A Golden Thread Called Destiny!

A Golden Thread Called Destiny!

Something inside me is bubbling up with the expectancy like a champagne cork getting ready to blow.  This effervescent spring getting ready to explode forth.  I can sense my destiny arising.  I feel myself GREETING MY DESTINY!  Rising up to GREET all that encompasses my destiny.  Saying YES to the space of time & place coming together for the dawning of an amazing new world!  This place called destiny!  I feel it like the anticipation of birth.  New life ready to make its way OUT INTO THE WORLD.  The baby being birthed to greet life with all its possibilities!!!

I’m beginning to gain this understanding on the inside … that it is where THE NATURAL and THE SUPERNATURAL come together that God moves!  Realizing its seed, plant, then harvest.  It’s where time & space come together to be THE PLACE.  Kind of like the old saying … luck is where a plan and hard work come together (but of course, I am not speaking about luck at all – it’s just an example)!  BOTH WAYS!  My paradigm for what this looks like is changing!  It’s not me relying upon my strength, but it’s also not just putting it out there and waiting on God to do everything.  Gaining clarity on how THE TWO work together.  The wheel within the wheel concept!  Not allowing a religious spirit to hold me in the place of “God has to do it … it can’t be by my might and power, it has to be the Holy Spirit”.  YES, of course, all these are true, but I’m gaining an understanding of what that really means.  HOW the two come together to create, to birth, to arise within.  It’s the TWO COMING TOGETHER!  WOW!  Keep showing me, Lord.  Keep shifting my paradigm and making it become a part of my every living cell so that it is WHO I AM, not just what I say I believe! I desire that it vibrate from within every cell in my being to become the frequency from which I live, breathe, move, and have my very being!

Some of the things God has been saying to me through different parables (views or paradigms) showing forth the bigger picture of DESTINY! “Seedtime and harvest”! “Spaces and place coming together in a place called faith”! “Victory BOTH ways … in the natural and the spiritual”. “Where the natural and supernatural come together”! “The wheel within the wheel … You within Me”! These paradigms He is speaking to me are being used to change, rearrange, formulate, and fashion within me a more clear view of DESTINY! I am not speaking of an unknown fate, but rather WHAT WE ARE CREATED TO BE AND DO! The true destiny that lays within each of us yearning to be discovered, uncovered, understood, and walked in! For far too long we have been satisfied with doing what seems possible in our strength as we call it God’s purpose for our lives, but … DESTINY … that is an entirely different matter! OH DESTINY, OH DESTINY! The Lord said to me … “Keep calling out to your DESTINY AND I WILL ANSWER”! Now that blew my mind! Just think about that … in calling out to destiny … HE will answer!

In this journey He is leading me into, I’m discovering the golden thread that runs through my life. Wow! I’m beginning to SEE IT! That there is a golden thread that runs through our lives and that golden thread is called DESTINY!  It’s been woven through ALL that we have walked through, done, laid down, given up, and picked up throughout our lives.  This thread is the thing of beauty that makes up the reality of our lives!  It brings together the plans and purposes for which we were created.  This thread is the plan of God that is always present in our lives through the ups and downs, good and bad … through it all.  It is the thread that holds our lives together and calls us forward to discover what we are REALLY created for!  Most of us don’t see the thread running through our lives because it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal this golden tapestry thread as it weaves in, out, and through everything we have experienced.  As this thread is REVEALED we begin to see the hand of God showing forth WHO WE ARE CREATED AND DESTINED TO BE.  IT REVEALS WHAT WE ARE CREATED AND DESTINED TO DO!  How do I know this? I know it because He whispered it to me on May 9, 2021, as I was pondering all these things I have just spoken of. Each of these realities of God being shown to me, all to create a more beautiful picture of who He is and what He has created me for as He calls me to step into MY DESTINY!

“I have placed gold in all my people and desire to show each one the master weaver’s touch in their lives.  To see the things of beauty instilled and woven into their lives.  As you see the golden thread, you realize that I AM in and always have been ACTIVE in your life!  The times you were aware and the times you had no idea about the presence of God on your behalf.  DESTINY is this GOLDEN THREAD.  When you discover the golden thread, you discover your destiny!  When you discover destiny … you discover the golden thread.  You will continue to see how it has been used to create your life, your purpose, your beauty.  You must not confuse the mess that the enemy has sown into your lives with the purposes or hand of ALMIGHTY GOD.  When you see the beauty – you see ME!  The discoveries of beauty will always reveal ME in your life.  When you see the talents, the gifts, the treasure in your life …. YOU SEE ME!  Nothing GOOD comes into your life, but that I am the AUTHOR of those things.  Whether you know me, understand me, or acknowledge me … I AM THE AUTHOR OF BEAUTY.  The enemy has absolutely NO BEAUTY.  There is another absolute for you!  He has NONE.  So you can discover ME but discovering the GOOD, by way of the golden thread”.  

A thought that comes to me … True destiny is not what we can think and do on our own. It involves thinking and doing, but it is that place that is SO MUCH BIGGER than anything we can comprehend or begin to do on our own.  DESTINY is a HUGE THING!  It is the divine purpose of God that lays within us … that we were created, fashioned, and molded for to make IMPACT into the world around us.  Whatever sphere of influence we are given … DESTINY is what IGNITES things TO HAPPEN.  Not just a good life, but instead … a life lived in, for, and through God for the fulfillment of the purposes for which we were created.  All the components being woven together to create a whole.  We tend to see things one by one as our way of thinking is linear, but God’s way is “the wheel within the wheel”.  All these things working together in, for, and through Him.  As the wheel moves the velocity and momentum increase.  The impact of our lives increases and encompasses ALL the gifts, talents, God-inspired purpose that He placed within us.  He spends our lifetime preparing us, speaking to us, teaching us, so that as THE WHEEL MOVES … we will move with Him throughout every station along the journey of our life.  ALL FOR A BIGGER PURPOSE than simply “living our lives” and accepting what happens!  Destiny actually breaks things open, bulldozes through the obstacles, and makes way for His plan in and through us.  

“This is the place “called faith” where you must step out into the spaces and places of the unknown.  The places that challenge your mind as you follow your spirit and My Spirit into the places of My Kingdom understanding.  These are the places that come supernaturally as you take the steps that can only be made in the natural.  It’s the two flowing together to become the picture of the future.  As you act upon my word, my voice, my promptings, you will enter into a “place called faith”!  This is the place where God-sized things happen.  This is the place where destiny begins.  Without this place, you cannot begin to enter into your DESTINY.  You can accomplish things and have rewards, but DESTINY … oh, that is a PLACE OBTAINED only by faith!  KEEP CALLING OUT TO YOUR DESTINY.  KEEP CALLING IT FORTH IN YOUR LIFE.  AS YOU DO, YOU WILL BECOME SOLID IN THE PLACE OF FAITH THAT ENABLES YOU TO STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY”!  (Spoken to me on May 4, 2021)

We are not guaranteed to walk into the destiny we were created for.  It is WITHIN US, but we must come to the place where we CALL FORTH what is INSIDE by the SPIRIT OF GOD!  We must enter into the place by which our future is held!  It has to be embraced, pursued and followed as we KNOW HIM, FOLLOW HIM, PURSUE HIM. Realize that we can walk out our days and NOT walk out our destiny! BUT … it is His desire that each of us discover what we were created for! It is there – WITHIN – waiting to be discovered.  Discovered between us and Holy Spirit. It is not something that “comes upon us”, it is something that is already WITHIN US waiting to be discovered as we enter into the inner depths with Him! OH DESTINY, OH DESTINY! The Lord says to us … “Keep calling out to your DESTINY AND I WILL ANSWER”! Selah!

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