Are You Ready for the Coming Harvest?

Are You Ready for the Coming Harvest?

I’m sharing from my heart today, as God continues to shape my “thoughts” (understanding) of WHO He really is! I think we all have defining moments or opportunities, in our lives. For me, Ron’s struggle for life, and ultimate death in his body, was that time. I was so determined to let God heal and restore me, even though I really had no idea what that looked like or how it would be possible to move on in my life. The only thing I really knew for certain, was that God would see me through to the other side of healing, restoration, and wholeness, although I know now that I really didn’t have any idea what that truly meant! It led me to question the very paradigms by which I lived in every sense of the word. I mean … REALLY SEARCH … DEEP WITHIN MYSELF (in my spirit connected to Holy Spirit) for the reality of what I said I believed!

I did not do this by books, self-help groups, counseling, etc. I’m not saying those are bad, I’m saying they weren’t my way. I did it by digging deep within to FIND GOD! I knew Him, but … DID I REALLY? What about the God who heals? What about the God who protects? What about the God who provides? I still believed IN GOD, I just didn’t have clarity about WHY this God I believed in, many times looked so different from what I said I believed about Him! Why don’t we (the church) see the miracles we say we believe in? Why don’t things look in our lives like the scriptures say they ought to look if we TRULY KNOW HIM? My friends, I must say, that these almost four years have been a journey I previously had no idea about! Like Job, I can say … “I thought I knew you, but now I know, I had ONLY HEARD ABOUT YOU”! I met Elohim (the Triune God in the person of my Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) in ways beyond my ability to understand in the moments. As He revealed Himself in many new aspects, my insides, the very fabric of my being were revolutionized! This journey has been a transformation that money could never buy! The pearl of great price! I am forever changed and my gratefulness is beyond my ability to express myself in using my natural language! This is a journey that continues and will never stop … my intimate, personal, knowing of the most amazing God. He is always so much more than we can imagine Him to be.

On June 20, 2020, He said to me: “You must understand the work of separation of the wheat from the tares.  Harvest can only come as the hearts of people bow down to my ways and my care.  This word is going to be vital to the hearts and souls of men and women.  Come away with me and let me do the work so your garden can be weeded, prepared, and ready for harvest.  My people must come out of the world system”.  

I began reading Matthew, chapter 13, as Jesus told the parables of the KINGDOM OF GOD IS LIKE … I was gaining insight and revelation, but somehow knew there was more He wanted me (us) to understand about His KINGDOM ways! Why don’t we see the miracles we say we believe in? We love to say things like, “Bringing heaven to earth”, but what does that REALLY look like? What does He mean? HOW does this happen? We somehow think it is all the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit who will drop down and do it (whatever it is at the moment). Yes, it is ONLY by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, so don’t hear me wrongly! BUT … it is also when OUR WAYS line up with HIS WAYS that we make room for Him to move in OUR lives! Seed, plant, and harvest must be a part of it, or why would Jesus spend SO MUCH time talking about it? I mean, He didn’t waste time talking about things just to talk. He was always imparting the KINGDOM to His disciples, and therefore to us.

I continued pondering this word He spoke to me about the importance of understanding THE HARVEST! Wheat and tares, seed and harvest, different kinds of ground, mustard seed faith, and even though my understanding was growing, I still had a very limited revelation of what He was saying to me … that we MUST UNDERSTAND this Kingdom principle! I didn’t grasp that in this KINGDOM reality, was the answer to many of my questions about things that took place when Ron was struggling, his death, and the bigger question …. WHY DON’T WE SEE MIRACLES when Jesus said that we would do even greater things than He did? He led me to some teaching that I have soaked in and allowed to permeate my spirit to the place of great revelation in the very cells of my inner man. AHA! I’m getting it! Do I have it to the point where it is congruent within me … not completely, but I am praying, listening, soaking, pondering with Him, these things … SO THAT … my life can better be a reflection of HIM! Not of man’s understanding of Him, but of Him … IN HIM! How do I know that I’m “getting it”? I know because my paradigm – on the inside – has shifted! I find myself thinking differently, acting differently, speaking differently, praying differently!

Recently, on April 30, 2021, while I was praying, He said these words to me: “There is a system of harvest and I desire to show it to you.  You are learning and I will continue to teach you.  It is imperative that my people understand me this way … as the LORD of the Harvest!  You must understand so that you can walk according to my plans and purposes for your life.  If you do not understand then the enemy is prone to sow bad seed into your field and have you believe it is Me.  It is NOT ME!  I am the LORD OF THE HARVEST!  I sow ONLY GOOD SEED into the lives, hearts, and ears of My people!  I can sow no other seed than GOOD SEED.  I have NOTHING but GOOD SEED to sow!  Do you hear me?  Do you hear Me?  I need to make certain that you HEAR Me!  You must understand this principle!  You must open your hearts and ears to be like those who HAVE EARS TO HEAR what the SPIRIT OF GOD is saying to you!   If you do not hear ME … then you are prone to the seed sown by our enemy against your lives!  My people perish for lack of knowledge.  It ought not to be so!  NO!  It ought NOT TO BE SO!  I came that you might have life and have it to the fullest abundance.  I paid the ultimate price for YOU!  I need you to understand My system of harvest, sowing, and reaping!  I need you to understand and allow it to permeate your thoughts, your understanding, your spirit, and your mind!  It needs to be transformational in your lives!  It must CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK!  It must become as FOOD FOR YOUR BEING!  This daily manna comes down from ME!  DO NOT let the enemy of your soul sow into your field!  He comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  He does it by way of the SEED AND HARVEST!  You must only HEAR ME!  I came that you would HAVE LIFE!  Do not make the price I paid for you NULL AND VOID by your ignorance … by religious teachings of man … doctrines of demons!  NO!  STOP IT!  LISTEN TO ME!  I am showing you how to live the abundant life that I PAID FOR!  I want MY LIFE to transform YOUR LIFE!  I give seed to the sower!  Did you hear Me?  I GIVE SEED TO THE SOWER!  I speak to you!  I gave you MY WORD!  If only you will hear ME and align yourselves to MY WAY … you will live a life according to MY PLAN FOR YOUR LIVES!  I am a GOOD FATHER and I have NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS FOR MY CHILDREN!  Open your hearts to ME!  Open your hearts to MY WAYS!  Let me change you, transform you, conform you so that you will KNOW ME IN MY FULLEST MEASURE!  I desire that My children KNOW ME!  No longer a mixed-up doctrine of religion and devils.  No longer YOUR WAYS, but MY WAYS!  I will move your ways and destroy them (bad ways, seeds, thinking) if only you will allow Me to do it!  It’s by MY WORD that this will happen!  You must sow the good seed into your lives!  You must sow, water, and tend to your garden so that GOOD SEED can sprout and grow and produce a HARVEST of RIGHTEOUSNESS in your lives!  I set before you this day LIFE AND DEATH!  CHOOSE LIFE!  CHOOSE MY WAYS!  SOW MY SEED!  REAP MY HARVEST!  REAP MY ABUNDANCE IN YOUR LIVES!  DO IT TODAY!  Let it be said that TODAY is the day of the goodness of your God!  YES!  TODAY IS THE DAY!  Prove Me in this and see that I won’t open up the windows of heaven and POUR OUT A BLESSING SO BIG that you cannot even contain it!  Sow my seed in your field!  Sow my seed.   Uproot the seed of the enemy that you have allowed and even planted yourselves!  Uproot it by My blood and My word!  It’s time for your garden to produce GOOD FRUIT!  No longer being mixed seed mingled in your garden plot!  No longer, good mixed with evil.  It’s time in history for THE HARVEST TO COME IN!  I want you to tend your field so that the harvest reaped in YOUR LIFE is the harvest that I paid for!  Do not let my sacrifice come to nothing in your life by allowing the enemy of your soul to rob from you, steal from you, and kill you!  Let the seed produce after it’s kind!  What kind of seed are YOU sowing?  What kind of seed are you allowing your enemy to sow into your field?  Those are NOT JUST PARABLES … they are KINGDOM PRINCIPLES OF HARVEST!  Seedtime and harvest are the way MY KINGDOM is set up.  Now check your garden, uproot the seed sown by your enemy, and sow with MY SEED for an ABUNDANT CROP!  Harvest is on the way and it is bigger than you know.  Harvest in every area of life – not just souls!  A harvest of SPIRIT, SOUL, and BODY!  You can only see harvest based upon seed sown and tended!  I cannot do it for you.  You must do it for yourselves because that is the way MY KINGDOM is established and operates.  There was a man who went out to sow his field with good seed, but at night the enemy came and sowed bad seed and it began to grow up with good and bad.  The weeds will always choke the good seed.  It is time now for the harvest to come, so I am saying to you…. CHECK YOUR GARDEN!  WEED YOUR GARDEN!  GET READY FOR THE HARVEST for it is about time for an abundant crop of whatever is in your field.  The sun shines down upon your field, the rains from heaven are soaking the ground.  Harvest is coming soon and a bumper crop is on the way.  What will be harvested in your field?  Who will the harvesters be?  I’m giving you fair warning now … check your garden!  I am GOOD and I desire to see your harvest of plenty be only MY GOODNESS”!

Okay, my friends, I want you to know that this was A GOOD THING the LORD was speaking about! He is saying “heads up” … the harvest is on the way in every aspect of life. It is a time in HISTORY that HARVEST is on Heaven’s calendar! HE has ONLY GOOD THINGS for His children, but we are the tenders of OUR GARDENS! Harvest … take a look at how the harvest happens in the natural because He was giving us parable after parable about it in Matthew 13. It’s the same way in the spiritual realm … SEED, PLANT, and HARVEST! The harvesters can only harvest what has been planted!

HE has nothing BUT GOOD for us, but we have an enemy whose sole purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy and it can ONLY be done by the seed sown in our garden plot (lives)! Remember this … the bad seed for most of us is sown (or accepted by us as others sow to us) in very subtle ways! We normally won’t believe an “all out” lie, but a lie mixed with truth … now that’s another story! How easy it is for us to believe the doctrines we have grown up with that don’t produce KINGDOM REALITIES! Things like, “God is in control”, “God must be allowing this to teach us something (patience, perseverance, how good He is in the midst of suffering, etc.)”. You get the idea! Read Job! His friends, his wife, and even Job himself! Look at how crafty Satan was when trying to entice Jesus in the wilderness! He twisted the WORD, but Jesus responded with an UNDERSTANDING of Kingdom realities!

Think about it this way … parents say things to their children like, “don’t touch that hot stove or you’ll get burned, “don’t run out in front of moving cars”, “don’t talk to strangers”. These are principles being taught to the children for their safety and well-being. Not interacting in the wrong way with things that are harmful to you must be learned in order to understand the ways of life. Jesus is teaching us the same things. Seed is good when it is MY SEED.. Harvest is inevitable! I AM GOOD! You have an enemy who sows bad seed into your hearts, minds, and understanding by way of “lack of knowledge of TRUE KINGDOM PRINCIPLES”! There are four types of ground and only you can keep your garden free of stones, weeds, and shallow places! HOW? By knowing, truly understanding the principles of THE KINGDOM! How do we know that we UNDERSTAND these principles? Simple! What do our ACTIONS speak? Do we GET IT in the INNER BEING of our spirits? If we do, then a paradigm shift takes place and we operate out of the INNER PLACE instead of from the place of head knowledge only! When we step over the Kingdom principle line, we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit saying … “don’t do that”, “don’t say that”, “watch it”. “make a correction”! Just like when we say to children “you don’t want to do that, because it is harmful to you”! Every time they attempt, we layer the teaching one more time … “that’s not good for you”! Do it THIS WAY instead and it will be well with you!

Proverbs 1:7 says: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction! This is NOT the fear of God (Elohim), but it is the fear (wise understanding and adhering to) THE LORD GOD who in His system of Harvest is showing us, teaching us, warning us … there is a harvest and only YOU can be the caretaker of your garden plot! He (God) does NOT bring a bad harvest, but the reapers (angels) have access according to the seed we let grow within our inner being (heart understanding – our spirit man). Remember that there are angels of light and angels of darkness and BOTH have access as reapers! I don’t want to get too deep at this moment, but this is SEED FOR THOUGHT! SEED FOR PRAYER! SEED for the deeper, paradigm-shifting understanding of HIS KINGDOM WAYS!

I’m weeding out my garden, and I pray that this will somehow shine a light for you (be a seed sown) that brings you to a place of better grasping … THE KINGDOM OF GOD is like …

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