A Band of Women Warriors Is Arising!

A Band of Women Warriors Is Arising!

This morning I was really stirred up in my spirit.  As I prayed, a spirit of intercession rose up out of my inner man.  I began to cry with deep groanings almost to the point of grief.  I could feel my heart as it felt as if it were breaking.  Then, all at once, I lifted my hands and a song of love, joy, and praise began to flow.  I lifted my hands and sang in the spirit.  There were no natural words to pray through this process as only the Holy Spirit knew what we were praying.  My hands swayed back and forth as a heart of joy and love flowed from within.  A place of total surrender to the love and joy of God now permeates and floods my soul.  As I arose with this melody of beauty, love, and joy flowing and flooding the atmosphere, I heard the Lord speak these words:  

“There is a band of women warriors arising.  Rising up from the ashes without fear.  They have already been in the fire and discovered that I, the fourth man, appeared.  They have come to know Me in ways beyond their thoughts and ways.  They have given their lives to me in new and fresh ways.  They don’t care anything about the ranks of religious armies.  They only want Me and My will.  They hear my voice and are willing to follow Me into battle.  I am calling them forth even in this hour.  This hour where Jezebel thinks she is winning.  But I have a surprise for her,  A surprise wrapped in the package that looks like Me on the earth.  I have an army that is arising and will follow Me into battle.  Will you be part?  Will you hear My voice and respond to My call?  Will you walk away from your constraints and ways?  

This army of women Deborahs is arising and will continue to arise.  They will cut off the head of the enemy that is after their families, their neighbors, their communities, and their nations, and wherever I may lead them.  

They are no longer afraid of the politically correct, in-the-box ways of man.  They want only to follow me.  Will you hear My voice?  Will you hear My call?  Will you arise and follow Me into battle?  This is a battle you most definitely will win because it is My battle and I always win!  I will give you the strategy and provide the host of heaven to be at your disposal.  

All you have to do is hear My call and follow me.  These are Lovers who also know how to be Warriors.  They know that the fire in My eyes is My love for My Bride.  They know that I will stop at nothing to gather together my family.  

I am the heart of the women warriors.  They have my heart for the family because they have Me.  It is my heart.  The heart of the One who loves the world.  It’s time for battle and My army is arising.  I’m calling out to those who will hear and choose to follow.  This requires that you leave the comfort of your ways behind and let Me reshape you into the Lover-Warrior I have created you to be.  Arise, my love.  Arise and follow me.  Watch what we will do as we march into battle to reclaim our families and those we love.  We will stop at nothing.  There is nothing we won’t do, even to lay down our lives for them.  

Deborah was a Mother in Israel.  She was not only a mother to her children, she was a Mother to Israel.  She was one who was willing to follow me into battle and as a mother who loved and cared for her children, she was willing to pay the price.  This is a time in history where a Mother’s heart must arise and be willing to take back her family … and My family.  The heart for her own family, but also the heart for the families of the Nations.  

Arise, my love and together we will WIN!  There is a groundswell arising and it is about to begin to flood the earth with My glory!   With the heart of a mother bear we will reclaim the mountain of FAMILY!  

The natural family unit and the FAMILY OF GOD!  Arise, my love … let us go into the lion’s den and leopard’s lair as we set the captives free and bring healing and restoration to the needy.  Those who have been trodden down and trampled to the ground are about to arise with healing in their wings!  

YOU!  YES, YOU!  I am calling YOU.  Will you respond to the call of My voice and the sound of My heartbeat?  I will show you how and I will empower you.  All you must do is ARISE and respond.  Together we will snatch them back and raise them in My values and My Kingdom ways.  Your nation (USA) is about to be changed and in turn it will change the world!  

We are stirring up the hornet’s nest and setting the captives free!  Be free in Me!  Be free!  I will always love you with everlasting love.  You are mine and it will always be that way!  Now, will you go with me into the fight to reclaim our children?  Yours and Mine?  I’m calling you into battle with me”. (End of the word of the Lord to me on May 9, 2021)

I believe this call is for all women who will respond to the heart of the Father, not only in prayer but also in ACTION. That action will look different for each person as the job is multi-faceted. He is speaking about “the children and youth in age”, but also about HIS CHILDREN of all ages! He desires that we be set free of the religious ways, mindsets, traumas, and every care that holds us hostage, and arise as FREEDOM FIGHTERS – A Band of Women Lover-Warriors! This heartbeat that only a Mother’s heart can understand. The heart of Jesus beats in a woman who will stop at nothing to make sure her children are free from their enemies.

We know like never before that the war against children and youth is greater than we ever imagined it to be. The advancement of abortion, sex trafficking, pedophilia, gender-bending, attacks against having both a mother and a father who know the origin of their gender, without a doubt, comes from God! Attacks on marriage being between one man and one woman, without any grey area embraced – even if your children have chosen a different model. What is right is still right and what is wrong and unnatural, is still wrong according to God! We must be clear! We can love those who have embraced a different lifestyle without embracing the lifestyle as a grey area of choice, thereby dulling our Biblical stance and values! We must understand that it is a snare of the enemy against our children, and family values as set forth by God Himself. He has come to set the captives free! They must choose, but no matter what others choose, we must remain solid in our stance of what is Biblically right and wrong according to God! We must be clear and we must be set free in order to help set others free!

God, Himself is zealous for the children, for family, and for all in HIS FAMILY! This is a time to wage war against the breakdown of our moral fabric as a people. The only way to do this is to RETURN TO THE LORD and HIS WAYS! It is time to quit singing, praying, and loving inside the church walls as we stand by and let the children and God’s children go the way of Hell. We must ARISE as an ARMY who are willing to wage the warfare, to step into the positions, places, and authorities He has given us – outside the church walls.

Perhaps you are called to mentor and raise up women in the workplace not just as successful business women, but as women who know God and therefore lead their families and circles of influence in the ways of God? Maybe you are being called into a place of authority on the school board, or local government to impact laws and reformations of our Land? How about those of you being called to take on the issues of abortion, pedophilia, sex trafficking, or gender-bending of our young? Some of you perhaps are the ones who will fund the issues above, so others can go? There are many ways that we can mobilize and RISE UP! The question is now this … WILL YOU? Will you step out of your comfort zone and FOLLOW JESUS ONTO THE BATTLE FIELD? Let’s learn how to be both LOVERS and WARRIORS for the heartbeat of our God and our Lord are BOTH! The Warrior flows from the undertone of the Lover for it is out of God’s love that we wage war in order to make a true difference! A difference where people’s lives actually CHANGE! No more words, now it’s time for action, my friend! Get ready because the call is being issued to ARISE AND FOLLOW JESUS!

As for me, I am getting ready to launch a Women’s Ministry! Really, it is a MOVEMENT instead of a ministry! I started with one train of thought, and as only He can, the Lord has been fashioning His vision within me. Soon, we will begin! A movement as we are being called to FOLLOW JESUS into higher and deeper ways! A call where many of us will say as Paul did, “Follow me as I follow Christ”! A place where we can grow, discover our voice, and ARISE as Lover-Warriors! A movement is a vehicle by which we can actually MOVE INTO SOMETHING WITH THE LORD! Not a place to learn more, gain more head knowledge about Him, or stay within the walls of the church waiting for others to get the job done! It’s time to ARISE AND SHINE AS THE GLORY OF THE LORD COMES UPON US! I’ll let you know when we are ready for launch and I will do my absolute best to believe in YOU and the call the Lord has placed upon your life! LET’S DO THIS! What is the Lord speaking to you? He is calling! Will you respond to the call? Let’s arise with the Mother’s Heart and make a difference in the world for children of all ages! He said … YOU! YES, YOU! I AM CALLING YOU!

Song of Songs 4:8 (TPT) says it this way: “Now you are ready, my bride, to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together. Come with me through the archway of trust. We will look down from the crest of the glistening mounts and from the summit of our sublime sanctuary. Together we will wage war in the lion’s den and the leopard’s lair as they watch nightly for their prey”.

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