You Do Miracles So Great! There is No One Else Like You!

You Do Miracles So Great! There is No One Else Like You!

Do you believe in miracles? I do! Do you believe in a Miracle-working God? I do! Do you know this miracle-working God? I do! Right now, this very moment, you have a front-row seat as an eye-witness to the most amazing miracle and the God who has done this incredible thing in and for me!

There is an old song called, “You Do Miracles So Great” that I simply cannot get out of my spirit! It has been pouring out of me, as I worship God with everything within me! Waves of glory, presence, peace, and adoration flow from within me. as I sing this over and over as an anthem above my life – like a banner waving over me! I am WRECKED, in the most amazing way, at HIS GOODNESS!

When I started to write this blog last year. prompted by the Holy Spirit, I determined in my heart to write from the perspective of inviting you into my space as I take this awe-inspiring Journey into God’s Heart! My writing is not for readership, or for applause, accolades, admiration, or anything other than to include you in my journey with this miracle-working God, in prayer that it will somehow make a difference in your life … WITH HIM.

He is a God who raises people from the dead! Oh, yes, He is! We tend to think that only means the resurrection of a body that has died from an accident or illness, but I know that it means SO MUCH MORE than that! It is that, of course, but, oh no less the miracle to take a broken life that has died and raise it to new life!

I was one of those people who died! When Ron passed into Heaven to be with Jesus, I too died to everything I had known my life to be for the previous 30 years! And I mean, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! My hopes, dreams, future, partnership, love, adventures, companionship, best friend, the other side to my coin – DIED!

As you’ve read by now, God indeed brought me back to life in ways that were supernatural and beyond compare! Through many tears, fears, loneliness, He moved so powerfully and UP FROM THE GRAVE I AROSE! Hallelujah! I have shared much of this, so I won’t belabor that part of the story. You can read previous blogs and my free e-book for more of what the Lord has done.

BUT NOW MY FRIENDS …. YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS ANOTHER MIRACLE in my life! Yes! You are! On this, the first day of Spring (March 20, 2021), you won’t believe what popped up out of the miracle-grow soil of my life today! It’s a MIRACLE indeed! Although I must say, it took much longer than feeding plants some miracle grow and “poof” overnight seeing them bloom! The pot that holds the miracle had to be re-hewn, placed in the fire, looked at, put back in, then filled with water, wine, and oil to make sure it did not have cracks so as to lose the contents that are supposed to be POURED OUT FOR HIM!

All this time, I have pestered God about this question … “Lord, what are we going to do now? How will you use me? Where do I fit in? Where do I belong? What steps would you have me take? Lord, you left me on this earth for a purpose, and I won’t stop until you show me what steps I can take to move from this place of being alone and still before you. With all this fire-power you have placed within me, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? When are we going to move, Lord? When will I have something of importance to do with myself?

I’m not yet ready to tell you exactly what “the picture” looks like, but GOD HAS GIVEN ME A CLEAR PICTURE OF HOW TO MOVE FORWARD! Oh, what a miracle-working God! You do miracles so great! There is no one else like you! You are great! You do miracles so great!

I want to impart to you and impress upon you that THIS is JUST AS MUCH A MIRACLE as healing in a physical body, or someone who has died in the physical being raised from the dead, or any other MIRACLE that flows from the heart of God to His children! How many more people like me have died and are walking around like “dead men’s bones”? How many of those who have been brought back to life and yet need to discover what God has for them in this new life are there? We cross their paths every day and don’t realize that they too need a miracle! We need to see that MIRACLES are SO MUCH MORE than we limit them to in our understanding and religious mindsets!

My miracle stems not simply from a desire for purpose, but from a deeper desire for true community with like-mind, like-spirited people! This burning desire within me has recently been crying out to the Lord … “Lord, where are your people in this city who are like me in their desire for you? Lord, bring together the kindling so that a FIRE can be lit for you! A fire that will burn with “first love” passion! Lord, bring us together. I’ll be a twig, a log, a piece of charcoal, kerosene, a match … whatever you need as you bring together the kindling to LIGHT A FIRE!

This past week, I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Dallas to attend a 3-day “gathering” at a hotel. I only learned about it the day prior to it starting and still, I dragged my feet as “attending a conference” wasn’t really high on my priority list! But, on the day it was set to begin, I made a last moment decision to JUST DO IT! Two hours later I was in my car driving to the Big D! Oh, how glad I am that I followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit! The meetings were filled with about 120 passionate believers from all over, and most importantly … the fire and revival of God were present in a BIG and TANGIBLE way!

On Saturday morning (day 3, final session), as we entered worship, I sat in a corner on the floor, worshipping God. As I did, once again this cry came up out of me … Lord, where are those I can gather with who are sold out to you? Lord, I’ll be a twig, a log, a charcoal, a …. AND … the Holy Spirit interrupted me to say, “You are a MATCHSTICK”, and out of the inner depths of an encounter with Him, came THE VISION of what is next for me! I now have my marching orders and it’s time to DO IT NOW! Sooooooo …

I’ll be sharing more with you as I “flesh out” with God this most amazing invitation to partner with Him that is being laid before me. But, for now, I am sharing this with you at this time because I would like to ask you if you will partner with me in prayer?

This is what I am asking of those of you who will stand with me as I “get the roadmap” for the vision! Pray that God will connect me with the right people for structuring the ministry. I don’t want the “old wineskin way” of a 501-C3, I desire the new wineskin way that doesn’t obligate me to man’s rules, but I’m not certain what that looks like. Also, the right connections for a website and technology help, media in the way of advertising/promoting (for lack of a better way to term getting the word out). And to prepare the hearts of those who are THE TEAM MEMBERS (vessels) to be used to POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT as we begin! I value your prayers, along with the support in any other way the Lord may speak to you. By the way … I will answer the question I can hear being asked … NO, I am not starting a church!

I can’t wait to SPILL THE BEANS with you … VERY SOON! It’s … God’s vision … and it’s His time! This is a miracle breakthrough! If God will do it for me … He will most certainly do it for YOU! He is a miracle-working God! He does miracles so great!

IF YOU NEED A MIRACLE … OF ANY KIND! What God has done, and is doing for me … HE WILL DO FOR YOU … NO MATTER WHAT THE NEED! If he can raise me from the dead and impart a new life to me from nothing but an ash heap, He can do ANYTHING YOU NEED! So, I release the words to this song over you right now … IN JESUS NAME TO RECEIVE YOUR MIRACLE, TOO!

Press into YOUR MIRACLE TODAY! Press in and don’t give up as you place your trust IN GOD! I feel MIRACLES flowing up out of me like a RIVER! Jump in! Jump into HIM!

You deserve the glory and the honor,
I lift my hands in worship and I bless Your Holy name. You deserve the glory and the honor,
I lift my hands in worship and I bless Your Holy name.
You are great, You do miracles
So great, there is no one else like You,
There is no one else like You. You are great, You do miracles.
So great, there is no one else like You,
There is no one else.
There is no one else like You.

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