The Faith Zone!

The Faith Zone!

I keep having this phrase rise up … “Stepping into the faith zone”!  I feel like I’m about to take a leap off the high dive!  But … YOU LORD … will be there to catch me, lead me, guide me, direct me, and take me to places far beyond my ability to comprehend.  The faith zone is a place that cannot be entered into by the mind (or natural man).  However, it must also be the natural following our spirit man into places unknown.  These places “called faith” will take us to depths and heights not available to the men and women who can only go to the places of their minds!  The “faith zone” is a place that I want to live!  I want to live in the faith zone!  Oh, what am I saying?  I don’t know why I am saying this as I know it will require that I stretch and keep on stretching into places of the unknown, unseen, but otherwise not experienced!  THE FAITH ZONE!  This is a place I want to call my home!  The space and place called faith!  Oh, but it will cost me everything that “I know”.  All that I know must be put aside and yielded to in my desire to KNOW HIM and to FOLLOW HIM into unknown territories!  

I have this dream, this PLACE OF DESTINY that has been rising up out of me. I’m beginning to understand how Noah must have felt when he was instructed to build the ark when nobody had ever seen rain before! Or, when God said to Abraham … “go the place that I will show you”. I have thought I was being called out into that unknown space at times before, but … THIS TIME … OH THIS TIME … it’s CRAZY BIG!

God is birthing something in me that only He really knows what the picture actually looks like. I’m on a journey into MY DESTINY and it is causing me to FULLY TRUST IN HIM in new ways, new steps, new leaps into the unknown! A few months ago, I had a “dream or purpose” pop up out of the miracle grow soil that God and I together have cultivated deep within me. Even that dream seemed so huge to me, but that was the dream that my natural mind could understand! As I stepped out and said YES to this dream, it seemed as if I was constantly being “beckoned beyond” by the Lord! As if He’s been saying to me: “Let’s go beyond what you have in mind and actually discover what I have in mind”! Every time I feel I’m close to the starting gate … the line of beginning keeps moving! Wait … come back here, I say! But, HE SAYS … “No, come with Me”, “Follow Me”, “Step into the Faith Zone with Me” and let Me show you what I HAVE IN MIND!

It’s as if in responding to this plan, that I started on about Plan Z, and step by step He is backing me into HIS PLAN AND WAYS! Isaiah 55:8 says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”  His ways are so much higher, greater, deeper, wider than ours! I thought Plan Z was big and a STEP OF FAITH, but now … it’s requiring a LEAP OF FAITH!

The amazing thing is that step by step, as He continues to speak to me, shifting my paradigms, limitations, and understandings that something SO MUCH BIGGER is coming into the tangible area found only by faith. This place is far beyond Him blessing my plan! It is actually calling MY DESTINY to begin flowing up and out of me LIKE RIVERS OF LIVING WATER! The Chronicles of Laura are actually being written in the cooperation of my mind and spirit as they begin to agree with the plan revealed by the Holy Spirit of the Living God … even though it’s a place I’ve not been before, nor can it be fully seen from where I currently stand! The PLACE CALLED FAITH!

I believe this is what He is doing during this biblical moment in history, as the page of yesterday has turned, and is about to be fully laid open for the next chapter is being written and will be read by people of faith who are being led by the Holy Spirit! I believe that we can no longer play it safe, staying within the walls or boundaries of yesterday’s manna. The new era is in motion and it’s almost time for the page to fully turn. The pages that will chronicle THE CHURCH OF THE BOOK OF ACTS in modern-day history (His-story)! Those pages will comprise the stories of men and women who individually and collectively are brave enough to hear Jesus speak when He says … COME FOLLOW ME! Follow Me into new spaces, new places, leaving the past era behind, as we WRITE THE FINAL CHAPTERS OF HISTORY!

I feel my destiny burning within me, arising to greet the new era! How about you? I am inviting you to join me in saying YES to the Lord as He beckons us forward into THE PLACES YET UNKNOWN! Remember, the unknown to us, is already FULLY KNOWN BY HIM! He knows the END from the BEGINNING because He has been, and is, in THE END! That’s the confidence we have to fully trust the One who loves us most! He knows THE END and THE BEGINNING … therefore He knows everything in between and how to move us into the completion of OUR DESTINY! It will not automatically happen, but it WILL HAPPEN as we know Him, trust Him, follow Him, and STEP OUT INTO THE UNKNOWN WITH HIM!

Will you follow me, I as follow Him, INTO THE UNKNOWN DESTINY? Then, others will follow you, as you follow Him … into this place called FAITH and DESTINY!

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