God Is Opening Up the Portals of Heaven!

God Is Opening Up the Portals of Heaven!

It is so interesting to me, the way God works! I mean truly …. He works in the most fascinating and mysterious ways. I had been sharing some things with a friend, and as I dug through the archives of my notes in time with God, looking for something specific to share with her … I came across some of the most amazing mysteries He had spoken to me. So many of these happened during the season when He was healing and restoring me, and in all reality … literally bringing me back to LIFE! The Holy Spirit was pouring out treasures of Heaven in ways I did not understand. They were glorious and amazing, but I truly had no grid for what was happening as these downloads from Heaven were being poured into my being. It was a season in my life that I was “undone” and re-shaped by God.

After I shared these particular “pearls or treasures from Heaven” with my friend, I felt quickened to write. As I started to write, I could feel inside my spirit that the Lord had something to say to me. I could feel my spirit being stirred. I began to pray in the spirit, walking back and forth in my living room, singing, praying, adoring our God. I prayed and praised until I had “prayed it through” as the old-timers used to say. That means to pray until you have a sense that you have completed what the Lord wants you to pray. It was mainly “in the spirit”, not with my known language, so it wasn’t as if I was praying my own agenda and therefore, knew when I was done! That’s a lesson on praying fervently and effectively “in the spirit from a place beyond our natural minds”.

As the prayer came to a conclusion, I sat down, picked up my computer, and waited, as I knew He had something to speak to me. Speak, He did! I wasn’t really prepared for what He said! It was so powerful, and so filled with REVELATION LIFE (understanding beyond my ability), and once again I was BLOWN AWAY by the insight, understanding, and download from Heaven! Once I finished scribing what He spoke, I began singing a new song to open PORTALS OF HEAVEN, as He had directed me to do. So powerful! Without further ado, I will share what the Holy Spirit spoke to me as it is not just for me, but it is for ALL WHO WILL.

I am writing this blog post in the form of teaching that leads up to THE MAIN THING because I so wished I had someone to help me understand these ways of the Lord when they were shaking me to my very core several years ago. It took me a long while to comprehend what had actually been happening inside me as the Lord did new-to-me incredible things. I can now describe them with actual understanding and perhaps I will write more about this as I share the comprehension of His ways He has led me to during this season of life. I have much to learn and thank the Lord for using HIS BODY, working together, as we grow into all He has for us. I believe He wants to begin to help us UNDERSTAND His ways, and perhaps, my way of receiving from the Lord will help you. God bless you richly!

March 13, 2021 @ 11:09 am … The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me, along with an EXPLOSIVE understanding … like a “picture of a thousand words in one single word” (revelation insight as if a light switched on and exposed an entire room I had never truly SEEN before … I only thought that I had)! Here’s what He said:


“I desire to teach my people about the mysterious workings of My Spirit.  This is a new time in history, and in this time I have chosen to open up the mysteries of heaven like never before.  Those things that have been hidden, are now being revealed.  Listen closely, my children, and I will teach you my ways.  You cannot learn or discern them through the portals of your mind.  I do not speak to your mind or to your intellect.  No!  I speak to your spirit where I reside.  I will open up the treasures of heaven to you as you seek me, search me, yield to me, and submit yourselves under my careful watch.  

I, the Lord, your God desire to take you further into the realms of my Spirit than you have ever gone before.  I have much to teach you, much to show you in order to prepare you for what is to come.  I have plans for you that can only be fulfilled as you go deep within the secret place with me.  I will not speak them in causal encounters, because they are precious.  They are like treasures of heaven that I impart to those who seek the deeper realms of my Spirit.  I yearn to teach you and to grow you up in My ways.  

Won’t you come away with me?  Won’t you trust in Me to do a mighty work within you?  I have only the best in mind for you.  I have only plans to prosper you.  Do not be afraid of what it will cost.  The cost will end up being as if it were nothing in comparison to the riches I will pour into your life.  Be a treasure hunter and let me unearth the things that lay dormant within you.  I have already imparted them to you, but they must be unearthed, revealed, and understood to you, and by you.  

A new era is at hand.  It requires a new road map.  You cannot use outdated intel and information or you will not end up in the place of your final destination.  You will take detour after detour, but I desire you to follow the straight and narrow path that I have set before you.  I will help you if only you will let me.  This can only be done as you draw near to me and let me teach you the ways of my kingdom.  They are marvelous, fascinating, rich, glorious, and beyond your ability to understand in the natural.  

There is coming a new world … a new way to navigate the path and it comes only by Me … by the Spirit of the Living God.  You can trust me.  Will you?  Will you trust Me?  Will you spend the time with me to allow me to form and fashion my thoughts within you?  Not old manna, but new bread from heaven!  I am so much more than you understand.  I never change, but I do new things!  There is so much more to me than you have ever experienced.  It is time in history now for me to begin to reveal these new ways, new thoughts, new strategies, new understandings to my children.  

This is not a difficult thing, but somehow you think that it is.  Cast off that way of thinking and dive into the portals of heaven with me.  Dive in, drink deeply of the rivers of life, let me show you new things, take you to new places, do exciting and mysterious things with you!  I desire to do these things WITH YOU!  This is not simply about TEACHING!  NO, it is about LIVING LIFE WITH ME … the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!  I set before you today the choice of LIFE!  I set before you the choice of your old ways or MY NEW WAYS!  Choose LIFE!  CHOOSE ME!  

You will NOT be sorry!  Oh, no!  You WILL NOT regret a single change that I will require of you!  What looks like you are giving up something will turn into the most glorious of GAIN you cannot even fathom!  Oh, but you will.  You will see it, you will walk in it, you will receive it, you will LIVE it … WITH ME!  

Sing a song to me!  I want you to sing a song to me.  A song of love, a song of trust, a song of new beginnings!  Sing, sing, sing and watch what will begin to happen!  Glorious portals into the realms of heaven will begin to open up to you!  You will see things you cannot comprehend.  You will see things I want to show you that will change you forever.  I want to show you glimpses of heaven that will change your life, your ways, your understanding, your faith.  

Open up and watch that I will open up TO YOU the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that you CANNOT CONTAIN!  You will taste heaven and then bring it to earth!  YES!  You WILL TASTE HEAVEN AND THEN BRING IT TO EARTH!  You will be called upon to give it away, to spread it around, to impact the world with the life-changing treasures of heaven!  

So, sing a new song and sing it loudly.  Call out to the portals to open up and watch what I will do!  

This will all be done in a direct relationship with Me.  It will be done for those who GIVE THEIR LIVES TO ME – not just in word, but in deed, in time, in heart!  I want to do this for YOU!  I want to!  Will you let me?  Will you let me do it?  Will you let me open up the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN TO YOU?  Deep calls to deep, and I am calling deep within your spirit to trust Me and let me do these things IN YOU”.  (The end of the Lord speaking)


My response: Open the windows of heaven, Lord that I might see heaven and all that you wish to impart to me.  This is truly how we bring heaven to earth.  As you impart heaven to us — as you reveal heavenly realms, treasures, and ways to us, then we can bring them to earth and impart them to others, as if receiving a gift and then handing it to another.  We can then truly bring heaven to earth. 

Lord, open up the portals.  Open up the windows of heaven that you will pour out treasures of heaven so rich that I cannot even contain them.  Make heaven so real to me, Lord that what you show me, impart to me, and reveal to me, that I will then be your vessel to BRING it to earth.  Bringing heaven to earth requires that we must first have heaven REVEALED to us.  

Wow!  This is so powerful, so mind-blowing, so rich and deep.  I sing the new song over my life for open portals.  For the windows of heaven to open up and pour out kingdom treasures so rich that I cannot contain them, but rather I must spread them all around.  I must share these things all over the world … that heaven may come to earth and impact people’s lives.  

I sing the new song for portals to open up.  Open up, you gates, you portals, you windows that I might see heaven!  

Immediately I had the thought and insight about Peter sitting on the rooftop praying (Acts 10:9-16).  He went into a trance, and a PORTAL OF HEAVEN opened up to him.  A sheet was lowered and the unclean animals were offered to him.  He said, oh no, Lord, it’s unclean! UNTIL … Lord, …Your point was made clear to him! Your treasure was imparted so when the servants of Cornelius knocked on the door … Peter had been prepared to accept the call and he understood what the PORTAL INTO HEAVEN had revealed to him!  That God would pour out His Spirit upon the gentiles, too!  It required a PORTAL from heaven being opened to him so that he, after seeing heaven, was able to comprehend, and bring HEAVEN REVEALED to earth! He then responded to the call to go to the house of Cornelius.  Wow!  This is the REVELATION of how THE KINGDOM OF GOD actually works!  How the supernatural is revealed, poured out, imparted to us so that we can take what we experience in heaven and bring it to the earth for an IMPACT like no other way can make!  WOWEE!  This is SUPERNATURAL!  

This is a mind-blowing revelation!  My eyes have been opened – the eyes to my spirit opened, causing a huge burst of revelation to OPEN UP and make understood the treasures of God.  To bring clarity to the statement … BRINGING HEAVEN TO EARTH!  That we might see (with understanding in our spirit) what actually happened when Peter was on the rooftop, and so much more!  

In Acts 3:6, Peter said to the man at the gate, “Silver and gold have I none, but what I have, I give to you, in the Name of Jesus, rise up and walk”. As he looked at the man, he received a gift from heaven, and then … he gave it to the man!

Just look at what we can do with God when heaven is revealed to us!  JUST LOOK! When it goes from faith to reality!  From information, scriptures, or simple belief in our minds, to actually receiving this life-giving revelation that results in transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit!  Truly, I am undone!  I see why Isaiah would say … I AM UNDONE!  I SAW THE LORD!  Heaven opened up to him!  A portal, a window of heaven opened up and … HE SAW THE LORD!  Wow!  

This births in me a deeper desire, and a new understanding of the mysteries of God.  Lord, I look forward to the PORTALS OF HEAVEN opening up to me and the things you will show me (reveal to me, shine a light on unto me, make KNOWN to me) in heaven.  The treasures you will impart IN these portals … these open windows!  I will, to the best of my ability, … WITH YOUR SPIRIT, impart and share them with the world!   HALLELUJAH!

An ALIVE WORD FROM HEAVEN so that I (we) might SEE and in return … bring HEAVEN TO EARTH!

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  • Such a beautiful expression of what you’re seeing & experiencing! Thanks for sharing! Praying I can see these portals open up!!