being given the opportunity to be those characters! Who will the HEROES of this storyline turn out to be? WE have the chance to BE one of them! Oh yes, we do! First, we must decide, are we on the Lord’s side, the enemy’s side, or simply the clueless and careless who haven’t a clue or interest in what is actually taking place? I’m talking about both from the natural standpoint AND the spirit realm and view! We cannot be the ones discerning the TRUE season if we don’t understand it from BOTH realms! It’s possible that we can see the political side and still not get it from God’s viewpoint. As well, we can see the spiritual side and still not get it from the natural realm standpoint playing out around us by way of the GOVERNANCE of this world and all things pertaining to it! BUT GOD! God is AWAKENING us to THE KINGDOM, which is BOTH realms acting together!

For many reasons, I will continue to be a “town crier” … crying out, WAKE UP PEOPLE! Wake up, hear the Lord, see and UNDERSTAND what is ACTUALLY happening! Let’s awaken and begin to DISCERN THE TIME AND SEASON in which we are living. Don’t watch the media circus show that tells (brainwashes) you into what they WANT you to think and believe! Change lanes! Change channels! Begin to listen to those who are actually pointing the way to what GOD HIMSELF is doing! Don’t be lulled to sleep by quoting the famous Christianese of “God is in control” so there is nothing we can do! There will come a time that we will either be found cold or hot, and those who remain lukewarm will be found as NOTHING in the storyline but … bystanders, joy-riders, wishful-thinkers, religious-spirits! DO NOT let it be YOU!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for having fun! Heck, I’d be at the beach right now if I had someone to go with me! We can have tons of fun, while also being serious-minded in our spirits and intents, about why we are still on this earth! I believe we are all here for some purpose – not simply to have fun and take up space!

We are in this mess partially because good people sat back and allowed it to happen. As believers, we sat in our churches, singing, worshipping, loving, talking about revival, and all things “God”! But really … are these things what God calls us as His people to be doing with our time? Is this really knowing Him, worshipping Him, and following Him? We were taught not to get involved with politics and issues that we couldn’t control. Let’s just pray about it as that is “our part”! Really? Then exactly WHO is supposed to be DOING something about it if it’s not those who call themselves CHRISTIANS? We are going to pray and leave all the issues of governance up to those who don’t know Him? Nonsense! We can and should be doing BOTH!

I’m going to share with you very briefly what I am talking about. When I first gave my life to Jesus and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I was ON FIRE! I was dumb as dirt about spiritual issues, but I was RED HOT on fire! At the time, I had a very prosperous sales business with the privilege of working with and leading women from all around the US. I was one of the leaders in my Company at that time and had a large platform as a result of the success of my organization. Within the first couple of years, after giving my life to the Lord, Ron and I lead hundreds of people to Jesus! People knew me and knew that something had happened that made me different! It opened a lot of doors for me. It also brought many challenges as I didn’t know how to balance the two – business and ministry! I was so on fire for the Lord, that people either followed me or ran from me … and I’m not joking either! I had great favor and promises from the Lord, and somehow, even with this explosion of ministry that was happening through my business platform where people were being saved, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, learning to believe in who they were from the inside out … still somehow … I thought I had to “go into the church in order to make a difference for God and His people”!

Oh, God … would that I had listened to the voice of my sweet husband! Oh hey – even better … how about if I had known how to actually listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit Himself? With His great promises spoken personally to me, I still DIDN’T GET IT! Headstrong and on fire … I changed lanes “to do the work of ministry”! I hope you, like me, are groaning at this moment! Yes, groan we should, when the people of God do not understand that we are called to GOVERN in all aspects of life … FOR the Kingdom! Oh, God, help us to grasp YOUR KINGDOM WAYS as we discern the times and seasons in which we are living.

Teach us, Lord, how to be LEADERS within the spheres of influence in which you have placed us! Teach us to be leaders who lead WITH integrity, morals, values, and Godly principles, standing for YOU in the gates and positions you have entrusted to us. I see this picture in my minds-eye … Like banners or flags waving high in the sky with courage, strength, and majesty as we stake our claim and PROCLAIM the righteousness of God! Just as every kingdom and country flies a flag that stands high above, states its claim, and declares that for which it holds to be the truth!

I have walked away once, not in defiance to God, but in ignorance to what I thought was the way to make an impact for His Kingdom! That is one of the reasons I will not back up, shut up, sit down, wear my mask, be silenced, be afraid of a virus being used as a weapon of fear to gullible people being taught to be afraid for their lives! (My apologies if that is spoken a bit too LOUDLY for your taste). NO! I will bravely, boldly, loudly, gently continue to SHOUT from the rooftops … WAKE UP MY FRIENDS! Hear the sound of what is happening in our Nation and throughout the earth as the Globalist/Marxist/ Socialists try desperately to STEAL a timeline in history! I will continue to STAND for God, His plan, and His Kingdom!

I am one of those people who because of what God has said to me, and said to the many thousands of brave men and women, with or without a track record of speaking for the Lord, am willing to look foolish to the world by stating that I still believe somehow, someway that God is going to overturn this tyrannical regime! They DID NOT get ELECTED … but in reality, flat-out STOLE positions that DO NOT belong to them! Remember the old saying, “cheaters never win and winners never cheat”? They may appear at the moment that they have won, but how many of those amazing bible stories looked like the enemy won … UNTIL … he DIDN’T?

The Bible is filled with those stories, we just don’t understand them because we have either not been taught what the examples given in scripture really mean, or we haven’t actually lived in a MOMENT where TRUE FAITH has been individually and collectively required of us! A storyline that shakes us to the core of our being. We must only hear God’s word on the matter, have the courage to believe Him, and then take our stand and not waver until the moment we see the victory of how the plan of God unfolds in the storyline! We get shaken when “our plans” don’t work out the way WE thought they would, instead of letting God be God as He leads us, speaks to us, and IN HIS TIME … reveals His greater outcome – HIS WAY! Not ‘que sera sera’ (whatever will be will be), or God is in control and we don’t have any part to play, or whatever else would keep us from ARISING WITH FAITH to join the story, as God writes history (His Story)!

This exposes the serious need for GREAT LEADERSHIP to arise! Leadership who both know the times & seasons, and have the boldness to rightly teach those whom they have the responsibility of leading! Where is the TRUE LEADERSHIP in the church? In business? In government? In media, etc? We can sit around waiting for people to change their minds, or we can seek out those leading with truth and boldness, or even better … BECOME ONE OF THEM!

The world needs AWAKE (not woke), ALIVE (Spirit-led), BRAVE (no longer willing to stay comfortable), TRUTH SPEAKING LEADERS! Let’s step up … and BE one!

Find your lane, raise your banner (flag), and LEAD with EVERYTHING you’ve got! In doing this, you will fulfill your destiny! As you do, may grace, peace, love, strength, courage, destiny, and ALL things necessary be upon you!

Because of this, since I first heard about your strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and your tender love toward all his devoted ones,  my heart is always full and overflowing with thanks to God for you as I constantly remember you in my prayers.  I pray that the Father of glory, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would impart to you the riches of the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of revelation to know him through your deepening intimacy with him. Ephesians 1:15-17

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