Will You Walk With Me?

Will You Walk With Me?

Mar 18, 2021, @ 9:06 am the Holy Spirit speaks this CALL to me … and to YOU! Of course the call continues each and every day, so whatever day you may be reading this … TODAY is the day of the invitation

Will you walk with me?  Will you talk with me?  Will you let me come to you in the cool of the day that we might fellowship together?  I desire to love you, to teach you, to reveal Myself to you more than you know.  I am drawing my people to come away with me as we walk and talk together of the deep things of My Kingdom.  I want to release the DEEP THINGS that have been hidden to you.  They were not hidden FROM you, they were hidden TO YOU!  There is a difference.  I do not hide things from you … NO, I long to open them up and reveal them so that we can WALK TOGETHER!  

I have so much to show you, so much to reveal to you, so much to open up to you.  I am walking throughout the garden whispering to those who will “come away” with Me.  AS you come with me you will begin to receive the most glorious insight into WHO I am and HOW I function!  I want to draw you close and teach you my ways.  I am already waiting on you to simply say “yes” and to come along side me.  

I will talk WITH you and your hearts will begin to burn with HOLY FIRE.  I want to set your hearts on fire for me so that OUR LOVE will be the most important part of you.  As our love grows, it will begin to  flow and FLOOD THE EARTH.  You cannot live a life apart from intimacy with me and truly burn FOR me.  You can strive and strain and see little bits of fruit, but the life I have for you to live is IN ME … then FOR ME … and WITH ME!  

Come away my people and let me do the things in you that only I can do.  A fresh outpouring of My Spirit is waiting for you NOW.  It is not COMING … IT IS NOW!  You think if you WAIT long enough that you will SEE my glory.  I ask you today … do you want to SEE my glory … or to BE MY GLORY?  

I am pouring out My Spirit right now in the earth!  It is being poured out to those who will draw away with me and simply love me and let me LOVE ON THEM.  I will establish a love SO DEEP that RIVERS OF LIFE will bring refreshing, healing, and life to your soul, and then … they will flow TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU.  OH YES, THEY WILL, but the real question is this …. WILL YOU?  WILL YOU COME AWAY WITH ME?  WILL YOU LOVE ME?  WILL YOU SPEND TIME WITH ME?  

Come away with me and let me revive you.  You are looking for Revival to come to the earth but it is ALREADY HERE!  I am now speaking to you about TRUE REVIVAL!  

It must first be WITHIN YOU, and only then, can it be THROUGH YOU!  You cannot impart that which you do not have.  You can talk about it and pray for it, but you cannot GIVE what you do not HOLD within.  Rivers will flow, but they must FIRST … FLOOD YOUR SOUL.  

I am about to act in a way that will shake the earth and I desire that you walk WITH ME as I do.  Walk with me as LOVERS … IN DEED … NOT SIMPLY IN WORD!  

Walk with me NOW for a time is coming very soon that you will be glad you did.  A glorious time is about to ADVANCE ON THIS EARTH and I desire that YOU walk with ME through the fields of harvest.  

Get ready now!  Prepare yourself!  How, you ask?  I am telling you how!  LISTEN!  It is so simple … JUST COME AWAY WITH ME AND LET ME REVEAL MYSELF TO YOU!  

You think you know Me, but I have SO MUCH MORE I want to impart to you in our communion together.  Let’s walk and talk in the cool of the day!  

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