FREEDOM FIGHTERS! I Can’t Help It … I Have to Say It!

FREEDOM FIGHTERS! I Can’t Help It … I Have to Say It!

Okay, so maybe I don’t HAVE to say it, but I WANT to say it! The underlying tone of what I have to say is both out of LOVE and LOVING CONCERN! I believe these are two sides to the same coin! Out of the love of God, and for people, along with a righteous desire for the people of God to rise up and walk in the FREEDOM JESUS DIED FOR!

I haven’t spoken on this subject in quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that I have swayed, waivered, or changed my mind on any of my stances. That’s because I have based my stance on an understanding of the AGENDA at hand! Out of a true understanding from both the spiritual and natural “eyes wide open” grasp of what is happening, my conviction has been formed. Once we obtain a true conviction of something, it is not easily moved, so I have not moved or acquiesced in any way due to my personal grasp and response to what I believe has been a “Plan-demic” with a motto of “never waste a good opportunity to seize your moment”. It is not based upon conspiracy theory, as I would once have thought, but rather on an understanding of the underlying plan of the Globalists (driven by the powers of Hell through their followers) to steal a timeline in history! Hell’s agenda is to advance into territory that according to the Bible is not yet their time in history to play out. I’m speaking out today because the heartbeat of who I am is an EQUIPPER! My desire is always to be equipped, and in turn to equip people, SO THAT … we can grow, strengthen, stand firm, hold the line – not out of FEAR, but out of POWER, LOVE & A SOUND MIND! So that we will KNOW OUR GOD AND DO GREAT EXPLOITS!

Today I was in Walmart and for the first time in a long time, I was not the ONLY ONE WITHOUT A MASK! I have not worn mine in quite some time, and even throughout the so-called covid season, I only wore it when absolutely forced! I am used to being the only person in the store without one, as the rest of the shocked shoppers stare as if I were an alien, but today … I saw more actual faces! For some of you, it’s not a concern and for others, you’ve been in a place that is more open. I live in a very liberally run city that very adamantly has enforced the “you cannot buy or sell without a mark … I mean … a mask”. This global mandate continues on with the very loud roaring undertone of … Hey, now you aren’t going to be able to travel, buy, or sell without a vax”! If you won’t get it for your own health, then do it for everyone else’s well-being. If that didn’t scare you or guilt you into it, then you’d better do it so you can travel! When will we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? When will we quit saying, “we don’t believe, but we will comply because it is the right thing to do or because … without a vax, we cannot buy or sell or travel, or …?” I’m not saying this is “the mark”, but I am saying that it is a foreshadowing and if we don’t stand up with courage and bravery as Freedom Fighters – we are empowering our Enemy to advance upon this earth! And, all the while, singing and shouting …. “There’s a great revival coming”! “Pour out Your Spirit, Father, with signs, wonders, and miracles and we will be your champions in the advancement of Your Kingdom”! Really? How do you suppose that will happen if we continue to allow the fearmongers and powers of Hell to manipulate us?

It’s important to understand that to me it is really not about a mask or a vaccine per se, but rather it is about AN AGENDA that stands behind these less than scientifically sound strategies for a flu virus that is proven to have over 99% full recovery rate with THE RIGHT treatment! Why on this earth would we be willing to relinquish our freedoms for protection from this? If we are so willing to do these things so easily, what will happen when something comes along that pushes (or attempts to push us) to the next level of surrender? It’s really about this … “how quickly are we willing to give up our God-given freedoms and liberties in order to pacify the fear that we have allowed to be a part of our view of what is happening?” We can only effectively be a “freedom fighter” to the degree or level of which we comprehend the true battle playing out in the spiritual and natural realms. Otherwise, we will find ourselves swinging at a pinata hoping that we will strike a fatal blow to the moving target as it swings back and forth beckoning us to enter the game for the prize it says it holds.

My heart truly goes out to those who have lost loved ones during this very mismanaged outbreak of the flu virus. It is treatable in over 99% of cases, but unfortunately, many medical outlets aren’t using the therapies that are working, and that to me is the bigger tragedy. People have died who did not need to! Once we understand the agenda that underlies this situation, then we will adjust our thoughts and actions accordingly. We look so very different from THE BOOK OF ACTS CHURCH! Recently I attended a church event where we were greeted at the door with masks and space suit face shields! I was seriously shocked! At another church, I was put into a line until my temperature could be taken in order to enter! These were “spirit-filled” churches! Where was the SPIRIT THAT RAISED CHRIST FROM THE DEAD? No wonder God’s people are so confused! I am not throwing stones or being critical, I’m just simply saying that we can talk about the GLORY OF GOD all day long, but if this is the way we react to a virus … how will we ever be the vessels God will use for signs, wonders, and miracles when times get crazier? If we are so afraid of our lives that we become so easily manipulated due to, I believe, OUR LACK OF FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH. Remember that Jesus said, “When you KNOW the truth, the truth will set you FREE”! We simply must become anchored in our deep understanding of what is taking place in the world at this time in history! You will not accomplish this by listening to the mainstream news. Even if you listen “just to be informed” you will continually be misinformed by the manipulated agenda to keep you in turmoil, fear, compliance, and/or swinging at the pinata designed for use as an instrument of upheaval. We must rise above the tactics of the enemy!! Sad, but true, we aren’t even finding the equipping and true understanding at most of our churches, as the leaders don’t comprehend the agenda and how it is being used to re-shape the minds and hearts of people! This is evidenced by closed churches, churches with social distancing, masks, temperature readings, sanitizers all throughout the facility, and a lack of empowering of the people to be able to STAND WTH CONFIDENCE in the midst of the battle!

I am imploring you to settle in your heart once and for all, what is really happening in the world and base your actions upon the AGENDA – not the pseudo-science or worse yet … the fear-mongering. We have to determine who are we going to follow. What are we going to BELIEVE? You see, we can say we believe one thing, but our actions and speech always reveal our internal comprehension (beliefs). We either don’t believe or at least, aren’t sure of WHAT we believe or WHY we believe it? In all reality with a reflection that confirms your beliefs … Whose report will you believe?

On my aforementioned Walmart trip, another couple without masks stopped me and started spilling over with how nice it was to see another person who obviously has an understanding of what is going on. They began to talk to a perfect stranger about the agenda, the election, the steal, the return of President Trump, vaccines, masks, and more! All without provocation from me, except that I was going about my business without fear! As we talked, their Patriotic zeal and fervor were contagious! As I talked about what I believe God is going to do, I could tell they didn’t really understand it from that perspective, but they still had a comprehension and belief that stemmed from a righteous uprising within themselves, along with being educated about the reality of the “plan-demic”, “scam-demic”, “pandemic” (whatever you choose to call it based upon your deep comprehension and conviction). They were ON FIRE … and they didn’t even know the Lord! I ask you, my friends, why are many in the world waking up, fighting for our freedoms, and saying NO when so many in the church, who should be the leaders of the parade, are still confused and vacillating back and forth with the “should I, shouldn’t I” conversations? It should not be so!

We must AWAKEN so that we can be the ones to lead these Patriots into the deeper knowledge and personal relationship with Jesus! They will not follow those who comprehend less than they do about the times and seasons in which we live! Think about it! Why will they want what we have, if we are the ones sitting on the fence when they are leading the charge? They are the low-hanging fruit in the soon-to-be harvest because they are RIPE … already awakened in ways that God’s people are not yet fully awakened to. Their desire to fight the fight and stand for freedom, liberty, and justice will be brought to a new level once they come to know the One who paid the price for All.

As I write this, today is PENTECOST SUNDAY! Power is about to fall upon The Church again, but it will not automatically happen for everyone just because we say we believe! Let’s arise and build! Let’s become like the sons of Issachar who fully understand the time and season in which we live! Let’s walk fully out of Egypt and into the Promised Land! Let us BE FREE so that we can be used to help SET OTHERS FREE! The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few! We can change that! We can join the LABOR FORCE OF JESUS as those who are fully awake, fully alive, and fully free! Free from fear, free from manipulation by Hell’s agenda in this hour, fully persuaded that He is able to keep us, strengthen us, equip us, and use us! THE BOLD! THE BRAVE! THE FREE! THE JUST WHO LIVE BY FAITH … not only IN WORD (speech, confession, conversation, and rhetoric), but also INDEED as evidenced by the POWER, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM in which we live, move, breathe, and have our being!

Let God arise within you! And let your enemies be scattered! May the true and full power of PENTECOST come upon you as you allow the Holy Spirit to align your comprehensions to those who know and understand the time and season in which we have the privilege to be alive! As THE LORD sent Moses to say to Pharaoh … “LET MY PEOPLE GO”. “LET MY PEOPLE GO SO THAT THEY MIGHT WORSHIP ME”! That continues to be the call in this hour because another page is about to turn and we must be ready and prepared to move forward as GOD’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

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